by George Parigian Jr.
(Somerville, MA)

Hi Bill,

I just thought it was important to send you this information. It is about something called "grounding" and I believe that this practice could help cancer patients because it actually combats oxidative stress in the body without the use of medications or anything that has to be taken internally.

Stephen Sinatra the cardiologist, talked about it in a video which made lots of sense to me. Here is the link:

Grounding can also be done by using a grounding pad or special bed sheets that have silver fibers in them to conduct the current.

The grounding pad (or sheet) has a wire that plugs into the "ground" port on your wall socket. This provides a ground to the outside.

With this setup your body can absorb free electrons from the ground which function as "anti-oxidants" in your system.

Since these sheets or pads allow you to sleep "grounded" all night, it is like being hooked up to an IV running antioxidants into your body.

This would have potentially significant benefits for a cancer patient, because it does not interfere with any other treatments, and is 100% safe and natural.

The book:

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