by Hourig Jacobs

(Ferndale, Michigan)

Hi Bill,

I received your letter about taking the cancer test. As I am on Ty Bollinger’s list, I had taken the cancer test. I wrote him a note to let him know that I was surprised not to see questions about two very important items: stress and oral health.


I have seen your interview with various people, like Chris Wark, and I have bought and read your book. I am eternally grateful to you because you always are expounding about the importance of oral health.


I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma two and a half years ago. I have tried many things, including the vegan diet (which made me stronger and healthier), none of which helped in getting rid of the tumor. In fact, it kept growing.


Because of your insistence, I went to see a biologic dentist and I found out that there were too many issues going on in my mouth. One was that I had silver amalgams and gold fillings. They were creating an electrical current in my mouth! I had the amalgams changed, had three teeth with root canals removed.


While examining my mouth, the dentist found an abscessed tooth which didn’t show in any X-Rays or cause any pain. It was the result of a car accident in my youth: the crack in the tooth had allowed bacteria to get in the root, while at the same time it relieved the pressure, hence no pain. The dentist pulled that tooth also. He showed me, on the meridian chart, that this abscessed tooth was on the breast meridian. It is also on the liver and kidney meridian. He is quite certain that the abscessed tooth had a very important role to play in my situation, since it had been there for many years.


Like you say, there are many ways to heal a cancer, so I haven’t given up at all. The fact that I have taken care of the issues in my mouth gives me great hope and comfort.

Thank you.


Hourig Jacobs