1. Testimonial About The Work Dr. Jimez has done [2:34]
  2. WHo is Dr. Jimenez [9:55]
  3. Why Dr. Jimenez choose to treat cancer with non toxic methods [11:27]
  4. Why are people not questioning what exactly they are being prescribed [16:34]
  5. Is it safe to get treatment from outside the country? [24:07]
  6. What does Hope4Cancer mean? [32:21]
  7. The key conflicts that need to be addressed before the disease [41:41]
  8. What is it that makes cancer so difficult to treat? [47:10]
  9. Be careful when asking your oncologist this one question [52:36]
  10. Why is the management of cancer so difficult? [55:34]
  11. The 7 Key Principles behind Hope4Cancer? [1:02:01]
  12. What can you expect to experience at the Hope4Cancer Centers? [1:13:55]