by Nancy M

Hello Bill,

Thank for this wonderful book Cancer Free, a gift to all humans. I own your books in both English and Spanish… (I sent the Spanish version to my brother in Peru).

Do you know a holistic/alternative doctor or team that has experience with recurrent low grade Non Hodgkins Follicular Lymphoma? Time is running out for me…
My doctors in San Francisco want to put me in a medical trial and then on a stem cell transplant program… with many associated risks attached to these.

I was diagnosed in 2012 (stage 4),went to chemo on 2012, then 2013,then was stable for a while and during this time I tried holistic approaches but in the last few months I didn’t follow any holistic program (I lost my discipline and it was getting too expensive)+ I had a lot of life stress. I now have lymphoma in several organs (duodenum, stomach, helium, colon, chest, throat and in some of my bones.
Really looking for a solution that can help me avoid more chemo and a transplant. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a filmmaker and I am very passionate about my “life calling” and still have a lot to do in life. Can you help me get connected to someone experienced with my situation?
Can you also coach me please?

My email is
Thank you very much!
Nancy M.