Cancer-Free — Your Guide To Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing, (Fourth Edition)


Help me save your life — or that of your family member or friend — because together we can! I know because I have helped over 8,000 cancer patients do exactly that. They are “cancer-free” now.

The book tells you how to work with the medical system anywhere in the world to save the life of those you care about. Learn the real CAUSES of cancer. Discover treatments that really work. Natural, non-toxic treatments with no side effects. They work to offset the side effects of conventional treatments, if you elect to use those treatments.


The entire book was rewritten and updated in November, 2011 to include the contents of my first 155 newsletters. Dr. Carlos M. Garcia, M.D. has agreed to be my co-author on this Edition. He has added content from his unique experience as a holistic physician healing lots of cancer patients at his Utopia Wellness clinic in Oldsmar, Florida.

The Spanish language translation was completed in August, 2015. The translation was done by a prominent businessman in Mexico City named Abelardo Gonzalez. My wife is particularly grateful to him because she is from Barcelona, Spain and has longed for years to get a Spanish language version of this book to her friends and relatives in Spain. See below for how to get a copy of this translation here and online.

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There are over 150 links to web sites in “Cancer-Free,” all of which are “hyperlinks.” That just means that while reading the e-book you can click on the link, go to the web site and explore it, and when you close your browser, you will come right back to the same place in the e-book.

At the end of the e-book file are what we call “Four BONUS booklets:”

* Stop Your Aging With Diet
* Stop Your Aging With Exercise
* Beating Diabetes
* Cure Your Back Pain



This English language printed version was also completely rewritten and updated in November, 2011. The information in it is identical to that in the e-book version, including the four BONUS booklets at the end of the book and the complete Index. My publisher will ship it anywhere in the world.

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Right now the Spanish language translation of this book done by Abelardo Gonzalez and edited by his wife, Tete, my wife, Terry, and a college professor in Mexico for grammar and spelling is now available in all formats here. The title is “Tu Puedes Vencer El Cancer.” Here are some links to other formats for this Spanish version.

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Do you have a friend who speaks Spanish and is uncomfortable with English? Do them a great favor. Just suggest that they go to the links above and buy the Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book in Spanish. Together we can literally save the lives of millions of Spanish speakers all over the world. HELP US.



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I am also available for personal coaching and answering questions. To keep the demands on my time within reason, I have worked out the following procedure:

1. Once you have read “Cancer-Free” you may, if you have a need, sign up for my coaching service. Just click on the “Coaching” link on any page of this web site. You will be given instructions on how to sign up. All I ask is that you read the book first.

2. I am not able to recommend treatments for individuals. There are real liability problems with that, as you can imagine. What I can do is clarify any questions about the regimen I recommend and any other information in my book. Also, I can share with you what I’ve learned from the thousands of cancer patients I’ve coached all over the world. What they’ve taught me is: why people get cancer; and how they get over it permanently.



Unfortunately, I do not speak Spanish well enough to do the coaching service for readers of the Spanish translation. We are working on a good coaching service for these people right now. Please tell them to get the book and read it and keep an eye on my newsletter for further developments of coaching in Spanish.


Be well and God Bless You!!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cancer-Free” and “Cure Your Cancer”