Your doctor has said the “C” word and you’re puzzling: “What do I do now? There seem to be so many options. The doctor is pressing me to get on with the surgery and chemotherapy/radiation. Help!”

I’ve been there. I know. Unfortunately for my dear wife, there was no readily available information in 1990-1994 (or, at least, I failed to find it)… Now, there’s too much on the Internet and in books, newsletters, etc.


Of all the thousands of people I have now watched overcome their cancer, there seem to be four “essentials” that they all have. I call them the “Four A’s.”

ATTITUDE — all cancer survivors share a positive attitude. They know that they, not their doctors, are in charge of their health care. They also know that only they can heal themselves. No doctor can. I certainly can’t. The spouse can’t. But they can! They know that all cancers, regardless of type or “stage,” can be brought back under control. They know that they must be skeptical about recommendations from their doctors for all the reasons you have already learned about our conventional medical “system.”

ADVOCATE — Virtually all the cancer survivors I know also had a loved one or friend willing to help them. How?

* To do the necessary research to get “smarter than their oncologist.”
* To accompany them to the doctor’s office.
* To help them decide when to get a second (or third, or fourth) opinion and help them find a “holistic” doctor.
* To help them find and order the cheapest and best quality supplements.
* And yes, to prepare the food and supplements and help them stay disciplined.

Cancer patients often get depressed, tired or just plain disgusted with the struggle to overcome their condition. Get an “advocate.”

ASSISTANCE — Cancer recovery is not a “do it yourself” project. Every cancer survivor has had supervision of their treatment and recovery by a qualified medical professional. The letters after his or her name are meaningless (M.D., D.O., N.D., D.C., etc.). What is important is that you, the cancer patient, literally trust them with your life

Again, the resources for finding such a doctor through Internet directories are phenomenal. My book has ten such web directories in Chapter 1. But don’t neglect the “jungle” telegraph.” Ask all your friends (who agree with your approach). I don’t have cancer. But I did what I recommend you do and found my “holistic” doctor through a “holistic” dentist who had treated my current wife.

ACTION — Get on with it! Don’t wait to begin taking useful supplements (Chapter 5 in my book) until you’ve found the perfect doctor. Start today. Cancer cells continue multiplying out of control every day. They’re not at “Parade Rest” while you decide what to do. Time matters. Get going!


Whatever else you decide to do — whether it’s surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, alternative treatments or some combination of all of them — you must build up your immune system — immediately. One of the world’s experts on the immune system who has treated hundreds of cancer patients told me he had never seen one with a strong immune system. With what you know about the nature of cancer, this should not come as a surprise. My immune system is controlling the cancer cells that exist in my body every day. Yours is not. End of story.

A priority task for you now is to rebuild that immune system to where it is at normal strength — soonest. How? Fortunately, you have many options, all of which work. They are not cheap. And they are not covered by insurance. Examples are Transfer Point Beta Glucan, RM-10, Immune-Assist, MSR-3 and Oncolyn. I cover all of them and more in detail in my book. You can look them up on Google and order one on the Internet today. Get one and get started taking it now.


A few cancer survivors used just one natural substance. That is not what I recommend. Almost all those I know used somewhere between 4 and 8 different substances. When they overcame their cancer, neither they nor their doctor could tell you for sure which one of the substances did the most work. Complicating it further, not everyone reacts the same to all substances. There are many variables:

* The complexities of cellular “communication.”
* The various types of cancer cells.
* The metabolism of the cancer patient.
* The discipline he or she used in their diet, exercise, supplements, etc.


What’s a cancer patient to do? My advice — come at the cancer from at least seven directions. What do I mean? Of the 400 or so “alternative” (I hate that word!) cancer treatments I am aware of, the ones I recommend use different theories for dealing with the cancer cells. Each is effective. None has a 100% effectiveness rating. However, by using several of them at once, you raise your odds dramatically of overcoming the cancer. They also meet three absolute criteria:

* They are readily obtainable anywhere in the world.
* They are relatively inexpensive.
* They work for all types of cancer.

In other words, I know personally many people who have used this type of mix and are cancer-free for months or years (in some cases 20-30 years).

In the next and last article in this series, I will describe what I think are the best treatment options for this “mix.” If you need complete information on this subject, you will find it in my book “Cancer-Free.” To buy this book in e-book or paperback form, just CLICK HERE.