Cancer Treatment Options

To deal with your cancer sensibly, you must learn some basic information. What is cancer? What is the nature of the conventional cancer “system?” What do doctors think about “alternative” cancer treatment? And about “conventional” or “allopathic” treatment? When should I seek a second or third opinion? What is a sound strategy for treating the cancer? What specific treatments work the best?

The links below will take you to a series of articles on this subject. These are not a substitute for reading my book and some of the references — books, websites, etc. — I recommend. However, this short series of articles should help you to get your thinking straight as you work out a plan for overcoming your cancer.

Here are the articles. Read them slowly and think about each one. Print out each one and discuss it with your “significant other” or other loved one, if you like. Then move on to the next one. The object here is to make you aware of a sound alternative course to that of just “trusting your doctor(s).”

Beating Cancer Gently (Article #1)

What Is Cancer, Anyway? (Article #2)

Professionals Comment About Cancer Treatment (Article #3)

To Prevent The Cancer Diagnosis, You Should….(Article #4)

Now That You “Have” Cancer, What’s Your Strategy? (Article #5)

Specific Treatment Options (Article #6)