Hi Folks,

My most recent book is now on Amazon.com. This is the
Cancer-Free (Second Edition) paperback published on June
5th, 2007. Sure, you can buy the book there, if you like.
I’d prefer you go to my web site (see below) and get it
direct from the publisher, but either method works.

Why do I need your help? Well, as about 50 of you
discovered when my earlier book “Cure Your Cancer” was
posted by Amazon in 2003, you can enter a “review” of the
book once Amazon has it up on their site. Your reviews
really helped me popularize that book and I really
appreciated it.

I need all of you to do the same thing now for my newest
book. If you’ve read it (or even if you read the earlier
edition of Cancer-Free I published in November, 2004), I
would appreciate it if you would go to Amazon.com and post
a review of my new book. The new one has some new infor-
mation and the cover is prettier, but your impression of
the first edition will still apply to this one, if that’s
the one you’ve read.

As always, together we can help a lot of people. I can’t
do it alone. I need your help. Please just point your
Internet browser to:


Once you get there, type in their search window “Cancer-
Free by Bill Henderson” (without the quotes). Both my
books will come up. Click on the title bar for the first
one (“Cancer-Free (Second Edition”)) and enter your review
by clicking on the prompt just below the title. It’s very
easy. If you like, you can read some of the reviews of the
first book.

Your reviews will help me accomplish my goal to get a major
publisher interested in my book. I am consumed by my desire
to get this message to the widest audience possible. The
money is not important. Terry and I have enough money.
But we both passionately believe we can help many more
people. We are attending a three-day workshop next week in
Philadelphia called the “Million Dollar Author” course. We
will be introduced to several agents who work to get
authors published by major publishers. We will also meet
a former producer of “Oprah” who will teach us how to get
major TV exposure. It’s not cheap, but we think it will be
worth it.

Right after the Philly course, we will go to Toronto to
talk to the head researcher on the project to document
recoveries using the “Bill Henderson Protocol.” This is
a project you’ll be hearing more about in coming months.
This research project is being paid for by Bill and Susan
Van Iterson of Ottawa. Susan recovered from her ovarian
cancer using my protocol. Their funding of this research
project is their way of helping me help others.

I appreciate your help. Please enter your review today,
while you’re thinking about it. I’ll have a newsletter with
lots of interesting information for you right after we get
back from this trip on July 18th.




Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”