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Slight Delay

My normal two-week interval between newsletters was extended
somewhat by our wonderful trip to Austria. My wife, Terry
and I enjoyed visiting Salzburg, Vienna and the lovely
mountains and lakes in between from March 29th to April 6th.
I had over 2,200 e-mails (90% junk) and a couple dozen phone
calls to catch up on when I got back.

Thanks to all of you who gave me suggestions to overcome our
jet lag with gentle, natural substances. Actually, for me,
walking 18 holes of golf in the beautiful San Antonio sunshine
seemed to do it for me.

Immune Recovery Clinic — Trip Report

Thanks to the generosity of Andres Kese, a reader in Venezuela,
I’m able to report to you on a wonderful visit my wife and I
made to the Immune Recovery Clinic (IRC) in Atlanta. As some
of you may recall, Andres was so impressed with his treatment
there for prostate cancer that he offered to pay my way there
to get more detailed information on this clinic to all the rest
of you.

On March 24th and 25th, I took advantage of Andres’ offer. I
asked Terry, my wife, to accompany me and I paid her portion
of the expense. What we found was some valuable information
that we hope will result in recovery for some of you.

This clinic is unique in my experience. They operate under a
slogan that reads “Cancer and Chronic Disease Cannot Exist In
the Presence of a Healthy Immune System.” To recover your
immune system and your health, they use a wide spectrum of
treatments. In alphabetical order, they include:

Bio Active Molecules
Bio Feedback
Biological Response Modifiers (e.g. MGN-3, beta glucan, etc.)
Herbal Medicine
Homeopathic Medicine
Lymphatic Drainage
Naturopathic Medicine
Mineral/Vitamin Infusion

In addition, “All patients have access to a trained psychol-
ogist, life coach and Mind, Body, Spirit counseling.” Right
away, you know this is not M.D. Anderson or Sloan-Kettering.

They treat all types of cancer plus Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Fibromyalgia, Hepatitis, Crohn’s Disease and Lyme Disease.

The staff is very competent. Dr. Ben Johnson is an MD, NMD and
DO. He is the primary supervisor of the care, which is tailored
individually to each patient based on a detailed physical and
psychological history. He was not there and we didn’t get to
meet him. This was unusual. Normally, he is there at least
six days a week.

Dr. Richard Kinsolving is a Ph.D. He is an immuno-pharmacologist.
His experience includes working for five major pharmaceutical
companies before he decided to “go straight” in 1989. He holds
17 US drug patents and many more international patents. However,
he is interesting to you primarily because he has become one of
the world’s experts on natural treatments for all degenerative
disease, primarily cancer. He consults with cutting-edge
scientists all over the world on successful treatments for
degenerative disease (especially cancer). His approach is to
first find and eliminate the cause and then restore the immune
system. With cancer, the next step is often to stimulate the
immune system to reject the tumor, similar to organ transplant
rejection. Finally, because cancer has many defenses against
immune rejection, it is often necessary to use “contra-sup-
pression” techniques to overcome this.

Dr. Kinsolving’s knowledge of immune system studies is ency-
clopedic. We talked for about six hours and didn’t begin to
tap the depths of his knowledge of the history of cancer
research and immune system complexity. He is able to com-
municate this complexity to laymen (like me) very effectively.
I was able to listen to him talk to the clinic’s patients in
their regular one-hour morning group session. He translates
the science so well that I’m quite sure they all understood
the “why” of their treatment and follow-up.

Ed Bradford is the CEO and Clinical Director. He is a wonder-
fully compassionate person with a degree of dedication to the
patients I have rarely seen. He has over 40 years of clinical
and teaching experience — some of it in the Air Force. More
about Ed later.

We were able to meet the rest of the staff, including Ed’s
wife, who is one of the fine nurses. Toni is the Chinese
Herbal Specialist. Every one we met was pleasant with a
wonderfully positive demeanor.

One of my most interesting chats was with one of the patients.
She had come to IRC three weeks before with “untreatable”
(by conventional means) Stage IV cancer. She had learned
of IRC from one of my readers. She was ecstatic with the
treatment she had received and was feeling much better and
confident of her total recovery. That conversation alone
made the whole trip worthwhile. I was able to talk to
another couple. They were full of praise for the staff and
the treatment he was receiving.

As for the logistics…The clinic is located in a lovely
suburb in Northwest Atlanta. The suburb is actually called
Dunwoody, and that’s what’s on their card. It’s an easy
20-minute drive from the Atlanta airport. The patients
stay at the Marriott Residence Inn about three blocks from
the clinic. They have a special rate of $79 per night plus
$5.73 tax. The room has literally “all the comforts of home”
and then some — a complete kitchen, desk with computer port,
nice king-size bed, etc.

The standard cost of the clinic is $4,500 per week. It is
payable each Monday. The price does not vary with the type
of treatment. Their philosophy is to tailor the treatment
to the patient without concern for the cost of a particular
regimen. In other words, the $4,500/week is designed to
cover “whatever is necessary” to bring about recovery.

Ed Bradford works very hard with the patients’ insurance
companies to recover as much of this cost as possible. It
is done as a reimbursement “after the fact” to the patient.
Ed said his average recovery is 60% of the $4,500, but with
some insurance companies, he can recover much more. The
clinic does not accept Medicare/Medicaid.

They will not continue to treat a patient they feel has no
hope. That’s why the treatment is paid for weekly. They
continuously evaluate each patient’s recovery progress.
Where they honestly feel they cannot help a patient, they
will tell him/her and suggest they discontinue the treat-
ment. That apparently doesn’t happen often. Usually,
four to six weeks at the clinic is required to complete
the “on-site” treatment. Follow-up visits in three to
six months may be necessary.

Would I go there? Darn right. If I could afford it, or
if I had good insurance coverage, I would certainly con-
sider this as one of my primary options.

If you’re wondering if your insurance would cover most of
this treatment, I suggest you call Ed Bradford. He works
with many different insurance companies every day and can
give you a good idea of the amount of this cost he could
recover for you. Besides, he’s just a pleasant guy to
talk to for anyone who has cancer.

Here’s the contact information:

Immune Recovery Clinic
Ed Bradford, CEO and Clinical Director
4488 N. Shallowford Road, Suite 200
Dunwoody, Georgia 30338
(770) 455-6100 (voice)
(770) 455-1999 (fax)
E-mail: Ed Bradford

Beta Glucan — Get On It Now!

I discuss beta glucan in my book, but for some reason, I feel
many of you who have active cancer are not taking it. I guess
my impression comes from the hundreds of cancer “stories” I have
read. My book devotes more space to MGN-3, partly because I had
much more specific information about it at the time.

Let me try to fix this imbalance by urging everyone reading this
newsletter to begin taking beta glucan now. But, be very careful
about the source. Here’s an interesting e-mail I got recently
from Joyce Braun.



This website is loaded with technical research on Beta


The Beta Glucan I and many friends and relatives now use
(from Immunebody.com) comes from Germany. At $25, it is
half what other websites on the internet sell it (BetaMax
500mg) for. I contacted the CEO, Robert Lambert, of that
company today and this is what he said:


‘We have tested our product against the most expensive on
the market and ours appears to be the purest form of beta
glucan on the market today. We have manufacturing facilities
in California however import our beta product from Germany.
It is costly to do this but we have not been able to locate
another reliable source of Yeast Beta Glucans anywhere. I take
it as well and have not been sick in ages including not getting
the flu for the past 4 years.’


Joyce Braun”

If you read just a little bit of the research material at the
above web site, you should become convinced of how essential
this substance is for anyone, particularly for cancer patients.
To get what Joyce is talking about, just go to:


and look up BetaMax on the right side of the web page.

A Reader’s Story

It is really a thrill for me to share a story like Alan Hersh-
field’s with you. See if Alan’s account doesn’t inject you
with some of his diligence and wonderfully positive, fighting



You may remember my name. My wife, Helene received your first
newsletter in early January. I’m a 72 year old man who had a
lobectomy for a non small cell adenocarcinoma in August of 2003.
The operation was done at New York Hospital (Cornell Medical
Center), in New York, and according to the surgeon….Every-
thing was OK with no spread to lymph nodes or any place else.


In November I had a PET scan, and found two tumors in my liver.
So at that point I became a Class IV lung cancer victim. My
wife and I went back to New York and spoke to Oncologists and
Surgeons at both Sloan Kettering and Columbia and of course,
you know what they recommended!! Go take rounds of Chemo they
told me….even at the same time they were telling me that
they knew it could not cure stage IV lung cancer. According
to their statistics I had a 2% chance of living a year!!


I was dead set against taking Chemo. I had done so previously,
prior to my surgery, supposedly to shrink the tumor. It did
nothing at all except rob me of my strength and my hair, so
why would I consider it again??


At that time, (and I bless them for it) friends of my wife
suggested we visit your Website and I will be forever in their
debt!! They, (and you), have probably saved my life. We read
your newsletter and because of it I spent the better part of
three weeks surfing the net I had some of my friends with
extensive e-mail address lists send out letters asking anyone
to tell us any alternative medical experiences they had. I
received lots of help….even from people I have never met,
(and probably never will), most encouraging me to search on.


By the end of January we had plotted our course and at that
time told our Oncologist at Mt. Sinai in Miami that we were
leaving his care and seeking help elsewhere. Needless to say,
we’ve not heard from him since.


Since that time I have:


1. Changed my diet…eliminating all the things you suggest
and living with Patrick Quillan’s book in our hands everytime
we shopped or went to a restuarant.


2. Went onto a regimen of drinking Essiac Tea…as suggested
by a woman who had cured herself of breast cancer with it.


3. Found an alternative medicine doctor, Dr. Martin Dayton,
who is both a DO and MD, here in Miami. He started me on an
extensive list of herbs, vitamins, and supplements, most of
which you cover in your book.


4. Began IPT therapy with this DO, once a week for five weeks.
The therapy has been non-troubling in any way…at least to me
(although I think my cancerous cells would not agree!!).


5. Had the two tumors in my liver Ablated by a radiologist
here in Miami. (I wrote to you about that therapy when it was
done, suggesting you might want to feature it some day).


It is now the end of March and the scans I have recently taken
show me IN REMISSION!! How about that!! I’m to take another
complete CT PET scan in late June–early July to see if I’m
still in the clear.


I plan to continue most of the supplements and the diet changes
during these three months but for the time being we have stopped
the IPT therapy.


Please add me to the list of clients who possibly owe you their
continued existence!! If I can help any of your readers in any
way please feel free to have them call on me. My e-mail address
is Adh4em@aol.com.


Thanks again,

Alan Hershfield”

Congratulations, Alan, on a brave and resourceful trek. My
prayers are with you, my friend.

Short shots…..


Yep, I’m guilty, folks. As several of you have pointed out,
the “Exxon/Mobil Boycott” letter I sent to you last week is
actually an “urban legend” which has been kicking around the
‘Net for several years.

As several of you politely pointed out, the only real way
to lower the price of gas is to use less. We need to stop
driving our gas-guzzling SUV’s and urge our government to
promote alternative fuel sources (fuel cells, etc.).

Well, at least they didn’t get a virgin!



After my wife, Terry’s experience with root canals a few
years ago, I would never have one done. I could write
another book about her experience. Suffice to say, I
completely agree with the information in the following
article from one of Dr. Mercola’s recent newsletters.
If you value your health, pay attention to your dental
work. Here’s the Dr. Mercola article link:




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just send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks!

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appropriate. A dear reader who is a technical writer for the
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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book


Although many alternative medical treatments have been success-
fully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by
conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal
(in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their
patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at
their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include
the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully
considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use
of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have
doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.