Busy Month, April!
Teleclass This Saturday, April 30th
CODEX Takes a Hit!
House of Commons Slams “Big Pharma”
My Visit To The Center for the Study of Natural Oncology
Short Shots….

**** Dr. Rath’s Take On “Big Pharma”
**** Aussie Doctor Throws In The Towel
**** The Whole Story on Protocel/Cancell/Entelev
**** Bruce Morrow’s New Book “Cancer-Control”
**** Bob Davis Wants Your Story


Busy Month, April!

I just returned from a trip to Tennessee and Kentucky where I presented two “Beating Cancer-Gently” workshops. A couple of days before leaving on that trip, I enjoyed sharing a similar workshop with Dr. Tony McRedmond, San Antonio’s best “biological dentist” in Schulenburg, Texas. Together, we helped some people.

As you’ll see below, there were a couple of encouraging developments in April concerning the “Health” vs “Medicine” war. My visit to Dr. Vincent Gammill’s organization in Southern California on April 1st was exciting. He has already helped several of you, so I’ll give you a recap of his services. Interesting and fulfilling month!!

Teleclass This Saturday, April 30th

I have a real treat for you this Saturday. Mark your calendar now for a teleclass where you and I will be able to discuss cancer treatment with Karon Beattie, a true expert. Karon is the Editor and principal author of the four e-books on “Natural Cancer Treatments That Work,” etc. If you’ve been reading my newsletters, you know that I think what Karon has done is a monumental work of immense value to any cancer patient or caregiver.

Karon is an Aussie and a survivor of several health challenges she will tell you about on Saturday. Most important, however, she will give you her expert opinion on the best way to deal with cancer. At the moment, I believe that nobody on this planet has as thorough an understanding of natural cancer treatments as she does. She has a talent for research and organization that is rare indeed.

Here is how she describes her own personal recovery:

“I should explain that I am a very curious and analytical person who likes to
‘get to the bottom of things.’ I rarely take things at face value. Much of
my working life has been spent in defining solutions to a wide range of
problems and tasks that require ‘outside the square’ thinking.


I started to heal myself using what I had found. This included fresh
vegetable juices, wheatgrass, pau d’arco tea, probiotics and enzymes. I
improved significantly when my biological dentist extracted my root canals,
and felt I had come back from ‘the edge.’


Today I am almost well, and credit that to moving ‘outside the square’ from
what conventional medicine has to offer.”

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you get your copy of Karon’s books and see for yourself the amazing range of information and assistance compiled there. All four e-books are only $49.95. For a complete description of them, just go to:


[In the interest of full disclosure, I am an “affiliate” of Karon’s. Whatever income I receive from your purchase of her books goes to support my mission such as the workshops I did last week and my trip to visit Dr. Gammill, which were largely funded out of my pocket.]

This Saturday (April 30th) to hear my interview with Karon Beattie and ask her any questions you have, just dial the following phone number (from anywhere in the world) a few minutes before 6:00 PM Central Time (7:00 PM Eastern; 5:00 PM Mountain; 4:00 PM Pacific; GMT minus 5 outside the U.S.): (641) 985-1000. When prompted for the “Access Code,” punch in 393926# (the pound sign (#) is important). I have adjusted the time of the call so Karon won’t have to get up in the middle of the night in Australia. This time is actually Sunday morning for her. The call will last about 90 minutes. The last 45 minutes will be “open phone” time for your questions or comments. The only cost is the long distance charges. Use your free cell phone minutes, if you have them.

[An aside: I just returned from an hour and a half break at the gym. If you want to know what I did, just read my “Booklet #2 — Stop Your Aging With Exercise” starting on p. 269 of my “Cancer-Free” book. Hint, hint! — You’re NEXT!]

CODEX Takes A Hit!!

If you haven’t already heard, April 5th was a great day for our side in the battle with Big Pharma and it’s Food Supplements Directive (otherwise known as CODEX Alimentarius) restrictions on natural substances in Europe. In short, Advocate General Geelhoed of the European Court of Justice issued his opinion on the case brought before the court on January 25th, 2005 by the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH). In essence, he said that the CODEX Alimentarius restrictions passed by the EU Parliament in March, 2002 were “ridiculous” and should be annulled. Rather than paraphrase it for you, I’ll quote the message from the ANH with their links to the original documents. In short, it was a great day for health freedom.

Here is the ANH message of April 11th. If you can afford it, please make a contribution to this worthy cause.

“Dear William,


As a follow up to the historic Opinion of Advocate General Geelhoed on 5 April 2005 in which he found in favour of ANH’s case, I am writing to let you know that I have prepared an up-dated Legal Executive Summary which analyses and comments upon his decision.


This has now been posted on our web site with the other documents relating to the case (conveniently in one place) which you may find helpful to consider as regards ANH’s legal challenge to the Food Supplements Directive (FSD).


In particular you might want to look at the following key docs:


ANH Legal Executive Summary 10 April 2005
Official ECJ version of Advocate General Geelhoed’s Opinion 5 April 2005
ANH Press Release re AG Geelhoed’s Opinion 5 April 2005
All these documents (plus others) can be found in the ANH Legal Challenge Archive on our web site at the following link:





It is hard to overestimate the importance of this Opinion for the protection of our health freedoms in the EU.


The AG has concluded that there is a fatal flaw in the Directive.


This is because it gives the EU Commission completely arbitrary power to decide whether or not a substance should be included on the list of approved nutrients (known as the Positive Lists) which are allowed to be sold in the EU.


In the AG’s view this is such a fundamental flaw that the whole FSD has to be cancelled (‘annulled’ to use the technical legal term) and sent back to the legislative drawing board.


His Opinion is not binding on the European Court (ECJ) which may decide differently when it renders its judgment (likely in May / June 2005) but there is every chance that the Judges will endorse his reasoning.


As the FSD deprives food supplement manufacturers and distributors of their products and millions of practitioners and consumers of their free choice, this is a vital issue for millions of people in the EU.


The ECJ will thus be keen to address the problem he identifies especially as EU Citizens in their millions will be voting on the European Constitution in the coming months and the whole EU project will be in the spotlight.


The FSD was supposed to be a ‘safe harbour’ for food supplements so that they are not classified as drugs and to promote their availability across the EU.


We may now have an opportunity to make it so and shape the law in the EU for food supplements for years to come!


What you can do


We are all in this together and it is very important for us all to continue to take action.




Tell your friends and contacts about the ANH’s case and forward this and other ANH e-mails to them so that they know what is going on.
Recruit your friends and contacts to join the Alliance.
Donate urgently needed funds to ANH.


To make a donation to ANH , here’s the web site:




Remember that without you there is no Alliance!


Thanks for your support.


Yours in health!


David C. Hinde LLB Solicitor
Legal Director
Alliance for Natural Health

House of Commons Slams “Big Pharma”

Are there really coincidences like this? Hmmmm. On the very same day, April 5th, the British House of Commons Health Committee issued a 126-page report called “THE INFLUENCE OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY.” They recommended radical changes to reduce Big Pharma’s influence on both government and the practice of medicine in their country. Obviously, Great Britain’s problems in this relationship are virtually identical to those in the U.S.

I think the easiest way to get you this interesting report is to quote Tim Bolen’s e-mail on it. Tim’s hyperbole gets a little strident at times, but if you had been fighting “Official Medicine” as he has in court for many years, you would probably be even more vitriolic than he is. Here’s his e-mail on this fascinating report:

“UK Parliament SMASHES Big Pharma…
Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen
Thursday, April 7th, 2005


Just two days ago, in my newsletter article The Coming “US Health Movement v. Big Pharma” Codex War…, I announced the demise of Big Pharma’s attempt to shut down the supplement industry.


But little did I know at the time that that day, Tuesday, April 5th, 2005, would go down in the annals as a double-whammy of Big Pharma’s murderous intent.


Wait ’til you read this.


Sit up straight. For, this story you are almost NOT going to believe. I’m going to have to convince you with data. To do that I’m going to tell you that you are going to have to do what I just did – you’re going to have to read a 126 page report just issued by the British government titled “House of Commons Health Committee – THE INFLUENCE OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY”


The British government is setting up the “guillotine.” There’s going to be a “Bastille Day” in London. Sell your pharmaceutical stock – quick.


To read my article and link to the report itself, click on the URL below:



My Visit To The Center for the Study of Natural Oncology

On Friday, April 1st, I visited The Center for the Study of Natural Oncology in Solana Beach, California. I did a short article on this organization in this rag a few months ago. I was so fascinated with their work that I made a special trip to California to visitthem. Dr. Vincent Gammill, the honcho and Shirley Stratman, his Director of Administration, were both very gracious. Dr. Gammill took me on a tour of two of the clinics he works with in Tijuana, Mexico. It was a very informative trip.

This unique organization is a non-profit, supported almost entirely by a single benefactor, a wealthy cancer survivor. Dr. Gammill is both brilliant and compassionate in his pursuit of the best treatment for each of the cancer patients he works with. He will work with YOU, if you ask him to. He seeks out the “best” treatment for each individual. “Best,” in this context, takes into account the patient’s biases. It could be all “conventional” treatment, all “alternative” treatment, or some combination of both.

Let me give you two examples which, I think, will spotlight the type of work this great organization does. Dr. Gammill showed me a vial of medicine he had compounded in his laboratory (he is a chemist). That same vial, he said, would cost $1,600 from the drug company which sells it. He was taking it to a cancer patient in Tijuana who he was working with. She could not afford the medicine, so he was giving it to the clinic in Tijuana to be administered to her free of charge.

He told me of another patient from the local (Southern California) area he was working with. She had Stage IV metastatic breast cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes, her spine and her pleural cavity. He sold her three pounds of Pau d’Arco tea. He gets it from the same source as Roger DeLong. If you remember from my book, Roger had given up his project of packaging and selling the Pau d’Arco tea, which had cured his cancer, because the demand became too great. In short, this lady called Dr. Gammill back in about 10 days and said she needed some more of the Pau d’Arco. He was surprised because the three pounds are normally athree-month supply. She said she was using one quarter of a pound a day — drinking the tea continuously during the day. She was virtually cancer-free after the ten days.

Dr. Gammill told me that he particularly likes to work with “late Stage III or Stage IV patients” because they prove that his healing methods work. He said Stage I and II are just “a snap.” Recent cases he has dealt with that I am familiar with involved recommendations for IPT in one case and “gamma knife” surgery in anotherdelicate brain cancer case. He knows clinics and other resources all over the country, not just in Tijuana.

To contact this wonderful man for a free consultation (on the telephone or in person), all you need to do is call Shirley Stratman for an appointment. You can reach her at (800) 557-2944 or (858) 523-9144. Be considerate and patient. They are on Pacific time and there are just the two of them in the office.

And PLEASE remember, you should follow the regimen I describe in Chapter 5 of my book, no matter what else Dr. Gammill or anyone else recommends for your cancer. It is effective for prevention and for healing before, during and after the use of any other treatment. Do not EVER rely on one substance — Pau d’Arco tea, Paw Paw or anything else — to heal your cancer.

Again, if you want to donate to a worthy cause, this is truly one. Shirley Stratman handles the fund raising. Talk to her about how you can help.

Short shots…..


Does it seem to you like Big Pharma is taking hits from all directions? The Vioxx scandal, the ridiculous use of statin drugs (Zocor, Crestor, etc.) with all their side effects for no purpose, House of Commons, EU Court of Justice, etc. I say “It’s about time!” People all over the world are waking up to the ridiculous role of greedy pharmaceutical cartels and their influence on the medical system. Here’s a well written description of exactly how Big Pharma affects the practice of medicine and Dr. Matthias Rath’s efforts to overcome it. Dr. Rath is the German cancer doctor featured in my book (p. 130-131). Check out the article at this web site:




Here is an interesting set of videos you can look at on your computer. It is a two-part documentary by an Australian TV station in Perth about Dr. John Holt. He is a remarkable man who has had incredible success treating cancer. Using radio frequencies (a modern version of Dr. Royal Rife’s treatment) and insulin blockers, he has complete confidence he has a cure for cancer. Despite his multiple letters after his name, the medical “establishment” in Australia has shunned him and his work. The two videos below (one for broadband and one for dialup) will tell you his story. Pray that someone will pick up and continue his work when he retires in June.

Video One:
Dr. John Holt on “A Current Affair”, Channel 9, April 11, 2005 in Australia:


Video Two:
Dr. John Holt on “A Current Affair”, Channel 9, April 12, 2005 in Australia:

Broadband (fast) connection: http://www.rife.de/john-holt-and-the-media.html



If you want to learn everything about Protocel from a wonderful lady who used it to survive her bout with cancer, all you need to do is go to Elonna McKibben’s web site:


I intend to have her on a teleclass as a guest in the near future. Meantime, take a look at her web site. It is chock full of information about this effective treatment.



Bruce Morrow sent me a pre-release version of his e-book “Cancer Control — Your Integrative Strategy — How Cancer Starts and What YOU Can Do About It.”

It is now available for download. Bruce is a six-time cancer survivor. Finally, in late 2004, he learned how to co-doctor, partly from my book, and was able to recover completely. This book will increase your understanding of just how the immune system works and how conventional treatment destroys it. Two Appendices — one on Cancer-causing substances and one on Cancer-fighting substances — are particularly valuable. Check it out at:




If you’ve read my book or listened to one of my teleclasses, you know Bob Davis (see pp. 139-141 in “Cancer-Free”). Bob is putting together a new web site. He wants to make it attractive by posting survivor testimonials, complete with pictures and audio. If you would like to help him (and believe me, he deserves your help), just contact him at his new e-mail address. It is: Bob Davis <acts@interhop.net>. Bob is selling nothing. His is a completely selfless and devoted service to cancer patients. Give him your story.


As most of you know by now, I, too, collect cancer “stories.” Send me yours — positive, negative or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my “Cancer-Free” e-book by return e-mail. If you already have my book, you can just give me the name and e-mail of a loved one or friend for me to send the e-book to as a gift.

Without a national data base, we must exchange information with each other on what works. Your story may help many others, so just send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks!

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be well and send your friends to my web site:



Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free” books


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.