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Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSO’s)

Hey, folks, here’s something to get really excited about. I
feel what I’m about to relate may help many of you restore your
body’s cell metabolism to normal. After all, that’s what we’re
all trying to do.

My wife, Terry, and I received a gift from God a few weeks ago
and I’d like to share it. Terry has been suffering for about
the last seven years with intermittent bouts of digestive prob-
lems. She’s suffered with intestinal pain, neck pain, headaches,
constipation, bloatedness, mood swings and overall frustration
at the elusiveness of a “cure.”

She’s been to at least a dozen doctors and naturopaths. She’s
been diagnosed with “irritable bowel syndrome,” “fibromyalgia,”
“candidiasis,” and “gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD).”
In other words, she’s heard all the common terms used by
doctors when they have no real idea what’s buggin’ you. She
has had a colonoscopy, endoscopy (the swallowed camera routine)
and lots of other diagnostic regimens.

It all seemed to stem from a large number of antibiotics she
took when she had four root canal teeth removed and cavitation
of her jaw to remove the remaining infection from these teeth
in 1996 and 1997. I could literally write another book on the
disgusting root canal “business” but later with that.

She had taken everything imaginable in the way of “natural”
substances, including: Milk Thistle/Dandelion compound; Sib-
erian Ginseng; Super Echinacea; Ginkgo Biloba; Horse Chestnut;
Schisandra; Goldenseal; Colloidal Silver; Flor-Essence; B-com-
plex; barley green tablets; MGN-3 and MSR-3; several probiotic
regimens; daily yogurt eating and several different prescrip
tion drugs. Nothing seemed to help for more than a few hours
and some of it irritated her intestines.

I hope you know me well enough by now to know I wouldn’t be
telling you this story unless it had some relevance to you.
It does. Bear with me.

Sometime in March of this year, I read one of Dr. Mercola’s
newsletters which strongly recommended the book “The Maker’s
Diet” by Jordan S. Rubin, N.M.D., Ph.D, copyright 2004. I
read it and my wife is her old self again — completely
recovered — as a result.

How did this miracle happen? Well, to get the whole “rest of
the story,” you’ll have to read the book. I can’t adequately
summarize it here. Let me just give you the essence.

Our digestive system — from our mouth to our “other end” —
is a major part of our immune system. Sure, cells like the
NK, T, and B cells, the macrophages, etc., etc. are very
important. But there is much more to it. An improper
balance of flora in our intestines — good vs. bad bacteria,
basically — will wreak havoc on all our organs, our skin,
our bones and eventually subject our bodies to serious
degenerative diseases — yes, including cancer. There are
other challenges we subject our bodies to which will also
lead to degenerative disease — smoking, industrial chemical
vapors and lack of exercise, for example. But I am convinced
that the major reason we all experience physical degeneration
and disease is what we put in our mouth and it’s effect on
our cell metabolism and our intestinal flora.

In Terry’s case, the antibiotics did her in. They caused an
imbalance in her intestinal flora which resisted every attempt
to correct it — until she began taking Homeostatic Soil
Organisms (HSO’s). The specific product is called Primal
Defense from Garden of Life. We got it first at the local
health food store, but I’ve located a cheaper source. More
in a minute. This substance contains a potent mix of pro-
biotics, but the difference seems to be the HSO’s in it.

As Dr. Rubin says

“Guidelines for optimal health can be reduced to two vital keys:


1. Optimize the nutrition entering your body.
2. Reduce the toxins in your body.


Virtually every disease can be related to those two guidelines
in some way — and it all starts in the small and large intes-

Well, Terry had the first part right. She has always been
careful about her diet. But it wasn’t enough. The Primal
Defense and (we believe) specifically the HSO’s have taken
care of the second part — the toxins which were flooding
her body because of the imbalance of flora in her intestines.

Literally, within 48 hours of beginning the Primal Defense, her
digestion returned to normal. She is going to continue taking
the mega-dose (9 tablets per day) for about another two months,
and then reduce it to the maintenance dose (3 per day). But
she literally, for the first time in over seven years, has felt
completely well and full of energy for the past two weeks. She
is taking nothing else except the barley green (Green Supreme)
tablets (about 20 per day) for their enzymes and alkalinity.

Dr. Rubin cured himself of Crohn’s Disease using just the HSO’s.
His book contains seven case studies of impressive cures of
everything from terminal cancer to mononucleosis, “just sick
and tired all the time,” overweight and high blood pressure.
We have not felt the need to follow Dr. Rubin’s 40-day diet,
but it looks quite easy, compared to most diets.

There are several other products he recommends, including a
detox and cleansing routine. All Terry has done is take the
Primal Defense. For her, that seems to be the magic bullet
we have been seeking for seven years.

You can buy these products at a 15-25% discount with free
shipping for those over 60 (ah, age discrimination — I love
it!) by calling (800) 520-1791. Punch in extension 209 and
you’ll get Leslie. This is the Garden of Life home office
in Washington state. Their web site is:


Dr. Rubin’s book “The Maker’s Diet” is available at amazon.com
or the above web site.

Radio Frequency Ablation

A couple of readers have written me about a treatment they
felt should have more publicity. It is relatively new —
about two years old. It is called Radio Frequency Ablation.
“Ablation” is just medical jargon for “destruction.” This
is a technique where a probe is inserted into a tumor and
RF energy is applied to it which destroys the tumor cells
and some of the normal cells immediately surrounding it.

According to Paul Campbell, a reader who has researched this
treatment extensively, it is both “alternative” in that it
is non-toxic and is also struggling to become established
as a “standard of care” for the cancer surgeons. Paul says:

“The procedure can be done on an out-patient basis or with
an overnight hospital stay. It is currently approved by the
FDA for liver cancer and for treatment of pain in bone cancer.
There have been successful clinical trials for lung cancer
which will hopefully be the next major cancer approved for
its use. Smaller studies have been done on breast cancer,
showing it effective and safe.”

You need to ask your doctor about it. Beware, because, as
Paul says:

“A major danger exists, though, that this promising
technology will be corrupted by the addition of highly toxic
drugs to the treatment. This is currently happening under
Boston Scientific’s support that is funding clinical trials
to add a recycled drug to the probe that is inserted. (There’s
a huge amount of ‘drug backed’ money to do this.)”

So, what’s new? Big Pharma is attempting to control or suppress
any treatment that shows promise. If you’d like to learn more
about this procedure before you just “ask your doctor” (as I
always recommend), you need to study this web site:


You’ll get a good idea of how it works, including photos of the
device treating a liver tumor. Check it out.

Of course, my reaction to this is that it is just another way
to treat the “symptoms” of cancer, not the causes. Thus, it
is not really a cure. I prefer approaches which deal with the
cancer tumor as a symptom and treat the patient’s system. Just
thought you should be aware of this procedure, in case you hear
of it.

A Reader’s Story

Most of you have probably heard of the Gerson Therapy. Carol
Askhew has had a lot of success with it. Here’s her story:

“Hi Bill,


I was diagnosed with melanoma in 1989. I had had the lesion
frozen off twice in the previous 4 years, so they were concerned.
I had discovered the Gerson Therapy a couple of years earlier,
and I was fooling around with doing the modified version of it
as I was having increasingly poor health with joint and muscle
pain, fatigue, and weight gain.


When I was diagnosed with the melanoma, I made the effort to go
spend 2 weeks at the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, and learned how to
do the total program, which really focuses on liver cleansing
and total live nutrition and live enzymes from fresh squeezed
organic juice every hour.


I continued on the Gerson Therapy for 3-1/2 years. I have never
had any spreading of the melanoma, and since then, have found
out I have chronic Hepatitis C since 1969. My doctors are quite
surprised at how well I do with the virus, and I am convinced
it is because of all the liver cleansing I did with the Gerson!


I continue to live as healthy as I know how, and place high
value on my precious body and it’s good health!


Carol Askhew
Creston, BC”

Thanks, Carol. As I’m sure you’re aware, the 5-year survival
rate with metastasized melanoma using conventional treatment is
zero. Congratulations on bringing this beast to its knees.

Short shots…..


Patrick Regoniel is a reader from Puerto Princesa City in
Palawan, the Philippines. His wife is a cancer patient. She
has recently gotten approval from the PolyMVA people for a
supply of the free PolyMVA (see my newsletter article “PolyMVA–
It’s FREE…If” in Newsletter #57, February 17, 2004).

Unfortunately, the PolyMVA people charge for shipping to
overseas addresses. The shipping to the Philippines is $89
and Patrick and his wife cannot afford it. If you feel you
would like to help Patrick and his wife with the shipping cost,
contact him directly. His e-mail is: regoniel@yahoo.com




Tim Bolen has an interesting treatise on the Big Pharma/FDA/
FTC mechanism for controlling (or attempting to control) the
spread of information on the healing properties of “natural”
substances. I think you’ll find it interesting. Just go to:




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Without a national data base, we must exchange information with
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Bill Henderson
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Although many alternative medical treatments have been success-
fully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by
conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal
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