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Vitamin D and Gene Expression

Nocebo Effect by Jonathan Chamberlain

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Welcome to this 176th issue of my newsletter.  About 24 months of past issues are available at this website.  Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen.  The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.



Biological Medicine Network Seminar


I’ve recently been alerted to a wonderful new organization by Dr. Jeoff Drobot of the American Center for Biological Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It is called the Biological Medicine Network and it is another organization we should all try to support.  Barbara Christian, the Director of this organization, has just told me of a Cancer Seminar in May in New Bedford, Massachusetts.  If you’re anywhere in the vicinity (or even if you’re not), I urge you to consider going to this informative seminar.  Barbara said “We do have scholarship money available and also a 50% discount if you bring a new person with you.”

The seminar is called “New Perspectives on Cancer:  A Biological Medicine Approach.”  It is on Friday and Saturday, May 17th and 18th, 2013.  Here’s where you can read a flyer with details on this interesting seminar:

I know very well two of the great speakers Barbara has lined up.  One is Dr. Shaun Riddle, NMD.  Dr. Shaun has been a partner with Dr. Jeoff Drobot at both the Calgary Center for Naturopathic Medicine in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and at the American Center for Biological Medicine at Scottsdale, Arizona.  He and Dr. Jeoff have healed lots of cancer patients at both clinics.  In fact, you can read about them in Chapter 6 of our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book starting on p. 236.  They did a wonderful job on me and Terry in 2010 and 2011 when we visited them in Calgary.

The other of Barbara’s speakers I know well is Dr. Mike Margolis, DDS of Mesa, Arizona.  He is one of the truly expert dentists on cleaning up people’s jaws and teeth and helping them heal their cancers.  I’ve referred lots of people to Dr. Mike and had very good feedback on his dental cleanup work.  Like most of these great dentists, Dr. Mike had about 20 years of routine dental work before he woke up to the intimate relationship between our teeth and jawbones and our health and began healing his patients of their cancer and other degenerative diseases.  At his website, which is, you’ll find a wonderful interactive chart that shows you clearly which organs are directly connected to each tooth.

You can find out more about Barbara Christian’s organization at this website:

You can also register for the May Seminar there, if you like.

By all means, if you can make it, sign up for the Biological Medicine Network’s Cancer Seminar next month.  You’ll be very glad you did.  Terry and I can’t make it because we’ll be in Europe on vacation visiting Terry’s family in Barcelona, Spain.  We plan to go to the next one.



Vitamin D and Gene Expression 


A very interesting study has just been completed on Vitamin D and its relation to cancer and other bodily functions. Conducted by Dr. Michael Holick, an MD and PhD at Boston University, this study confirmed definitely my beliefs about the wonderful preventive and healing effects of Vitamin D.  Here’s a brief summary of the results:

“This study suggests that any improvement in vitamin D status will significantly affect the expression of genes associated with the following biological functions: 

* immune responses 

* DNA repair 

* bone development 

* cell development 

* cell differentiation 

These same genes control a wide variety of biologic functions linked to cancer, autoimmune disorders, and cardiovascular disease.”

Here’s what Dr. Holick said about the significance of this study:

“Our data suggest that any improvement in Vitamin D status will significantly affect expression of genes that have a wide variety of biologic functions of more than 160 pathways linked to cancer, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease which have been associated with vitamin D deficiency. This study reveals for the first time molecular fingerprints that help explain the nonskeletal health benefits of vitamin D.” 

Have any doubts that you need to get your Vitamin D level up to the 70 or higher level on the 25 Hydroxy blood test?  I hope not.  (See pp. 171-173 in our Cancer-Free — 4th Edition book).

One way you can get your Vitamin D level in your blood tested by tomorrow is as follows:

1.  Go to (there are others online).

2.  On the left under “Tests” select “Most Popular Tests.”

3.  Scroll down to the “Vitamin D, 25 Hydroxy” test ($59 for test, includes lab fee).

4.  Select that test.

5.  When you get the blood draw requisition in your e-mail, take it to the lab near you which they will specify for you.

5.  The next day, you will get an e-mail with your Vitamin D blood level.



Nocebo Effect Article by Jonathan Chamberlain


One of my favorite authors about natural healing of cancer is Jonathan Chamberlain from the UK.  His most recent article is on the “nocebo effect.”  Most of you have heard of the “placebo effect” where we tend to respond to any treatment if we have a positive view of its benefits.  But have you heard of the “nocebo effect?”  It is more important because it is deadly.

If you believe what you’re told about your “death sentence” by the cancer doctors, you’ll probably fulfill their prediction of your death within a few days.  That’s just one of the reasons why I hate cancer doctors.  They are prolific at handing out death sentences to their patients.  What kind of “medicine” is that?

Jonathan does a great job in this article informing us of the danger of accepting these ridiculous, hopeless death sentences.  When we do, we program our minds to carry out the dire prediction.  Please don’t let this happen to you or your loved one.  Read Jonathan’s article here and take heed:



Why We Urge You To Eat Organic Veggies


In our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book, Dr. Garcia and I urge you to carefully select your vegetables and make sure they are organic.  Sometimes it’s difficult to validate the organic claim so this is just another reason to find a source for your veggies that you trust.

Here’s a great article on the dangers of the effects of the use by farmers of Round-up herbicide on virtually all non-organic veggies.  Read it and heed the warning, folks.  It is important.  Here’s the article:






The young man I’ve admired most for several years about his mission to get the word out on natural cancer healing is Chris Wark from Memphis, Tennessee.  Chris healed himself of colon cancer several years ago and has spent a lot of effort to spread the word about his knowledge of natural healing and healthy eating.  You’ll get a great boost by watching him on the Ricki Lake TV Show and reading his account of his tribulations getting there.  Way To Go, Chris!!



If you have a dog, you need to consider getting him or her on Canine Health, the new product from Life Vantage.  Every dog should be eating at least one of these great-tasting “treats” every day.  Your dog may be in pain but he or she is not telling you about it.  They have found that 45% of dogs 8 years or older have arthritic pain.  Has your dog told you?

This product is a copy of the Protandim which is so healing for humans.  This is the Nrf2 Activator which uniquely combats “oxidative stress,” the primary cause of most chronic degenerative diseases.  In the Canine Health product, the human Protandim version has been modified with collagen and omega-3 fatty acids to support brain, heart and eye functions, support normal joint function for mobility and flexibility and support cognitive function.

Life Vantage spent over 18 months developing and testing this product using dedicated professional veterinarians and 80 dogs.  In addition to the health benefits, they found that the tastes of bacon, chicken and liver added to it made the dogs love it.  The lozenges are very palatable and very easy to give to your dog.  Our lovable schnauzer, Thunder, chews them up and relishes them as his “treat” after a walk.

Does it work for cats?  While it hasn’t been tested on cats, the same principles work for them.  If I had a cat, I’d certainly feel safe giving it to him or her.

Get your dog or cat started on this and let me know what you think of it.  I’d suggest you get signed up as a Preferred Customer.  It will save you 20% off the retail price and you can cancel the monthly “auto-ship” of your order any time by simply calling the Customer Support number, which is (866) 460-7241.  Order it here:

If you’re in Canada or Australia or Hong Kong, please click on the “Join LifeVantage” link at that website.  Your only option is the Preferred Customer status.  If you’re in the U.S., you can click on the “Shop” link and order it as either a Preferred Customer or a Retail Customer.  If you’re in some other country, I’m afraid you’ll have to find someone in one of those countries to order it for you.



Surely you’ve heard of the use of medical marijuana for treatment of cancer pain in several of our States.  Were you aware that it also heals cancer?  Do you remember me telling you about Rick Simpson and his work with cancer patients in Canada several years ago?

Well, here is an updated video on this subject.  Rick Simpson explains how to take it and several people describe their experiences with it.  There is even a source mentioned.  Check it out at:



Dr. Kodi Vortman is a wonderfully informed PhD in Israel.  In this video, he describes a new surgical procedure for operating on cancer which is non-invasive and apparently very successful.  It is also useful for Parkinson’s and other diseases.  Let’s hope it soon gets accepted in the U.S., Europe, etc. but don’t hold your breath.

There is contact information for Dr. Vortman in the video.


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