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Great Vacation Coming — No May Newsletter

On May 21st (about three weeks from now), Terry and I are leaving for a wonderful vacation in Europe. We are going to London first. Then, we board a Princess cruise ship for a 12-day cruise around Ireland and Scotland and ending up in Paris! We both have ancestors from Ireland and Scotland and we have wanted to visit there for many years. It will be a blast! After the return to London, we are going to the Bavarian Black Forest area in Southern Germany for a week. We will motor around Germany and Austria (which we love) for a week and visit some friends.

At the end of this great vacation, on June 11th, I’ll come home to California. Terry will go on to Barcelona to visit her relatives there for another three weeks. She will come home on July 2nd.

We’ve been planning this vacation for over a year and it’s finally here. We’ll be thinking about all of you, but don’t expect any contact with me during that three-week period. I’ll keep trying to answer e-mails but it will be dependent on the access to wi-fi wherever we are, so don’t count on it. There will be no way to contact me by phone during that period from May 21st through June 11th. Thanks for your good wishes, folks, and I’ll be back here with another newsletter around June 30th.


Prostabel Follow-Up

I hope you read my article on Natural Source International and their product called Prostabel last month. I’ve been taking the Prostabel for about six weeks now. The improvement in my urinary symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate) have improved dramatically. My urine stream, which was just “dribbling” for several years, has become quite strong again. I feel like it’s back where I was about 20 years ago. The night time “get-ups” and the “urgency” and “urine retention” have also improved noticeably.

This is significant for a couple of reasons: The six weeks is about the minimum time when you are supposed to see some improvement according to the experts I’ve talked to. My symptoms should keep improving; and compared to the dozen or so other prostate products (saw palmetto, beta sitosterol, pygeum, colloidal silver, etc., etc.) I’ve tried over the last 26 years, this one is far more effective.

My results will be meaningful to any of you men who do not have prostate cancer and who are over 50 or so. But, more importantly, this product has proven effectiveness as a cancer healer — not just for prostate cancer but for almost all other cancers. The action of the two primary ingredients I discussed last month ( are not specific to any type of cancer. In fact, a lady’s version of this same product mix with some added special Gingko is called Ladybel. There is also a product called Real Build from this same company which is very effective at rebuilding your platelet and white blood cell count after chemotherapy.

To hear another interview on this subject, I suggest you listen to my interview this week (May 2nd through May 9th) on Web Talk Radio with John Hall, Ph.D. who is the Director of Research for the Natural Source company which manufactures these products. I have no financial interest in these products, but they appear to have unique effects for all of you. If you have active cancer or the after-effects of chemotherapy (which go on for months) or are a male over 50, you’ll find this interview pertinent to your situation. Just click here:

If you’re going there after May 9th, it’ll still be there. It just won’t be the current week’s show.

By the way, the best news is that Natural Source has offered a 20% discount to any of you on your first order of their products. There is no time limit. All you have to do is tell them you heard about it from me. Their phone number in New York City is (888) 308-7066. Their website is


Another Survivor Survey — Please Help

I’m going to ask you to help Catherine Marie (she doesn’t want me to use her last name because of her practice). She wants to do a survey to see what is healing people. You can help, if you will. Both Catherine and I will be very grateful if you do. Here’s her message to you:

“What are we doing Right??

Your participation is needed in a survey on cancer survivorship. To participate, you:

1. Must have survived for at least 5 years after the first diagnosis of cancer.

2. Must have used some kind of alternative treatment instead of or in addition to conventional treatment (this is very broad and could consist of emotional healing, energy work, diet, exercise, supplements, homeopathics and/or specific treatments like IV Vitamin C).

3. Must be willing to fill out a brief survey and answer questions by email if more info is needed.

4. Depending on the response, I may want to do brief one-year follow-ups to see if people have changed their opinions about what has helped them most.”

If you’re interested in participating, please e-mail Catherine Marie directly at


The “Aloe Lady” Has A Message For You

Here’s another message for you from a reader who calls herself the “Aloe Lady.” She is referring to an article on Aloe Arborescens from my Februray 28th, 2011 newsletter. You’ll find it at


Thanks for all the work you do!! Regarding the Aloe Arborescens – the results Father Zago got was/is from using the Live, fresh Aloe Plant itself. Beware of using the purified, processed products of the Aloe Arborescens. They have a tremendous amount of ‘aloin’ (the laxative, toxin) in them WITHOUT the large healing sugars native to the Aloe plant and plentiful in the Aloe Barbadensis miller plant.

The healing for cancer comes mostly from these large healing sugars and not so much from the toxic purging and liver stimulation as often believed.

There is only one bottled, liquified whole leaf aloe barbadensis miller – that is purified completely without heat AND has ALL the toxins removed – and that is Herbal Answers’ Herbal Aloe Force Liquid. This raw purified aloe also has the Essiac herbs (and more) extracted into it using the aloe itself as the extracting agent making it not only the best source of aloe but the best (most gentle and most effective) form of Essiac tea!!!!

I found this for my cousin with an inoperable brain tumor who was given 3 months to live and was bedridden and allergic to chemo. Drinking the Herbal Aloe Force allowed her to tolerate the chemo which she went off of anyway – AND get rid of the tumor/cancer completely in 6 months. She is now (2011) still completely cancer free 7 years later and attended her daughter’s wedding (freed up her daughters to have a life), other daughter’s graduation AND just had her first grandchild!!

God Bless the Aloe Vera Plant AND the special and unique completely raw (not just ‘cold’ processed) Aloe Force products. You can check them out at”

I’ve ordered some of the product she is recommending. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough wrong with me to show progress. I’m hoping that some of you will try it and give me some feedback. Once again, I have no financial interest in this product at all.




Seems like I’m always asking you to help me or someone else with a project. That’s because you folks have a unique ability to help others. If you have healed yourself of cancer, you have the opportunity to use that experience to help lots of other people. Believe me, it is the most fulfilling thing you can do with your life!

Here’s another way. You may remember that I asked in last month’s newsletter for some input from those of you who have found that your root canal-filled teeth were directly related to your cancer. I’ve had a few responses, but not nearly enough. I’m going to ask you again. Please send me an e-mail at if you have recovered from cancer and attribute at least part of that recovery to removal of root canal-filled teeth. Just reply to the e-mail you got announcing this newsletter. Give me:

1. The type of initial cancer diagnosis you had and when you first learned of it.
2. The location in your jaw of any root canal-filled teeth you had extracted during your healing.
3. Approximately when the root canal filling(s) was/were done.
4. Your age and gender.
5. What type of validation you have that your cancer is healed.
6. The degree to which you attribute your recovery to the removal of the root canal-filled tooth (teeth).
7. Any other information you think would be useful to my readers — what dentist you used, how much it cost, etc.




Lots of you in the UK and elsewhere in Europe have told me of the long delays and high customs and shipping charges necessary to get some of the supplements I recommend to you. Well, I have some good news from Marilyn Becker, owner of Transfer Point, Inc., the company in Columbia, South Carolina which makes the Beta 1,3D Glucan I recommend for your immune sytem restoration. Here’s Marilyn’s message:

“Dear Bill,

Thank you again for all your support – and hope your travels are safe.

Below are the details on the UK distributor. Marcus Webb, NP is the owner of this business, has been practicing over 25 years. He also has an excellent IP6 with Inositol and many other supplements. They offer free shipping within the UK, much cheaper rates to Australia and throughout the EU.

There is a link for the Transfer Point Beta Glucan products on the page.

Best Regards,


Here’s the contact information:

Hadley Wood Healthcare
28 Crescent West
Hadley Wood
Herts. EN4 0EJ
United Kingdom

Phone: 0208 441 8352
Fax: 0208 449 2113



If you’ve been following this newsletter or my web talk radio show, you know about Bob Wright, the Founder and President of The American Anti-Cancer Institute (AACI), a unique non-profit organization. His book “Killing Cancer – Not People” is one of the best you’ll find on the subject of healing cancer naturally. His Second Edition of this great book is now available. You’ll find it at

Get a copy of this book. It is greatly expanded from the First Edition, which was already a great book.

Please also consider donating to Bob’s incredible project to build a University/Care Facility where natural cancer healing and education would take place. The fund-raising for this great project is well underway. You’ll see how easy it is to participate in the funding of this worthwhile project at this page and I urge you to do so, as I have:,


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail: “How to Live Cancer-Free” Listen anytime.


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