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Lots of useful information in this newsletter.  It is my 186th edition and I seem to have more and more information to pass on to you every month.  Be sure to explore some of the websites and articles I’ve given you this month.  You’ll find them interesting and valuable in healing cancer for yourself or your loved one.

About 24 months of past issues are available at this website.  Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen.  The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

Utopia Wellness — Great Cancer Clinic

Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D. is a wonderfully effective holistic cancer expert. He wasn’t always that way.  About 10 years ago, he decided to abandon the conventional doctor mode that he was trained in and become a true healer.  He educated himself reading much more than I have of the documentation of natural cancer methods.  At his clinic in Florida, near Tampa, he treats cancer patients with natural methods every day.

His success rate is phenomenal.  Of course, he admits readily that he doesn’t heal people.  They heal themselves.  However, the “jump start” he gives them in his clinic toward complete and permanent healing of cancer usually inspires his patients to go home and heal themselves.

About 4 years ago, Dr. Garcia agreed to become my “co-author” for the 4th Edition of my Cancer-Free book.  He made some valuable contributions to that book (see “Buy The Book” at this website) which have helped lots of our readers.

For over four years, he and I have had an hour-long discussion every two weeks about our experience with helping people heal themselves of cancer. These conversations are live for you to listen in and join in the discussion every two weeks.  All you have to do is go to http://www.TalkShoe.com and look for the “Utopia Wellness Hour” at 1 PM Eastern Time every other Thursday.  Our next one is scheduled for tomorrow, May 1st.  Each of these is recorded and placed for you to access them later on Dr. Garcia’s website, which is http://www.UtopiaWellness.com.

At his Utopia Wellness clinic in Oldsmar, Florida, Dr. Garcia treats cancer patients every day.  The success rate of Stage IV cancers (and all other cancers) healing themselves from patients who have been to his clinic is “off-the-charts.”  If you feel it might work for you,  I  suggest you call him for a free consultation.  All you have to do is dial the number of his clinic, which is (727) 799-9060.  Whoever answers the phone will set up an appointment for you for a short (10-15 minutes) conversation with Dr. Garcia to see if he thinks he can help you.  There is no charge for these short conversations.

The treatments done at his clinic, which is an out-patient clinic (you go there for about 5-6 hours per day while staying in the vicinity), include help with emotional/stress issues; intravenous mixtures every day; colon hydrotherapy; Rife Machine resonant vibration; lymphatic massage; ion foot baths; detoxification; hydrogen peroxide therapy; chelation therapy; and on and on.

The staff at Utopia Wellness will help you find a place to stay within walking distance of the clinic.  I’ve been treated by this staff and they are phenomenally helpful and friendly.  Please, if you feel you need help in a clinical environment, consider Utopia Wellness.  I am convinced it is the best cancer treatment clinic in the United States.

Get On The Cannabis Bandwagon

Cannabis oil has a wonderfully effective record at healing cancer.  If I were you and I had a cancer diagnosis, I’d certainly want to become familiar with this product.  It comes from the same source as the marijuana used by young people to get high.  However, it has none of those properties.  It is just a wonderful healing substance.

Most of you have heard of Rick Simpson and his wonderful success advising people in Canada about healing cancer using cannabis.  He was so successful that the RCMP drove him out of the country to a site in Europe.  He is still helping people there.

But if you want to get up to speed on this subject, here are a couple of good references.  The first is a YouTube video which will get you acquainted with it:


Next, simply go to the home page of my website, which is http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com.  At the top of that home page, you’ll find a “Search” window.  Just type in cannabis there and you’ll see lots of peoples’ stories of healing their cancer using this substance.  It is something we should all be familiar with and decide if we want to try it.

A Reader’s Story — Noreen Martin

Noreen Martin has a wonderful story for you about healing her father-in-law of pancreatic cancer.  I’ll tell you about her book later:



I wanted to tell you that years ago, my father-in-law had 2 pre-cancerous lesions on his pancreas. Of course the surgeon told him that in her experience they would turn into cancer and she recommended immediate surgery.


The family talked it over and we said ‘no way.’ We already knew about Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) as I went to an LDN conference at Vanderbilt University.  I heard Dr. Berkson and others speak of LDN.  In fact, they let me say a few words because being an AIDS patient, I had stopped the toxic drugs and only took LDN.


To make a long story short, we found a doctor who would prescribe LDN to him.  I placed him on alpha lipoic acid, Turmeric, Cat’s Claw, Pau D’Arco, Omega 3 ‘s, digestive enzymes and a product called Just Tea, which is Essiac Tea.


Each year his primary care doctor would have an MRI performed and every year his lesions were shrinking.  About a year ago, his doctor told him that he did not need any more MRI’s over this issue. Mainstream said it couldn’t be done.  In fact, the surgeon called my father-in-law several times about having this massive surgery. They just don’t get it as most are not trained in alternative medicine and the sad thing is, they don’t want to know.


My beliefs are that in all cases, one has to learn to be their own doctor and listen to that small inner voice in all of us. Eight years ago, I was told by 2 doctors and 1 pharmacist that I would die if I stopped my medicines.  Doctors are not infallible and are not always right.


Anyway, I hope this story helps you and others!



Noreen Martin, Author



I forgot to tell you, since it was so very long ago, that I had cancer and radiation treatments. Being more educated today, I would not undergo the standard cancer treatments.  Nowhere is the statement more true — an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Keep up your excellent work because people need options with cancer! There for awhile, every where I went, I would run into people or family members who had cancer.  I was like a magnet and attracted these people.  I do not believe in coincidences and believe that things happen for a reason.  So, in my book, Get A Life, I added 50 pages of natural cancer treatments.  




Well, thank you, Noreen.  As you probably know, the “success” rate in treating pancreatic cancer using conventional means is less than one percent.  Noreen has indicated that she’d be happy to correspond with any of you.  Her e-mail address is:  35milano@gmail.com.  You can find her book “Get A Life, Free From Toxins and Disease” on Amazon.com.  I highly recommend it.



Terry and I just got home on Monday from the Cure to Cancer Conference in San Diego, California.  Jean Swann and Nathan Crane did an outstanding job organizing this first ever conference.  The quality of the speakers was sky-high.  The logistics for the display booths and support of the attendees and speakers was excellent.  You can still get a copy of the recorded presentations (18 of them) and learn a lot from them.  Just go to:




Here’s another great book by Paul Kraus.  It’s called “Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers.”  Paul was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 1997 and given only a few months to live.  He is alive today.  Check out this website, whether you have mesothelioma or not:




Shawn Mitchell who you may remember is the owner of the company which makes the CelltraMAX capsules and powder I’ve been telling you about has given us several great recipes for making the powder more palatable.  Remember, this substance is a perfectly appropriate replacement for the CC/FO mixture we tout in our Cancer-Free book.  If you’re traveling, or just want some change from eating the CC/FO every day, check out this product.  You can get it at:   http://www.CelltraMax.com.

Dr. Jenkins, the Medical Director of the Budwig Centre in Malaga, Spain, has validated this product as a bona fide replacement.  Take a look at the recipes Shawn sent me:

CelltraMAX Powder Recipe Suggestions

(Emulsified Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese)


No flavors are added to CelltraMAX  powder– we leave the creative flavoring to you! When using fruits and vegetables, organic is always preferred when available Add what you love – love what you make  – thick to spoon or thin to drink. When possible add 1-2 T freshly ground flax seeds to each recipe below.


Shawn’s Favorite: (athletes love this – lots of protein) any blender

1 scoop of a flavored protein drink mix

12 oz of almond milk

1 packet CelltraMAX powder – blend all in blender


Decadent Delicious: any blender

10 oz almond milk

3-4 drops peppermint oil (Young Living Oils)

2  tsp cocoa powder plus 1 -2 tsp xylitol

1 packet CelltraMAX powder – blend 5 sec


Marge’s ‘on the run’ Quick Mix:  use Nutribullet to pulverize lemon

4 oz POM pomegranate juice,

1/4  organic lemon

6 oz unsweetened almond milk

Last: 1 packet CelltraMAX powder  blend for  2-3 seconds


Tropical Treat:  any blender

½ banana

Handful dried unsweetened coconut

6 pineapple chunks

6 almonds

8 oz almond milk or coconut milk

4 ice cubes – blend

Last: add packet  CelltraMAX  blend 2-3 extra seconds


Anytime Mixture: any blender

1 cup goat’s milk kefir, plain yogurt, almond milk, or any milk you love

1 tsp raw honey or  if on ‘no sugar’ regimen, 2 tsp xylitol (healthy sweetener)

Plus: 1 T fresh lemon juice  or ¼ lemon (skin and seeds)– if you like tart

Or: 1-2 tsp cocoa powder – if chocolate is your thing

6 oz filtered water or ice cubes to taste -Blend

Last: add packet CelltraMAX powder  – blend 2-3 extra seconds


Morning Fruit  Meal:  NutriBullet

1/2 banana

1-2 handfuls of frozen or freshly washed  (if available) berries,

and/or fresh pineapple chunks

1 cup unsweetened almond milk (unsweetened) or milk of choice

1 slice of lemon–and/or 1 tsp raw organic honey

8 oz cup filtered water  (more or less for desired thickness)

4-6 walnuts or almonds – blend

Last: add packet of CelltraMAX – blend 2-3 extra seconds


RED Veggie Meal:  NutriBullet (Magic Bullet)

2  medium size peeled carrots

¼ medium peeled red beet or 1/3 red pepper

2  red cabbage leaves broken up

4-6 pineapple chunks

4-5 walnuts

¼  medium apple – green is best – less sugar

½ cup pomegranate juice (I use POM brand – no added sugar)

Fill to line with water and blend thoroughly

Last: add packet  CelltraMAX  blend 2-3 extra seconds


Green Veggie Meal: NutriBullet

Handful baby spinach

½ large celery stalk – or 2 inch piece skinned cucumber

Fistful of kale

¼ green apple

¼ lemon or 6 chunks pineapple (not canned)

Cabbage leaf

3 inch Broccoli piece or asparagus – 1 spear

6 Almonds or walnuts

Fill with water to line – blend til smooth

Last: add packet  CelltraMAX  blend 2-3 extra seconds

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:


Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”S
E-mail:  uhealcancer@gmail.com

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