Emotion Code – An Integral Part of Healing
Celltramax — On The Way — Finally!
Crila Is The Best Prostate Herbal Supplement
Recovery From “End-stage Cancer” — Susan Castle
Recovery From Pancreatic Cancer — Cody Wright
A Reader’s Story — Dee Hines

Ty Bollinger Essay on The Flexner Report
Testimonial on Dr. Morales in Tijuana


Lots of great information here.  Take your time and explore it.  You’ll learn a lot.  I’ve decided this time to emphasize recovery with several inspiring stories.  Read them and shout “Hooray!”

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Emotion Code — An Integral Part of Healing

As most of you know, I’ve been coaching cancer patients for about 17 years.  Part of their healing process almost always requires freeing their sub-conscious mind of any unresolved emotional/stress issues from their past.  I recommend everyone read Dr. Brad Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code” as the best resource for dealing with this common cause of cancer.

At the Integrated Cancer Summit in San Diego last month, I met a very interesting lady.  She is a cancer survivor herself but has lost relatives, as most of us have, to cancer.  Her name is Eliza Steeple.  She has been one of my coaching clients.

We had dinner together there in San Diego (my wife was there) and got acquainted.  Eliza has become a very well-informed student of Dr. Nelson’s regarding helping others deal with what he calls “trapped emotions.”  These literally create havoc in our physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  They also cause many diverse effects on our health, including degenerative diseases like cancer.  These “trapped emotions” can also block you from achieving your full potential in recovery, in relationships, in health and even in financial pursuits.

Eliza is determined to get this message to you at no cost.  She has created a great website where she shows you in videos how to perform Dr. Nelson’s search for the “trapped emotions” on yourself (or with another person).  She is also offering a free session on the phone or Skype to my readers on this subject.  The only prerequisite is that you read Dr. Nelson’s book “The Emotion Code” which is readily available on Amazon.com.

I highly recommend you take advantage of Eliza’s free session.  You can request it (and watch some of her videos) here:


Celltramax On The Way — Finally!

Shawn Mitchell, owner of the company BodyGenex which makes the Celltramax capsules and powder as a substitute for the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil is breathing again.  I am, too.  Finally, after several months of delays caused by technical issues of inspection of the product, it is finally being shipped again today.

Those of you who ordered it at my suggestion with a significant discount have been as frustrated as Shawn and me with this delay. Here’s what Shawn wants you to know:

“I want your readers to know and the ones that have been joined to me by CelltraMax, that it has been a very bitter period of downtime and that CelltraMax is back and will never go through this lapse or outage again. It’s here, and orders are shipping out starting tomorrow, April 30th. Those that ordered the promo will get all the free bottles as well delivered to them. I’m thrilled to be back. The powder is being made now and approx 1,000 pouches will be done in May.”

Crila Is The Best Prostate Herbal Supplement

My reader Edward Barrow (89 years old) in New York was getting up as much as 9 times a night. His urologist had retired, so he got a referral to Columbia University. It takes a while to get an appointment, but Ed was so desperate he started taking a bottle of Crila his daughter had sent him. By the time his urology appointment rolled around 3 weeks later, he was getting up only once at night. Ed says he’s very susceptible to medication, so he wasn’t surprised it worked so fast for him. He took the bottle to show the doctor. The urologist said Ed doesn’t need to come back, and recommended he continue taking Crila.

Columbia’s Center for Integrative Urology and Holistic Medicine is the kind of integrative approach we support. If you’ve had good results with Crila, be sure to let your healthcare professional know. We know doctors don’t have time to keep up on everything new. There’s nothing like your own personal experience for them to know these results are real. My wife, Terry, takes Crila Uterine Health for menopause. Crila is part of our daily wellness plan.

New research by scientists at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) proves Crila contains no estrogens. Both men and women naturally produce estrogen. The trouble begins if your body is producing too much. Excess estrogen, called Estrogen Dominance, is a recipe for trouble. In men it’s thought to contribute to prostate cancer, and it’s downright dangerous for women who have had breast cancer. UIC’s proof that Crila is estrogen free is good news.

My readers get a discount for first-time buyers. Use discount code BH-180 for 20% off your first order of Crila for Prostate, Menopause or Uterine Health.  Here’s the website to order it.


I have no financial interest in this product.

Recovery From “End-stage Cancer” — Susan Castle

One of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard lately is that of Susan Castle.  Given the “end-stage” prognosis by her cancer docs, she healed herself.  She’s offered you, my loyal readers, a lot of free information.  You’ll see the link below.

“The diagnosis took me completely by surprise.


It was October of 2012 during a routine visit with my doctor that I received the news:  I had Stage 4 ovarian cancer.   One year later I had 2 strokes, the second one almost took my life.


The good news is I have recovered fully from all of it and the doctors are calling my case a ‘Miracle’ and have told me I am cured.


My fondest wish is to inspire others that there is hope.


There have been many gifts on my journey back to good health.  One of the gifts I found along the way was Bill Henderson.  His belief that the body knows how to heal itself was an inspiration to me and kept me going through some tough times.


Something else that played a huge role in my recovery was a new kind of a powerful Qi Gong (pronounced Chi Gong) healing method from China that I learned.


Barely able to sit in a chair after the stroke, I began to practice this simple yet powerful form of Qi Gong.   Within days I felt like a new person.  It dramatically increased my energy, took away my pain and gave me more joy and inner peace.  This new kind of Qi Gong literally changed not only my health but my life.


I still practice it today to maintain my good health and inner peace.  If it can happen to me it can happen for you!


Bill invited me to share my story of this amazing healing method and how it played a huge role in my recovery.  I’ve put together a FREE audio and e-book so you can read my entire story and learn more about this amazing healing method.


Visit this link to hear my full story:



Recovery From Pancreatic Cancer — Cody Wright

Here’s another great story of recovery for you.  Cody Wright has been a reader and a coachee for quite awhile.  Here’s his recent story of recovery from one of the most difficult cancers (less than a 1% survival rate with conventional treatment).  Cody says he’ll be glad to talk to you, if you would like to call him:

“Hi, Bill!


Pancreatic cancer & throat cancer kept me out of my beloved woods & away from hunting for over 3 years.  The Henderson Protocol helped get me back out there. Yesterday I harvested our 2015 Thanksgiving bird along the Illinois River with my old flintlock smoothbore.  It’s great to be back in the game.  Many thanks to your book, CANCER FREE, and the info that helped me stay ALIVE & THRIVE.  God bless you!


Cody Wright
790 Old Highway Rd.
Winchester, IL 62694

A Reader’s Story — Dee Hines

Here’s another inspiring story from an 80-year-old lady who had one of the best attitudes I’ve heard about lately. Give her a listen:

“Really appreciate everything you do.  I have passed your information on the Budwig protocol and Better Way Health (they are super) to lots of people.  A year and a half after being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, I am doing fine.  I am 80 and feel like 50…….lost 40 pounds with no effort, have energy to spare…..healthy and happy…..Dr. says I suffer from ‘Radical Optimism’… I’ll take that diagnosis anytime!  Thanks SO MUCH for what you do.


I’d be happy to have you use my remarks anywhere—-anytime….We need to get the word out…I think the most difficult thing for people like me who have had such success is to have friends and acquaintances afraid to try and afraid to say ‘no’ to chemo or radiation.  Watching them suffer and sometimes die is heartbreaking.  If in some small way, getting my ‘story’ out helps….great!  I also use Qi Gong [see Susan Castle’s story above], a musical healing tape and a wonderful healing meditation tape that begins with progressive relaxation and ends with positive affirmations—people should realize that healing is a commitment, but it does not turn out to be a drag…..it is a blessing.  Thanks again.


Dee Hines”



If you’ve used medical conventional help lately or just read my comments on it, you know that there are many of us who think it is totally corrupted by Big Pharma. Ty Bollinger has put together the best description I’ve read of the “Flexner Report” and how it started all conventional medicine down this corrupt road in 1913. If you want to understand the limitations of the doctors who are trying to treat you, you simply must read this:




Many of you have seen the list of “Dentists I Would Trust.”  It is a very short list.  Dentists capable of healing you by cleaning up your jaw and teeth correctly are very rare indeed.  Of the many dentists in Tijuana, Mexico, there are only two I recommend for my coaching clients to consider using.  Their fees are typically about 20% of what you will pay for the same dental work in the U.S. or Europe or Australia or Canada, etc.  Here is a good example of the positive feedback I’ve had on Dr. Javier Morales, D. D. S.:

“Good morning Bill, 


My husband and I just went to Dr. Javier Morales Thursday on your recommendation. I just wanted to give you a ‘Big Thank You’ for referring us to him. He is fantastic. I got all the amalgams removed from the right side of my mouth where my breast tumor was and go back this Wednesday to remove the one on the other side. My husband had the one amalgam he had left in his mouth removed. 


We both are highly impressed with Dr. Morales and appreciate you so very much. Thank you for your service to healing the world from cancer. You truly are a blessing to us and this world. 



Dhyana McCraig”

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:


Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail:  uhealcancer@gmail.com


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