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Great Workshop In Augusta, Georgia — Thank You, Gloria

Gloria Gill is amazing! She organized a four-hour workshop
for me in Augusta, Georgia on July 31st. The work she did,
before, during and after this event was exceptional. This
is a lady with great talent. She and her husband, John,
showed Dr. Randy McCreary and me why the South is renown for
their great hospitality. It was truly a delightful visit.

Yes, Dr. McCreary from the MSB Holistics Clinic in Buffalo,
NY (see my article “Low Frequency Magnetic Treatment” in my
newsletter #49) was able to join me and share the presenta-
tion. I think we were a hit. Everyone stayed two hours
after the workshop to chat with us. Fortunately, Gloria
had thought to provide snacks for all of us.

The success of this workshop just reinforced my belief that
my mission includes getting out and talking to people face-
to-face. Gloria trained her video camera on us throughout
the workshop. I’ve looked at the tapes and may be able to
edit them down to something I’d like to send to people who
wonder who Dr. Randy and I are. Stay tuned.

I have two more workshops scheduled at the moment. The first
is in Houston on Sunday afternoon, September 19th. I’ll
give you details in the next newsletter. I’ll be sharing
it with Dr. Loretta Lanphier. She is a naturopathic doctor
who recently opened her own clinic in Houston. You can read
her inspiring story of her recovery from colon cancer and
her subsequent study to become a naturopathic doctor. Her
story is at:


National Natural Health Day – Join The Movement

Just last week, I talked to Ron Bell for the first time.
Interesting guy. He is a real estate developer in Florida.
He is also a Stage 3 colon cancer survivor. He rejected
what he calls “ineffective and debilitating” allopathic
medicine and healed himself over the past two years using
“naturopatic treatments (nutrition, oxygen, herbs, homeo-
pathic, supplements, heat, qi-gong & prayer).” He gives
workshops similar to mine on natural cancer treatment.

Ron is obviously a “doer.” When we talked last Wednesday,
we both expressed our frustration at the continuing
suppression of natural remedies and the many deaths that
are occurring needlessly because of that suppression. He
suggested a “National Natural Health Day” which would bring
media attention and political pressure to change this horrible
situation. I supported the idea and urged him to get serious
about it.

Just yesterday, one week after we had first spoken, I got a
copy of his announcement. He not only has declared May 14th,
2005 Natural Health Day, but has set up a Natural Health
Foundation, complete with logo and Florida 503(c)(3) not-for-
profit incorporation. He is sending appeals to National and
Regional corporate sponsors. His vision (and mine) is a nation-
wide set of regional gatherings (“National Night Out” on
steroids) held simultaneously. These meetings would hear
testimonials from cancer survivors and other inspiring speakers.
Of course, lots of the people there would be “the converted,”
like you and me, but many, we hope, would be those with open
minds looking to be educated about their health options. It
would, hopefully, become an annual event.

Ron’s idea sounds like a cross between Earth Day (which started
25 years ago) and Promise Keepers (no particular religious
creed required of attendees). The difference, he hopes, is that
the media and political attention will be more continuous and
result in some permanent forums for discussion of options. For
sure, the “system” we live (and die) with is not going to change
without some strong grass roots efforts like this.

This is Ron’s project, not mine. I’m just helping him with
some of the contacts I know will be interested in helping out.
If that describes you, please use the information below to
contact Ron and offer your help.

Ron Bell, Founder
Natural Health Foundation
PO Box 4402
Vero Beach, FL 32964
E-mail: rwbell2000@aol.com
Phone (cell): (772) 559-4264

A Reader’s Story…

Randy Shick’s story touched me deeply. I’ve talked to him on
the phone and he is a vibrant young man, now fully recovered and
cancer-free. I hope some of you can learn from his experience.

“Dear Bill:


THANK YOU! Thank YOU for your part in Saving My Life! Your book and the invaluable information contained within, and your commitment and compassion shown to those of us with cancer, quite simply, I cannot convey in words what it has meant to me, and those that love me (they thank you as well, especially my wife and soulmate Quenby).


I am 49-years young, went for a routine physical including a colonoscopy, and was found to have a 3 1/2 inch long by 1 1/4 inch diameter tumor, that had broken through the bowel wall and affected from 3-5 Lymph Nodes. After Surgery to remove the tumor and 10 Nodes, leaving 2 cancerous ones wrapped around my aorta (which were too precariously placed to remove), I was deemed a Stage IV-A Colon Cancer patient with a 5% chance of making it 5 years…and that was with full rounds of chemotherapy, 3 weeks on – 1 week off, for 6 months, equaling just ‘one round.’


I just knew, from somewhere down deep inside, that I could better my odds and not have to poison my body, if I were to follow a ‘different’ method, a more ‘natural’ therapy…there just had to be a better way.


I accepted one chemo treatment, had a couple of very, very unpleasant side effects, and that was that, I bid my Oncologist good-bye. He actually was my second Oncologist, as I was not comfortable with the first one, that was hawking enrollments of new patients while they recovered from surgery, racking up billable hours when I was still incoherent. Neither Oncologist ever mentioned nutrition, diet, food do’s and don’ts, nor spoke of the adverse effect of Sugar (to name just one). Neither did either Oncologist offer me any advice on products that might help with chemo’s harsh side effects, nor did they give me pamphlets on the specific drugs I was to be given.


Believe it or not, in the exact same month of December, both my Wife’s Mom and Step Mom, were also diagnosed with Cancer…all of us only 28-days apart! My poor Wife, she was thinking that she may lose all three of us in the next few years!


I hit the book shelves and Alternative Cancer Therapy Websites as fast as I could. I was voracious, spending 10+ hours per day reading, verifying, absorbing and double, triple and quadruple checking. I had to see research, human study data, and the very best of statistical results — odds, odds that were as far above 5% as possible.


After starting on Apricot Seeds (The Binzel Protocol), Enzymes – MegaZyme and NutriZyme, and Essential Vitamins including B-12 & Folic Acid, C, E, Zinc, Selenium, Aloe Vera, Shark Cartilage, Etc. and changed my diet 180 degrees – NO more sugar, pork, red meat, additives…going mostly Organic, Fish, Chicken and Turkey, with a lot of Fruits and Veggies, especially Broccoli mixed in…immediately.


Then I found you, your website and bought your book, and immediately added MGN-3, Beta Glucan, Oxygen Drops, an Oxygen Air-Tank & Exercise (EWOT), and The Budwig Plan-Flax Seed Oil & Cottage Cheese.


Long story short, 5 months later and I am Cancer Free. My blood work is back within perfectly normal limits, My CEA is down to 1.7, and all of my scans and x-rays were clear. I have the post-surgery notes and my blood work as of my one chemo session, as proof of where I started, and how far I came. The numbers and in-person descriptors prove clearly that one or all of the items I used, worked!


I cannot thank you enough for your continuous updates, your book, and all of your work and compassion. You were there supporting me, whether you knew it or not, all along the way. Thank you for helping me to cut down my learning curve, and saving me a bit of money on better sources here and there.


Honestly, you helped a great deal in saving my life! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!


Warmest Regards Now & Forever,

Randy Shick”

Thank YOU, Randy, for sharing your inspiring story. I know it will touch many of my readers, as it has me, and help them with their recovery.

Short shots…..


Gloria Gill (see above) was kind enough to send me a link to a
discussion of cancer statistics. It’s in plain English, don’t
worry. I think it will help you understand the mumbo jumbo behind
the numbers tossed around by agencies like the American Cancer
Society, National Cancer Institute and others with a particular
political axe to grind. Here’s the web site:




Most cancer patients I’ve spoken to have experienced a “healing
crisis” at some point in their treatment. Many of them and their
doctors did not know what it was. That kind of mistake can result
in not just panic, but inappropriate treatment. “Whoa, the markers
are up — more chemo.”, etc.

Here’s a message and a web site I get from Bob Davis last week
which describes this phenomenon quite well. If you have cancer,
you need to understand it.

“Hi Bill,


For your information. This is the best explanation of the ‘Healing
Crisis’ that I have read. I hope that you find it to be interesting
too. I know that the information doesn’t apply directly to healing
cancer as with juice fasting, but I found the explanation of the
mechanism of the high temperature to be very helpful. When I overcame
cancer, I had a temperature of 103 degrees for 10 days. The hospital
gave me Tylenol every 4 hours to bring my temperature down, which is
against the operation of the healing mechanism.




Bob Davis”



Ann Fonfa forwarded a message to me on stem cell research which I
thought would interest you. The author sounds like a resource you
may want to check out.

Dear friends and colleagues,


I wanted to let you know that there is now a sign-on letter available
to give input to the Institute of Medicine project on the Establish-
ment of a National Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank Program. The letter,
with full background information and references, details concerns
about the need for representation of consumers, both donors and
recipients, on the committee, and about the very limited opportunity
to publicly share consumer views with them.


I welcome you to join in making our voices heard in this important
planning process.


You can read and sign the letter at:



Public input is urgently needed because even though a cord blood
program could not exist without parents willing to donate their
newborns’ umbilical cord blood; even though blood cell transplant
recipients and donors have unique concerns and interests; and even
though the use of cord blood for treatment of cancer and other
diseases is seen as a way to remedy the current inequities in
donor availability for patients from racial/ethnic minority


The present composition of the Institute of Medicine committee to
study the National Cord Blood Stem Cell Bank Program (as of 26
July 2004) has:

-no members who represent stem cell transplant patients, and
-no members who represent cord blood donor families, and
-no members who represent minority group interests.


Currently the only public venue for presenting consumer input to
the IOM committee will be on the afternoon of August 19, 2004 in
Irvine, CA, during a session on “Patient Support Issues,” focusing
on recipients only. While the speaking slots have been already
allocated, anyone may attend the meeting and it may be possible to
offer comments there. Written comments will be received by the
committee until December 31, so it is critical that anyone concerned
about the range of issues involved in cord blood banking and use
speak up.


Please pass this message on to anyone who might be interested. And
do not hesitate to contact me privately if I can answer any further questions.


Thank you in advance for your help,


Joana Ramos, MSW
Cancer Resources & Advocacy
7303 23rd Ave. NE
Seattle WA 98115



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Although many alternative medical treatments have been success-
fully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by
conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal
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