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Web Site Operational Again

For those of you who are kind enough to refer people to my
web site, you will be glad to know it is operational again.
What happened is that I was not informed that the web site
registration was about to expire. The reason is that shortly
after I registered the site two years ago, I changed my e-mail
address when I got a cable modem. The renewal notice for the
web site went to the old e-mail address, which was dead.

Anyway, it’s now operational again, and my “other” e-mail
address: bhenderson@getandstaywell.com is once again working.

Thank you for your patience during this temporary “outage.”

Correction – “Why Enzymes?” Article Web Site

Several of you have let me know that the web site I gave you
for the article “Why Enzymes?” [which is a really good one,
by the way] was not working. I tested this link, as I always
do, before the newsletter went out. However, what I didn’t
realize was that I had a copy of the article in my hard disk
“cache.” When the browser doesn’t find the web site, it looks
in the “cache.” It found it on my hard disk and made it appear
to me that the link was OK. It was not. Here is the link that


[Note: The Original Website Link Still Works

If the link breaks into two lines on your e-mail host, you may
need to copy and paste it into your browser to get it to work.
Remember that this article is five pages long. When you get to
the bottom of the first page, click on “Next Page” and so on
until you get to “Part 5.”

Cheapest Artemesinin

Thanks to Dr. Russell K. Griffith, one of my alert readers,
here’s a very inexpensive source for artemisinin.

Artemesinin (100mg, 90 pills) can be obtained from Vitanet
Item no. 72160 for $16.80. This is an Allergy Research Group
product. Order at:


Instead of $2 a day, it works out to nineteen cents a day at
the recommended dosage of 1 pill per day.

Thank you, Dr. Griffith!

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
well and send your friends to my website:



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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.