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Welcome to this 164th issue of my monthly newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this website. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

This is the August newsletter. I’m getting it to you a couple of weeks early because Terry and I will be enjoying a two week vacation at Lake Tahoe starting on August 18th. The next one you’ll see will be about September 30th.


Protandim — Amazing Anti-Aging

If you’re like me, you’ve heard so much “hooey” about anti-aging products that you almost don’t want to hear more. Only one I knew of until some 4 months ago had some validity. That was the TA-65 product promoted by Dr. Al Sears and others. It is alleged to stop the shortening of the telomeres in your cell’s chromosomes. This supposedly slows down the cells’ aging process and extends your life. It is quite expensive ($2,000 – $3,000 a month, depending on the source).

When I first heard about Protandim as an anti-aging supplement, I dismissed it. Just another hyped product, I thought. Then, one of my clients I like and trust convinced Terry and me to try it back in April of this year. It has dramatically increased our energy and we feel much better. What really made me explore it further was two doctors I trust, Dr. Garcia (my co-author) and Dr. McDonnell separately urged me to try it — out of the blue without any prompt from me. I told both of them that we were already taking it and they congratulated us. They were both convinced (as I am) by the research they had studied that this product is “the real deal.”

What is it? Well, it is a supplement called Protandim. What has convinced me and the two doctors is the integrity of the people who discovered it AND (big-time) the completely believeable scientific research. To get an initial introduction to this product and its discoverer, Dr. Joe McCord, take a look at this ABC video, which was made in 2005, when interest in this product exploded into lots of clinical trials, university studies, peer-reviewed articles, etc.:

Very few supplements have undergone valid human clinical trials. Protandim is one that has. In addition to four patents, its effects on all types of disease have been studied at numerous universities all over the world. What is it? Well, it is a mixture of five botanicals — green tea, turmeric, milk thistle, ashwagandha and bacopa. Each of these possesses potent anti-aging properties, but it is the synergy of the mixture that gives Protandim its power. Nothing in it will interfere with anything else you’re taking — including prescription meds.

Its power comes from its reduction of the primary cause of aging and most diseases — including cancer. That is “oxidative stress.” You’ve probably heard of “free radicals.” Billions (trillions?) of them are produced in our bodies every day by various metabolic processes and what we put in our mouths, the stress we experience and (yes) dental toxins.

In my 14 years of studying cancer, I’m convinced that cancer is the result of poor cellular communication. As the oxidative stress we experience every day accummulates, our cells gradually break down and the communication necessary for them to work properly is compromised. I’m convinced that cancer (and all other degenerative “diseases”) can be explained by the simple formula: H = CC. Health equals Cellular Communication.

Unlike anything else I’ve studied, Protandim has the ability to rapidly and permanently reduce the oxidative stress in our body’s cells by 40%. This has been proven repeatedly in controlled studies. The oxidative stress level of an 80-year-old like me can be reduced to that of a 20-year-old in 30 days or less. If I keep taking it, as I will, it will stay there. That will almost certainly extend my life substantially, but, even more importantly, it will protect me from the poor communication among cells and the cellular malfunction that results and causes virtually all diseases — certainly including cancer.

Is this a “cure-all?” Of course not. Is it a substantial contributor to long and healthy life? Is it helpful to restore your body’s balance if you are dealing with cancer? I believe so. Dr. Garcia and Dr. McDonnell agree with me completely. Dr. Garcia is urging all his cancer patients at his clinic to take it every day. None of this, including what I am doing right now, is designed to make money for anybody. It is truly an example of what I do every day — trying to pass useful information about health to as many people as possible.

How expensive is it? Well, depending on how you order it (auto-ship, distributor, etc.), it can cost as little as $40 a month. Compare that to the $2,000 – $3,000 a month for TA-65 (above).

How do you get this product? Unfortunately, it is only sold through what most of you know as “multi-level marketing.” I’ll show you how to get it, but any income I make from you doing that will be donated to Bob Wright’s American Anti-Cancer Institute (AACI).

To explore it further and order some from the only source, which is a company called LifeVantage, just click here. If you order as a “Preferred Customer” which just means you are setting up an “auto-ship” order for each month, you’ll get a 20% discount. Of course, you can also sign up as a distributor, if you like.

Let me know what you think about this product.


Cathy Introduces You to MTHFR

This section of this newsletter will introduce you to something that may be vital to your health that I’m pretty sure you have never heard of before. I hadn’t, until Cathy (a reader) pointed it out to me in the following e-mail:

“I believe you are true to the public regarding getting the best information possible out to them. It’s for this reason I am encouraging you to speak with Dr. Ben Lynch, ND, who is a graduate of Bastyr University in Washington state [the best naturopathic doctor school in the country].

I’ve figured out a number of things along my own cancer journey that have helped me proceed to get well. I have an odd breast cancer, Paget’s breast disease, with intraductal cancer. My history began years ago when my mercury fillings were improperly taken out, and Dr. Bob Kulacz DDS

did major surgeries in both my maxilla and mandible jawbones which not only saved my life but brought attention to something I would have never known about had he not had extensive blood testing done in 2004.

That ‘something’ is a genetic mutation I have, called MTHFR. In particular I am homozygous for C677T, [a particular mutation of a gene] which puts me at significant risk for a number of health issues, but also contributes to my inability to detox properly unless I am methylating correctly. Some folks have both C677T and A1298C [another gene mutation] – which is the most challenging combination to deal with. Folic acid is dangerous to these mutations and must be stopped and not be part of a person’s health program.

I sought out more information about the C677T mutation in the last number of months because I’ve come to a stopping point regarding the breast cancer and I simply want it 100% out of my system.

Part of the issue is that due to this mutation I haven’t ever really fully detoxed my body. I begin detoxification programs, then they become unbearable due to the Herxheimer effect [too rapid cell die-off]. Same with taking large doses of iodine – I do well and then I have a Herxheimer effect – and not just physical herxing, emotional as well. Coffee enemas, which are a big part of many cancer programs, put my body into severe stressed out mode. It got me thinking that this is what is happening to so many people, and unfortunately, they’re being given bad advice to just ‘push’ through the detox. This is the worst advice possible for anyone dealing with this mutation.

My local doctors in Chicago are on board with this mutation. Being the researchee I am, I wanted to learn more and I found Dr. Ben Lynch’s information. This young gentleman has more information available to the public than anyone else I’ve found. He gives so much of his time and effort on both his website as well as his Facebook page. I and my doctors have learned much from him in the last few months. He has been able to answer questions about my own health that have been mysteries until he explained they are the nature of C677T.

Personally, I feel that this mutation is the reason my dental issues were so extensive as well. While some studies show that C677T homozygous only affects 15% or so of the total population, it’s actually closer to 30% or more. As Dr. Ben has found, this number continues to increase as well. I feel this explains so much of the sensitivity to chemicals that people deal with, too.

As you well know, cancer is a multifactoral condition – I wholeheartedly believe that this mutation is yet another piece to the puzzle. Getting the patient methylating and detoxing properly will better, and faster, help them heal. I’ve recently had a consult with Dr. Ben and I’m doing a few of his supplements combined with my own pure diet and lifestyle plan. I use a methylation cream to help me detox better.

If any of what I’ve just shared peaks your interest, I strongly encourage you to contact Dr. Ben Lynch. His website is He has recently had traditional physicians seeking out his expertise in this area, and I believe he may be part of an upcoming Anti-Aging conference to share this information.

He is a brilliant physician, and a joy to know. I believe that his input is the missing key to getting me back 100% to full health. I have to give the credit to Dr. Bob Kulacz, DDS,

who many years ago demanded to have the blood tests done for this prior to doing surgeries. I’ve thanked him as well.


Cathy K”

You can find out more about Dr. Ben Lynch who Cathy referred to at his website, which is:

To get Dr. Lynch’s explanation of this gene mutation he has studied, just take a look at his presentation. He said this was a presentation for a group of doctors, but that he develops it slowly so you should be able to follow it. I found I could, even though it is quite new and foreign to me. Here’s the link:

Here is an update I got from Cathy the other day:

“Since I’ve written to you I had the DetoxiGenomic profile run by my doctor at Dr. Ben Lynch’s suggestion – I have always had issues with phenylalanine and tyrosine as well as glutathione (which I really need!)– a subcomponent of MTHFR showed me something that explains why I can’t break these things down. We feel it’s why I can’t do the coffee enemas and why I had certain issues with detoxing. This is not bad news, but rather good information. While somewhat of a challenge, as my body begins to methylate for the first time ever, the immune system is kicking in and releasing all kinds of things. I was told to expect the release of old viruses, bacterias, etc., but I also have to step up my game regarding the breast cancer. For me this means a whole lot more juicing and tons of greens (which I happen to love). Teaching the body to methylate can be challenging, but also very rewarding – my sleep and energy are much better.

Getting to the heart of MTHFR is another piece of the puzzle that will be very helpful to a lot of folks!

Cathy K”




My 3rd Edition book has lots of reviews on These reviews are what drives book sales, at least on Amazon. Unfortunately, our (Dr. Garcia’s and mine) 4th Edition has just a few reviews. Almost all of them are quite complimentary, but numbers matter. If you’ve read our 4th Edition and like it, please go to Bring up our Cancer-Free book and enter a review. Say whatever you like, but please take a minute or two and do it for us. Our goal is to get this life-saving information to as many people all over the world as possible. You can help. Will you? Thanks.



Want more valid information about cancer than you’ll probably ever be able to absorb? Wanna get it free? You need to get familiar with Dr. Michael L. Johnson of Appleton, Wisconsin. He is a “Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist” who has gone to an enormous amount of trouble to bring you more videos than you can probably ever watch explaining cancer healing. I agree with at least 90% plus of what he talks about on those videos. One example of a disagreement is his advice (on Video #12) that you should not do the CC/FO (Budwig) diet if you are sensitive to dairy (lactose intolerant, etc.). That is just not true. Nobody knows it all.But you will find a lot of useful information here. It’s all free. Of course, you can go to his clinic for his testing and treatment as he suggests, if you like. He is a person I would trust.

Please don’t be put off by what seems to be his “bombast” at first blush. He is a very knowledgeable and sincere healer. At the initial home page below, for example, a one hour and forty minute video starts automatically where he goes through his experience with helping cancer patients heal themselves. There are currently 150 other short videos he has done at the website below. His experience with his Mom is very similar to mine with my late wife. Check him out at



I really admire Chris Wark. When I first heard this young man talk about his experience healing himself of cancer a couple of years ago when he spoke at the Cancer Control Society Convention, I was really impressed. Since then, he and I have communicated several times. His latest message to me included a link to a video of Fox TV Channel 13 in Memphis interviewing him and his Mom. He told me there were thousands of people “sharing” this video on Facebook in the first few weeks and then, for no apparent reason, the TV channel took it down. He was able to save it and reproduce it on another software. Here it is. I know you’ll like Chris (and his Mom) as much as I do:



I like Judy Seeger. She is a Naturopatic Doctor who is very well-informed about cancer healing. She is particularly insistent on the importance of cleansing and detoxing. Dr. Judy has been interviewing cancer survivors on her Cancer Winner Talk Show on Now she’s setting up a TV show (actually it will display on your computer) where you’ll be able to see Dr. Judy and her guest(s). She’s calling it Cancer Answers TV. I’ll be her first guest. She doesn’t have the exact date for that first show yet but it will be soon, so stay tuned. We’ll let you know in plenty of time so you can join us.



I’ve studied along with my family Dr. Richard Schulze’s work with herbal healing. He has healed more people of “terminal” illness than any other doctor I’ve heard of. His herbal tinctures for cleansing your liver, kidneys, gall bladder, and colon are readily available at his website. Terry and I have tried them and found them to be the best option around for detoxing your vital cleansing organs. Check out both his websites:


We have no financial interest in Dr. Schulze or his products.



Once in awhile a new video or book comes along that gives us cancer researchers a completely new insight into cancer and how it operates. Here is such a video, sent to me by my friend, Ron Strauss. Professor MIna Bissell explains her research here that sheds new light on how cancer cells operate. I think you’ll enjoy it. Just click here.



I’m sure you’ve heard a lot over the years, as I have, about the healing power of mushrooms. Here is a website of a new organization, non-profit yet, which is dedicated to assembling all the information about mushrooms and healing at one site. Here’s what Jukka, the gentleman who sent me this information, said about their organization:

“We don’t sell any products, which gives us leeway in terms of the FDA to fully describe medicinal beneftis without them becoming medical claims on specific products. I just wanted to share this resource with you. We’re operating as a non-profit at this point. It’s our way of giving back after getting some incredible health benefits from medicinal mushrooms. Please feel free to share the resource with anyone you’d like. There are almost 50 articles / research studies about medicinal mushrooms and cancer.”

Here’s the website


Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

Bill Henderson
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“How to Live Cancer-Free”
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