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Just a reminder that I will be doing a radio interview on
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More on Cesium Chloride

Here are some interesting reactions to the article on Cesium
Chloride (“A Reader’s Story, Newsletter #45, August 8 2003).

First, I received a cautionary e-mail from “Scottys” (no
other identity information on the e-mail):

“BEWARE! The amount of potassium to cesium needs to be 3
times .. so if one is taking 2 tablespoons of cesium, one
needs to balance that with 6 tablespoons of potassium —
or more/never less (not 2 tsp.!) …. and keep in touch with
a doctor that can run blood tests to make sure that one’s
potassium levels are high enough. Cesium robs the body of
potassium, which can cause heart problems, among other


Also, one should look at taking the cesium for 7 days on,
3 days off, and only for up to 2 months at a time, and then
take a month off for a break. However, one can spray the
mineral directly on the tumor, or cancer area, instead of
taking it internally. Too much cesium internally can cause
problems of other mineral imbalances, and/or be hard on the
heart, or cause nausea.”

If you recall, when I mentioned Cesium Chloride in my book,
I ended the section with these words:

“Based on the above, I suggest you try cesium chloride only
under the supervision of your own medical professional.”

The above is exactly the reason I included that caution.



I sent the above message to Jim Day (the gentleman who
sent me the “Reader’s Story” I published in the last news-
letter (#45, August 8 2003). Jim sent me this reply:

“Hi Bill,


Interesting comments, I would be interested to know what
type of minerals your source was referring to. What my
therapy includes are ionized, angstrom sized, cell ready,
solutomic, aqueous solutions as supplied by Eniva Corp..
So much of what I have read in reference to Cesium refers
to powdered minerals. I’m no expert and that’s why I agree
that a Dr. should monitor electrolytes. I have been having
mine checked and my potassium is staying on the high end of
the normal range. As far as ‘7 days on, 3 days off, and only
for up to 2 months at a time,’ there does seem to be a con-
flict of opinion as to whether to go on and off or to reduce
to a maintenance dosage. I have been using Cesium since
January and did take a break from about April 1 to July 1 and
my IGG count went up a little. Therefore, I resumed Cesium
Therapy and started at 3 grams/day for 1 week then 6 grams/
day for about two weeks then back down to 3 grams/day till
present. I will go back to the Dr. this month for test and
contingent on test results I will probably adjust to a mainten-
ance dosage of .5 gram/day while continuing to monitor my pH
and potassium and heal my immune system.


I have included a link to a site that includes a summary from
a book that explains the science behind the Cesium Therapy as
developed by Dr. Satori and Dr. Brewer and as you can see Dr.
Brewer, at age 92, is taking Cesium on a daily basis. Included
in this is their recommended dosage.



[bh…I had to replace the web site Jim gave me with the one
above. The one he gave me would not come up.]


Bill, these types of interactions are exactly what we need so
we can all distribute accurate recommendations. Lets keep up
the dialog and maybe we can develop a good a caution for your


Jim Day”



The next day, I received an interesting e-mail from Dr. David
Gregg. Remember him? He is the cell biologist who I respect
above most other “experts” for his understanding of the physi-
ology of the cancer cell. Here is his e-mail on cesium chloride:

“Bill, Thank you for your latest cancer newsletter. It is
stimulating as usual. I would like to let you know that at the
request of Bill McLaughlin, a month or so ago, I took a serious
look at Cesium treatment of cancer.


At first I was very skeptical because I could not see how it
could work and the mechanism presented, high pH therapy, had to
be wrong. However, I kept thinking about the reported exceptional
results. Did it have true merit and if so, what could the bio-
chemical mechanism be? A light turned on and I believe I identi-
fied it. The consequences could be profound.


I just posted it on my cancer web page:




It is at the end, Item 37 as an update. You might find it


David Gregg”

I did, indeed, find it interesting and I think you will, too.
Please read it. I will try to summarize it, but you’re safer
if you go to the source above.

What Dr. Gregg is saying is that cesium chloride indeed has great
promise as a treatment for several reasons:

1. It acts as a toxin, with its selection of cancer cells
dependent on their anaerobic metabolism. Thus, it should be
effective for all forms of cancer.

2. Unlike other chemotherapy drugs, it should cross the blood-
brain barrier and thus be equally effective for brain tumors
as for other cancers.

3. The literature is incorrect about how cesium chloride works
on the cells. This makes it hard to develop a correct treatment
regimen with it.

4. He has identified the correct way it works. This will not
only make it easier to develop the correct way to treat with it,
but will also give it more credibility with the scientific

5. Cesium, because of the action of a “pump” in the cells and
other reasons, will kill cancer cells about 20 times faster than
normal cells. However, with prolonged, continuous use, the
normal cells will catch up and be killed at the same rate. Thus,
the timing and dosage is critical.

6. Rapid application for a brief period of time would work best.
However, rapid killing of cancer cells runs the risk of a toxic
overload of dead tissue from the tumor. This can be fatal.

His concluding paragraph is interesting. I will quote it:

“When comparing this treatment approach to the one presented at
the begining of this web page (converting cancer cells from
anaerobic to aerobic metabolism) [bh: see my newsletters #41 and
42] I consider the first to be less hazardous in terms of possible
negative side effects. It is nutritional in nature. However, the
treatment with cesium is toxic in nature, definitely vulnerable
to negative side effects. If the first, nutritive approach is
effective, great. However, it might fail along with the conven-
tional cancer treatments. At this point, cesium treatment might
be considered. It looks like it could be profoundly effective,
at any cancer stage. I would consider it to be a backup treatment
possibility that I would want to keep available. In time, as more
experience is achieved, it might shift from being a treatment of
last resort to the one employed first. Only time and experience
will tell.”

Bottom line: Don’t try this at home. Find a medical professional
to supervise your use of cesium chloride.

Short shots…..


Once again, I would like to offer you a bribe to get you to
send me your story of your cancer treatment. If you send me
your story — positive, negative or neutral, I’ll send you a
free copy of my “Cure Your Cancer” book by return e-mail.



Many of you have asked me where you could obtain an NK Cell
Activity Test. Such a test should show whether a cancer
patient has a great need for MGN-3 or similar immune system
boosters. It could save you a lot of dinero by letting you
know when to reduce from the 3 grams a day therapeutic dose
to the 1 gram a day maintenance dose.

Here’s the scoop. I called LabCorp, one of the blood labs in
San Antonio. They have offices all over the country. They’re
probably in your phone book. They do this blood test. They
said to refer to it as either “NK Cell Activity Test” or “Four-
hour NK Cell Assay.” I have no idea how much it costs or
whether you can get it without a doctor’s prescription. Could
be that if your Dr. ordered it for you, your insurance would pay
for it. Check it out.

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experi-
ence publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this
format — simple text with lines no longer than 65 char-
acters — is the only one that will print on all e-mail
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I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
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