VIBE Machine – Up Close and Personal
Ed van Overloop’s Recovery From Stage IV Cancer
A Reader’s Story — Tom Soychak
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VIBE Machine – Up Close And Personal

Well, I finally got a chance to experience Gene Koonce’s “Vibrational Integration Bio-Photonic Energizer” (VIBE) machine a couple of days ago. My wife and I along with two friends – one a retired OB/GYN doctor and one a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – drove about three hours West to Crossville, Tennessee to visit Dr. Thomas Noll and his charming wife, Katie. My wife, Terry, was a nurse in Spain for 25 years, so we brought to this conclave a fairly wide variety of experience in therapy.

What a delightful day it was! Dr. Thom and Katie are absolutely charming people. Both of them have a great sense of humor and a wonderfully compassionate approach to helping others. We arrived just as they were finishing breakfast (I had forgotten about the time change to Central time) and they spent the whole day with us. It was a continuous exchange of useful information. Dr. Thom was just as interested in learning about my nutritional approaches to treating cancer as well as EFT and PSYCH-K from us as we were in picking his brain about the VIBE machine.

Dr. Thom is 67 and opted out of his regular medical practice in Michigan about two years ago. He had a family practice as a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) for 35 years, during which he spent several years as the Medical Examiner (think “CSI-Michigan”). His broad experience led him to become fascinated with acupuncture. He studied it intensively and practiced it for 12 years before his “semi-retirement.” He now sees acupuncture patients three days a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) in the beautiful office he has built (converted) from an old garage behind his home. The other four days of the week he takes off (my kind of guy!!).

He bought the VIBE machine the four of us visitors experienced about two years ago, about a year after it came on the market. His was the 42nd of these machines sold by Gene Koonce’s company in Greeley, Colorado. He has had excellent technical support from the people in Greeley. When a portion of this rather delicate unit goes out, they ship him a replacement overnight. He paid $17,800 for it. His charges to clients for using the machine are very reasonable (about $30 per session). He is excited about the results. For example, his best friend and golf buddy had Stage IV (given only weeks to live) colon cancer with mets everywhere. He used the VIBE machine for eight minutes a day, seven days a week earlier this year. The positive reaction was almost immediate and in about three months, his doctor declared him “cancer-free.”

That eight minutes a day is a “crisis” level treatment. For most of his patients, Dr. Noll gives them a VIBE machine treatment of 1-3 minutes every other day. What’s a treatment like? Well, it’s like sitting in front of your TV with the TV tuned to a very interesting “test pattern.” There is no physical connection between you and the machine. Ideal position is with your head about three feet from the top of the four-foot high machine. All five of us sat around it at the same time. Noticeable changes from this single four-minute treatment: none. My wife said she felt a slight tingling in her hands. I felt nothing. My two friends felt nothing.

Dr. Noll says that after his two years of experience with the VIBE machine, two things are notable:

“First, [after several treatments] everyone seems to walk away with some improvement, either with more energy, sleeping better at night, or just generally feeling better. People with a wide variety of problems, including arthritis, musculo-skeletal conditions (RSD, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, low back pain, neck pain), Neurologic conditions (Parkinsons, Peripheral Neuritis, Depression and Anxiety) and many other problems have had positive results. Many cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation have reported reductions in tumor size and fewer side effects from their chemo and/or radiation therapy. Secondly, no one has had any reported ill effects from the VIBE machine itself.”

Like any other non-drug or radiation treatment for disease that really works, the FDA limits severely what can be said about it in the way of claims of healing. Just keep that in mind as you review the published literature about the VIBE machine.

My reactions after seeing this machine:

1. After the very positive feedback I’ve gotten now from three readers who own this machine, and seeing it and talking to Dr. Noll, I’ve concluded: If I had cancer, I would make this treatment part of my recovery routine. In fact, I’m working with my friends here to get one of the natural healing practitioners (there are lots of them) in Asheville, North Carolina where I live to lease one. Why do I feel it is superior to other similar “machines?” Two reasons:

a. You can get this treatment for a very reasonable financial “risk.” Gene Koonce, the inventor, says the average cancer patient sees absolutely positive signs of recovery with eleven treatments. Almost everyone who has one of these machines and lets others use it charges $20-40 per treatment. $220 to $440 is not prohibitive to determine that it is working for you.

b. Gene Koonce says he has sold 94 of these machines in his home state of Colorado alone. I feel if he were a “charlatan” and misrepresenting this in any way, he would have been ridden out of Colorado on a rail by now. Quite the contrary, I believe he is a completely honest man. There is no question he is admired and respected by all his clients I have contacted. As an electrical engineer, he completely understands the long history of this technology going back to Nikola Tesla in 1898, Georges Lakhovsky beginning in 1923, Royal Rife beginning in 1929, and many more since then.

The only real drawback is that you have to be next to the machine to be treated (see below).

If you are interested in more information, I suggest you go to the web site:

To locate one near you (they are in 44 states and 13 countries now), just call Gene Koonce’s office in Greeley, Colorado at either (800) 356-9594 or (970) 356-9594 (Mountain time).

If you would like to discuss his experience with Dr. Thomas Noll, you can reach him at (931) 459-2363 (Central time).

For those of you new to my publications, I get paid not one dime from any supplement, device, clinic, or other resource I recommend to you. My only income from this project of mine is from the sale of books (mine and Karon Beattie’s).

Ed van Overloop’s Recovery From Stage IV Cancer

Most of you will recall Ed van Overloop. I mention him and his CARE cancer support group in New Jersey several times in my book and in a recent newsletter article. Ed sent me his account of his treatment in a German clinic for Stage IV prostate cancer. He was in really bad shape when he went there. He had tried lots of alternative treatments, but they were not working and he had become nauseous and unable to take any food or supplements.

Here is his account of his treatment at the Leonardis Clinic in Germany:

“CARE Support Group – German Clinic Report I have had many requests for more details of my visit and treatment at the Leonardis Clinic. First I must make it clear that I am still in treatment at home and no definite conclusions can be made as to overall success until many months, if not years, from now. All I can say is — so far, so good! The treatment at the clinic starts almost the moment you check in as blood work is taken for their Chemo sensitivity test so that the Chemo most suited to your cancer will be used and in lower than normal amounts. It must work as I was given 3 different Chemos and had zero side effects and almost immediate return of appetite and well-being after more than 2 months of nausea and bone pain.


The facility is first class in every manner and the medical staff consists of three Oncologists and three MD Internists plus about 18 nurses. Each day each patient is visited in his hospital type room by ‘his’ assigned Oncologist and doctor who not only check how you are doing, but also fill you in on how tests show things are going and also allow any of your questions to be answered. Also each day these doctor ‘teams’ meet with Dr. Scheller [the head of the clinic] and discuss each patient’s needs and revise or add to their program. The clinic is open and manned 24/7 and I believe that part of the better-than-average success achieved is because of the round the clock care by the better-than-average medical staff.


I found that all on the staff highly respect Dr. Scheller and several consider him a genius because of some of the innovative ideas he institutes. I was also surprised that in 3 weeks at the clinic and mixing with dozens of patients, not one negative comment was made about anything — doctors, treatments, patient facilities, food, or in fact, any aspect of Leonardis. This all comes at a price of $800.00 euros per day [$960 USD per day]. The only extras are if you are sent for a scan or x-ray to an outside facility.


In speaking with Dr. Scheller he said that he may use any therapy in the world that he feels has proper scientific back-up. He uses various chemos that would not be approved for his application in the USA. One example is the man with colon cancer who was unsuccessfully treated in the states and on going to Leonardis it was found he responded only to Herceptin, a breast cancer chemo that would not be approved for that use at home. One of my chemos is listed only for ovarian cancer here. My wife Gloria stayed right in our pleasant room which had a 25′ balcony overlooking a meadow where a few cows or horses would be grazing on most says. There was a pine forest in the background topped by the distant beginnings of the Austrian Alps. Bavaria is a very healing place to be treated and almost makes one feel like you were on vacation. One important factor that really helps is that each patient, on check out, is given a complete report as to how you were treated for your Doctor at home. Also you are presented with a complete program and any hard to get medicine so that you can continue treatment with your local friendly doctor and not feel abandoned. You or your Doctor may call the clinic at any time, with any questions, and in fact this is highly encouraged. By the way, 98% of staff and doctors speak excellent English. I’ll close for now with some contact information that may be useful. Leonardis Clinic Phone – 01149-8046-1870 fax 01149-8046-18710 email – web site –


Ed van Overloop”

Folks, if money is not an issue, this sounds like another great clinic option. Ed learned about it from Dr. Burton Goldberg, the alternative cancer treatment “guru.”

I can’t help comparing the cost of this, however, to the VIBE machine treatment described above or my “$107/month for six weeks treatment” described in Chapter 5 of my book. Personally, I would try both of these treatments before I went to Bavaria. Just my $.02.

Thanks, Ed, for a wonderful first-hand report and congratulations on your recovery.

A Reader’s Story — Tom Soychak

Here’s an interesting account for you gentlemen who are concerned about or actually have prostate cancer.



This is my story dealing with prostate cancer. First let me say that up to 1996, cancer was a word that meant very little to me or my family; it only happened to others, right. Oops!


I was 56 years old when I first noticed the presence of blood in my semen. Before that time, I did not have any symptoms that would indicate any prostate problems. In September of 1996 I participated in a group screening study held at the Urology Department of M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX. The preliminary tests showed a high PSA reading of 32 and a very hard and enlarged prostate gland (DRE). These tests indicated that I had to follow up and determine what was causing these abnormal conditions.


After ten biopsies taken inside and outside of the prostate gland, an ultrasound and other tests, my urologist/surgeon called me in about two weeks to advise that I had prostate cancer and that I needed to schedule an immediate appointment to discuss the treatment options. After my initial reaction to the disappointing news, I had to collect my thoughts and determine how to proceed.


After breaking the news to my family and friends and following the recommendations of several friends, I decided that M.D. Anderson was one of the leading cancer treatment facilities in the Houston area where I was going to get my treatment. After discussing the various treatment options with my surgeon, along with the risk factors, I decided that surgery was my best option, totally aware what the side effects would be (sexually dysfunctional, urinary incontinence) At no time was I advised of any alternative options, and quite frankly I was not aware of natural ways to address the treatment of cancer. In hind sight, I should have done more homework.


In late October of 1996 I had the surgery performed (by no means a pleasant experience). After several days in intensive care, I finally awoke to see my urologist and a ‘cardiologist’ at my bedside to explain what had happened. Evidently, my body reacted to the surgery and anesthesia, and caused my blood pressure to sky rocket and increased my heart beat. As I found out later, this is why I was kept in intensive care for several days in order to carefully monitor my cardiac conditions. Needless to say this was a scary situation. Was I going to make it or not?


After I had become coherent, I was told the good news, that I was ‘cancer free.’ I would be discharged in a few days and told to rest at home for several weeks before returning to work. Up to this point in time everything seemed to be on track. Go see the urologist frequently, determine how I was healing and did I have any problems.


It has been almost nine years since my surgery and I am still cancer free. That is the good news. What a constant battle dealing with chronic fatigue and urinary incontinence! Yes, I am alive, but my quality of life is quite lacking.


I would like to point out to all the readers, that this type of prostate surgery should be avoided at all costs. Surgically removing the prostate should be a last option, and only after exhausting all other options, including natural treatment and other non-invasive methods.


Tom Soychak”

Thanks, Tom, for the good advice. And thanks, also, for inviting people who are interested to contact you, by phone (936) 441-8035 or e-mail: Tom Soychak <>.



Some of you will remember the story of the Utah couple who had been prosecuted for taking their child out of the state to avoid “forced” chemotherapy. Owen Picton sent me the latest on this story — a story from USA Today about the suit the parents are bringing against the state, its child welfare system and the hospital where the child was treated. I doubt they will win, because the judges traditionally side with the state that the parents can be forced to have the “standard of care” administered to their child. Should make for some interesting media publicity, at least. By the way, the boy is fine, but read the story. It’s interesting.



A recent study at M.D. Anderson, the huge cancer hospital in Houston, indicates that the spice curcumin, also known as turmeric, used widely in Indian cooking (the yellow color in their rice dishes) is useful in blocking melanoma. I could have saved them a lot of time and money by telling them about research already done on this subject, but they didn’t ask me. Here’s the story, sent to me by Joyce Braun:

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