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Us and “Not Us”

One of the most pervasive human traits must be the drive to
invent codes which isolate our group and make it “special.”

Remember when you were a kid and you and your gang made up
word combinations or nonsense words of which only your
group understood the “true” significance. “Olly Olly Oxen
Free” is just one example which comes to mind.

I belong to several groups now — barbershop singers, on-
line bridge players, golfers — all of whom have jargon,
slang words, abbreviations and “inside” jokes which dis-
tinguish members of our group and which “newbies” have to

Often we don’t realize that these codes serve a purpose.
They fulfill the human need to separate “Us” from “Not Us.”

Of course, all the professions play the “Us”/”Not Us” game.
The medical profession is no exception.

I’ve heard from several of you that you felt buried under
the unintelligible jargon you have found in research papers
on cancer published on the Internet.

In both the “Cure Your Cancer” book and this newsletter,
I am making a conscious effort to skirt around this jargon
jungle. I am trying to steer you to M.D.s and other experts
who make an effort to communicate with us mere mortals.

I consider them the true experts. They have broken out of
the code-shrouded cocoon of the medical journals. They have
made a real effort to make cancer therapy understandable by
the people who REALLY need to understand it, the cancer
patients and their care-givers — you.

My point is that you need to avoid the intimidation which
comes from reading “scientific” articles, journals, etc.
You can and should take charge of your medical treatment
and that of your loved ones. It’s not hard if you avoid
the “Us”/”Not Us” type of writing.

The other thing which this type of writing makes obvious
is that the medical profession is undergoing a major
“paradigm shift.” That just means that another of the
major changes in the way doctors think about their pro-
fession is occurring right now.

For a detailed example of what I mean, see the next section
of this newsletter.

There are no reliable statistics on this. But there is no
doubt that, with the growth of the Internet and its
incredible research resources, patients are demanding more
of their physicians. They are seeking out those who are
sympathetic to or active in what is now commonly called
“integrative medicine.” So-called “alternative” cures
are being gradually “integrated” into “allopathic” or trad-
itional medicine.

If you or a loved one have cancer, you can’t wait for this
“integration” to be complete. You must accept our medical
system for what it is … a work in progress. You must
seek out the most effective treatments using every resource
you can find.

The fact that most doctors know little or nothing about
nutrition or the immune system is not going to change much
in our lifetimes.

The fact that oncologists deal with cancer as a foreign
entity in the body that must be removed, whatever the cost,
rather than a temporary systemic imbalance, isn’t going to
change in our lifetimes.

The fact that pharmaceutical company money dictates most of
what is accepted as “valid” cancer research is not going to
change in our lifetimes.

Given these facts, you still have to whip cancer and get
permanently well. You can do it! Thousands of others have.

Don’t let the “Us”/”Not Us” jargon get in your way.

Nutritionist 1; Family Doctor 0

This week, my wife had a very interesting experience. I
hope the recounting of it here will help you in your search
for “truth.”

I can best summarize it for you by quoting from an e-mail I
sent to an M.D. who had asked me to explain the purpose of
one of the Natural Killer (NK) cell tests I recommend in the
book. This particular M.D. is the kind you should be seeking
out. He has an open mind and was simply seeking information
to help one of my readers who had asked him to order the test.

Here’s an excerpt from the e-mail to the doctor:

The doctor asked me:

“How will the results of this test influence xxxxx’s deci-
sion? Whether the test is high, low or normal, isn’t he
going to take the same dose of the MGN and Laetrile? What’s
the point of doing the test? How will it affect xxxxx’s
treatment decisions?”

My response:

“bh…the purpose of the test is to establish a benchmark
and trend in the NK cell activity. Normally, cancer patients
begin at the 0 to 25% level. When their level reaches 70%
plus, their immune system has returned to normal and (given
a manageable number of cancer cells) can continue to eradicate
the cancer cell mutations as they occur.”

The doctor then asked:

“How is the test interpreted? Should it be higher than the
reference range or lower? What does it mean if the test is
going up or down? Do you know where we can get more informa-
tion on this test?”

I responded:

“bh…I’d suggest asking Specialty Labs for more detailed
information. The purpose of the MGN-3 (with Beta Glucan) is
to boost the immune system (particularly NK, T and B cells)
to optimum levels. The Beta Glucan also boosts the macro-
phages activity, which assists the NK and other cells.


Just as an aside, my wife, who has suffered through 5 years
of mis-diagnosis in the ‘allopathic’ medical system, just
this morning had a ‘live blood cell analysis’ (one of the
other tests I mention in the book) done by a local nutri-


We discovered that all the symptoms she has been having —
various, intermittent organ pain, gastritis, constipation,
lethargy, fatigue, depression, etc. — were caused by yeast
(Candida albicans).


The origin seems to be several rounds of antibiotics she
took 5-6 years ago while undergoing extensive dental work.
One of the things she was told to take beginning today is
1,500 mg of Beta Glucan daily to boost macrophage cell
activity. The nutritionist estimates (based on her own
experience with this same malady) that it will take about
6 months for my wife to get her blood (and her physical
condition) back to normal. A more usual length of time
is 3-6 weeks.


A CBC [Complete Blood Count] taken specifically to detect
Candida Albicans by my wife’s primary care physician (at
my request) two weeks ago came back negative. The video
tape of her blood made this morning by the nutritionist
clearly shows yeast (Candida Albicans) and other ‘unfriend-
ly’ bacteria throughout her blood along with very sluggish


My wife finally today feels liberated from 5 years of guess-
work and mis-diagnosis by M.D.s, which included a complete
hysterectomy, endoscopy of her intestines, MRI of her head
(for severe headaches) and multiple other tests and medica-
tions — none of which relieved any of her symptoms.


My wife was a very competent nurse in Spain for 24 years.
Her last duty was as the head of the transplant nursing team
at La Fe, the largest hospital in Valencia, Spain for 9
years. She is NOT a hypochondriac.


I mention this only because I see it as a perfect example
of how the primitive testing methods of allopathic medicine
fail to diagnose or treat systemic problems — such as cancer
and yeast infections.


I am delighted that you are helping xxxxx get a handle on his
immune system status and progress. It is critical that he
have a supervising physician who is at least sympathetic to
these ‘alternative’ (I hate that word) treatments.


As I say in my book, I am NOT anti-doctor. I am merely doing
my best to get at least some M.D’s and their patients to wake
up to the fact that ‘traditional’ medicine has a lot to learn
about diagnosis and treatment of systemic disease (such as
cancer). Much of it is caused by lifestyle choices and can
be cured by enhancing the body’s own functions, mainly through
effective nutrition and supplements (MGN-3, Beta Glucan,
enzymes, Oncolyn, Laetrile and hundreds of others).


Please, Doctor, take this in the manner it is intended — as
an attempt to communicate to you my sincere hope that you can
help xxxxx cure his cancer permanently and completely. After
what happened to my wife today, I would strongly recommend
that you also seek out for xxxxx a nutritionist who special-
izes in working with cancer patients. The supplements can be
prohibitively expensive if they are not targeted specifically
to the patient’s condition by a qualified nutritionist.
Better yet, if they are prescribed by a physician, MAYBE he
can even get Medicare or someone to pay for some of them.


My very best wishes to you and xxxxx.



Bill Henderson”

As you may recall, I discussed Dr. Atkins in my July 21st
newsletter. His book outlined my wife’s symptoms so accur-
ately in his discussion of “candidiasis” (infection with
Candida Albicans), that I was sure that was her problem.
The negative from the blood test which her doctor ordered
specifically to test for Candida Albicans puzzled me.

We had already signed up for the “live blood cell analysis”
test when I got the negative report from the doctor. I
deliberately gave the nutritionist no information on my
wife’s medical history.

The video tape we have of her blood cells and other junk,
mainly Candida Albicans, in her blood is phenomenal. It
shows clearly the macrophage cells of her immune system.
They are virtually motionless and even a layman like me
can readily tell they are not normal.

In addition to the beta glucan, she is taking various enzymes
and has radically modified her diet to fit the nutritionist’s

Because Dr. Atkins says that 30% of the patients he sees have
this same undiagnosed condition (candidiasis), this may be
helpful to you, even if you do not have cancer.

The main point here, however, is that in today’s world, your
M.D. is not necessarily your best source for information
about maladies and treatments. Take that to heart and
become an effective co-doctor.

Oncolyn — Better than MGN-3?

A few days ago, I was chatting with Kathy, one of my friends
who happens to own a health food store. She has read my book
and we were talking about MGN-3. She mentioned “Oncolyn,” a
product she claimed was “better than MGN-3.”

I respect Kathy’s opinions, so I did a little research on
Oncolyn. After what I found, I think you should get familiar
with it, too.

There are two web sites which will get you up to speed on this
product. The first has many impressive testimonials. It is:


The other is the actual producer of this compound, where you
can order it online, if you like. It is:


Like MGN-3, it destroys cancer cells and neutralizes the
toxicity of most chemotherapy drugs. It also, however, acts
as a powerful anti-oxidant, inhibits angiogenesis (which both
delays tumor growth and suppresses tumor metastasis), and
“induces differentiation of cancer cells back to normal cells.”

Powerful stuff. It was formulated by Arthur H.K. DJang, M.D.,
Ph.D., M.P.H. He is a U.S. licensed physician and certified
specialist by the American Boards of Pathology and the Ameri-
can Board of Nuclear Medicine with expertise in Infectious
Diseases, Biochemistry and Immunology (Ph.D), Preventive
Medicine (M.P.H.) and Cytopathology. Impressed? Me, too.

Oncolyn is totally herbal and non-toxic. You need to consult
with your medical professional, but at the doses I have seen
recommended for cancer patients, it may be a little less
expensive than MGN-3.

One of the things which is important to keep in mind, is that
MGN-3 has proven effective in human trials. Oncolyn is new
to me and I would investigate its history with human testing
before I would unconditionally recommend it over MGN-3.

Kathy may be right. Check it out.

Beta Glucan — Super Supplement!

Remember above when I mentioned that my bride was taking
beta glucan to help rid her blood of the Candida. A few
days before this happened, I was alerted by another friend
to the enhancing effect that beta glucan had on MGN-3 and
other immune system boosters.

My research is far from complete on this. In fact, I have
asked the experts for specific information they have on
clinical tests on humans, which apparently have been done.
However, pending that (and I will update this in future
newsletters), I will quote to you some information from
a brochure on beta glucan which I obtained at the health
food store. Take it for what it’s worth (my wife is taking
it at a 1,500 mg per day dosage and already feels better
after less than 24 hours).

“How does beta 1,3/1,6 glucan work on the immune system?
To answer this question, one must understand that the
immune system really is a ‘network’ that involves many
different players that interact with one another to pro-
vide lines of defense.

One of the defender cells that is stationed in your tissues
is the most famous innate immune system player of them all:
the macrophage. This cell is unique because of its un-
matched versatility. It keeps our tissues free of debris,
signals other immune cells to come and defend us and
actually can kill invaders.

Macrophages can live for months before being replaced.
There actually is a receptor site on the macrophage for
beta 1,3/1,6 glucan that activates this cell. The macro-
phage stays in a resting mode until it senses the presence
of a non-self (virus, bacteria, fungi, cancer, parasites,
etc.). So one need not fear over-stimulation of the immune

There are more than 2,000 papers on beta glucan in the
scientific literature. The medial literature supports not
only the safety of beta glucan but its efficacy as well.
Harvard, Tulane, Baylor, East Tennessee State, the U.S.
Armed Forces and many others have published beta glucan

Well, there you have it, folks. When I get some more
specifics on the studies, I’ll give them to you. In the
meantime, the only drawback I can see about using it in
conjucntion with MGN-3, Oncolyn or AHCC would be the cost.
My wife’s 60 tablet bottle cost us about $56.


Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” e-book
141 pages – $14.95 – instant PDF download

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.