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Root Canal Case Studies

Before I begin “harping” again on my favorite subject about cancer cause and cure, let me thank you for your patience while Terry and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Italy from July 16th through August 3rd. It took me a couple of weeks to catch up on the backup of calls and e-mails (and get over the jet lag), but it was a wonderful trip. We saw all the “highlights” of Italy — and some of the lowlights. Our favorite part of the trip, which included Venice, Verona, Pisa, Lucca, Florence, Rome and Naples, was the Cinque Terre. This is a group of five quaint villages literally carved out of the cliff along the Mediterranean. You can hike between them and the coast views are incredible. We even swam some at one of the beaches. If I had it to do over again, I would concentrate on the Tuscany area in central Italy. This includes the Cinque Terre region as well as Pisa (boring), Lucca (Puccini’s home), and Florence (incredible).

Now, back to my favorite subject — dental toxicity and its relation to cancer. Why, you ask, do I keep stressing this subject in my newsletters, radio shows, workshops and speeches? I’ll tell you why. Because I’ve found from talking to about 3,000 cancer patients in the last 9 years that it is a critical factor in almost all of their cancer healing. The other main reason is that nobody else (except great authors like Tanya Harter Pierce in her book “Outsmart Your Cancer”) is talking to you about this. So, here are some great case studies which will hopefully focus your attention on the importance of this subject.

SAM AND JANE (not their real names)

The first is an absolutely classic case which the couple involved has permitted me to share with you as long as I don’t use their real names. Sam and Jane had talked to me first in February, 2009 about her serious brain tumor. They had tried a broad spectrum of “alterative” treatments including the regimen in Chapter 5 of my book “Cancer-Free.” Nothing seemed to be working.

It was obvious to me during our discussion that Jane had major dental toxicity problems. I didn’t know a good biological dentist to refer them to in Great Britain where they live but I urged them to seek one out. Apparently they put that off for the usual reasons — fear of dentists in general and inability to find a truly qualified biological dentist.

Sam later told me in a conversation in July that they had decided to go to a German cancer clinic. After two months there (May and June, 2009), they returned to Great Britain. Unfortunately, the MRI showed no improvement after they had spent close to $50,000 on the stay at the German clinic.

Here is the e-mail message I received from Sam on July 19th.

“Hi Bill

Jane went to see Dr Graham Munro-Hall and his wife Lillian last week on the 6th of July and had a digital x-ray and a Cavitat scan. The x-ray revealed a number of infections around her teeth. The Cavitat (ultra sound scan) confirmed the location and level of toxicity of the infections. They were bad. The next day on the 7th of July, Jane had the three worst teeth taken out. I saw these teeth myself. There were pus bags around them! The roots were soft and rotten! The area around the bone where they came out was badly infected and had to be cleaned, disinfected and ozone treated.

Jane is recovering gradually from this necessary ordeal and once she’s strong enough she will undergo a hospital operation to remove two more infected teeth, one of which is a back molar growing sideways.

You were right. It was bad dentistry and a septic root canal that caused the infection of the first three teeth that came out on the 7th of July. These 3 teeth were located in the back upper left jaw. I learned that toxins from infections in the upper jaw drain upwards into the brain area. Toxins in the lower jaw drain downwards through the neck. It is interesting to note this because Jane’s cancer is a left parietal brain tumour.

Graham and Lillian Munro-Hall were outstandingly good dentists and great people. They delayed their holiday to help Jane. I believe they did an excellent job and did not overcharge us. £1,160 for all three extractions and x-ray and scan examination. We became quietly confident in the waiting room before meeting the Munro-Halls when we discovered someone had come over from Switzerland to see the Munro-Halls. Also the other patients waiting with us were all intelligent and well-researched.

Best regards


For those of you in Europe, the web site for the Munro-Halls is

Unfortunately, it is too soon to tell if Jane will fully recover. But at least, she and Sam are dealing with what I consider her primary health issue. Theirs is a classic case. All the dozens of “alernative” remedies and two months in a competent cancer clinic were unable to heal her. Why? Because they had not yet dealt with the CAUSE.


Chronic lympocytic leukemia (CLL) is a particularly difficult form of cancer to heal. Here is the interesting e-mail I received last week from Steve Freier about his healing:

“Bill – While I did not participate in your survey and did not know about you when I had my CLL cancer back in 2000, I wholeheartedly agree with your insights about root canals and cavitations being one of the primary causes of cancer. I am a living example! I was diagnosed with CLL back in the year 2000. After a very brief experimentation with conventional chemo and then also with a number of alternative approaches, I finally came across George Meinig’s book, ‘Root Canal Cover-Up.’ I thank my brother for this.

After having my single three year old root canal removed and also taking coral calcium, I very rapidly got better and better. Over the course of the next two years my blood tests returned to normal levels. Amazing!

More recently I have posted this information on my blog site and have begun a simple web site to let people know about this idea. And I always refer people to Bill Henderson and tell them about George Meinig’s book. I have also come across a few (very few) others brave enough to clean up their mouth and who also were able to beat CLL!

Keep up the good work! Here are my links:

Steve Freier
San Mateo, California”

Way to go, Steve. Listen to him folks and read his web site/blogs. This is vital information for you.


In May, I received this e-mail from Rhoda Mead. She has generously offered to share her e-mail address with you in case you want to contact her.

“Dear Bill, I’ve been away from my computer, and missed the window of time to complete the survey. I’m so pleased that your work is being studied so carefully and well. I wish I could have been included with a resounding YES!

Just a note to say that you’ve literally saved my life three times.

First time, you headed me toward the Budwig protocol. Unfortunately, the flaxoil2 list is headed by Sandra Olson, who insists that all supplements are unnecessary and forbidden. So I followed that protocol rather than taking the supplements you recommend. I was stable and healthy until I had a tooth abscess. I re-read your book and spoke with you on the phone. Root canals zoomed out in red. So I had root canals extracted by a ‘biological dentist.’ My markers dropped precipitously, but slowly began to rise. I knew I was in trouble, and had all the mercury fillings replaced. Did various detoxes and supplements to no avail.

Then, I saw a notice in your e-mail newsletter about cavitations. Just two months ago. I had a panoramic x-ray and had a large cavitation cleaned out. My tumor marker for ovarian cancer dropped from 1800 to 1300 in two months! So you’ve brought me back from the brink three times!

My oncologist offered me palliative chemo months ago, which I declined. She is astounded and delighted with me.

Right now, I’m taking liposomal vitamin C, which also helped my tumor marker drop slightly, but is way out of my price range. Time for me to purchase your latest edition and switch to your protocol.

With great gratitude,

Rhoda Mead”


Well, I sent Rhoda my latest edition and thanked her for her story. The principal lesson here is that there are at least four sources of dental toxicity — root canals, cavitations, mercury fillings and nickel. All of them need to be treated to restore your health. If money is limited or you are debilitated from the cancer or the conventional treatment, certainly the two major priorities are the root canal-filled teeth and the cavitations. The other two (mercury and nickel) are important, but not nearly as deadly as the first two.


My Web Talk Radio Show

Lots of you are new to this newsletter. I get about 35 or 40 new signups every day to receive this newsletter. I know many of you are not aware of the weekly radio show I do called “How to Live Cancer-Free.” I urge you to check it out. Every week, I try to bring you vital new information about how to both heal and prevent cancer. The nice part about “web talk radio” is that you can listen to it any time. When you do want to listen, you can download the file, put it on a CD, if you like, and listen to it in your car. All you have to do is follow this procedure:

1. Go to
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It should start playing and you should see a prompt offering an option to “Download this file.” If you want to see links to the previous 10 or 11 week’s shows, just click on “Podcast” at the same screen. There is also a link to access the “Top 10” of my radio shows.

If the above doesn’t work (the audio file doesn’t start playing immediately), it probably means your computer does not have the necessary audio software to play simple “mp3” files. Easy to fix. Just go to and download their QuickTime software. It’s free and it’s about the easiest audio software to use that you’ll find.

Right now, I’m working on a couple of shows that should be interesting. I’m trying to get interviews with a couple of cancer patients and maybe one multiple sclerosis patient who have been healed using the radiation hormesis procedure (see my article on this by clicking here.

The other future show I’m working on is an interview with one or more biological dentists about their experience helping cancer patients heal by cleaning up their mouths.


A Reader’s Story — Susan McLaughlin

Here’s another reader’s story. Susan has been kind enough to offer her contact information.

Dear Bill,

I always enjoy your newsletters, and have benefited from your book. I want to tell you my story. My name is Susan McLaughlin, and I live in Georgia.

I was diagnosed with hormone positive breast cancer in Jan 2008, thru a biopsy, from a medical doctor. After that I decided to do everything natural. I started reading LOTS and found a naturopathic doctor here in Georgia, to work with. He really doesn’t know that much about cancer, but gave me Vitamin C IV’s (25 grams) for a few onths, and recommended some supplements. After 3 months of no change, and no way to monitor me, he told me to go to a cancer clinic.

I found a naturopathic doctor, with my sister’s help, in California, that had more experience, and would give me higher amounts of C intravenously, up to 100 grams, along with other treatments often used at the cancer clinics. Also, his wife is a nutritionist who is very experienced with EDS (electro-dermal screening) testing and could evalute my cancer energetically, as well as test me on which IV’s and how much I could tolerate and benefit from. I went there for 10 days in May 2008, and they started me on a 14-day liver cleanse. She determined that my liver was not processing out the estrogen and therefore it built up in my breast and created a growth.

I returned to California for the whole months of June and September, 2008. They continued to treat me and monitor me. Many of the supplements I have taken are described in your book. I also juiced, and still juice, almost everyday, and have tried a vegetarian diet, but found that I do better with small amounts of organic meat, and, of course, no sugar. I have continued to do coffee enemas, colonics and infared saunas. I have had cesium IV’s, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide, along with the vitamin C IV’s.

Back in Georgia, the ND that I saw before was willing to work with the one in Califonria so I was able to continue the 75-100 gram vitamin C IV’s here, for many months, and continued with diet, supplements, juicing, colonics, coffee enemas, and saunas. In May, 2009,I started using Iscador injections and also started working with a chiropractor who is trained in German New Medicine.

My cancer markers never have shown up in the blood. With the EDS testing the cancer level started at 200x in May of 2008, then by the end of September it went down to 12x. It stayed there for a while, but by the end of May 2009, it was only at 6x. I go for another evaluation next month (September, 2009), and I believe it will be “0”. I will let you know.

I have also had many thermographies to monitor me. The last one showed very positive cooling at the center of the tumor. My story is not finished, but is progressing well.

Please feel free to use my name and e-mail, if you want. If you or anyone else has more questions about any of my treatments, please e-mail me at

Just a side note, I do believe that the German New Medicine has been very helpful in healing me. I not only feel the difference emotionally, but I had a big shift in the EDS readings after my first 2 visits with the doctor using the German New Medcine. I have now gone to him for 4 months, and he has continued to help me feel even better.

Thank you,

Susan McLaughlin”

Well, thank YOU, Susan for your great, positive healing story and for offering to communicate with people.




The Cancer Control Society’s annual Convention is coming up soon (like next weekend). If you’re anywhere in the Southern California area, you should try to attend it. It starts on Saturday, September 5th and finishes up on Monday afternoon, September 7th.

This convention has been held for 37 years now. For the last few years, it has been in the same location. It is the Sheraton Universal hotel in Universal City, California. Universal City is a suburb of Los Angeles. The closest airport is Burbank, if you can get in there (not nearly as many flights as into L.A. International). The address of the hotel is 333 Universal Terrace Parkway, Universal City, California 91608. You can find more information at

They always have an outstanding lineup of speakers. The price is reasonable — just $40 a day for all events or $20 a day for just the exhibits. This year there are 42 speakers during the 3 days. I am talking at 11:00 AM on Monday, September 7th. I would love to meet any of you who can make it. There are also a hundred or so booths sponsored by suppliers of alternative cancer healing products and services. My publicist and I will have a small booth where we will be offering my book “Cancer-Free” on a two for one deal. Come see us.

Here are some examples of the speakers and topics:

Hal Huggins, D.D.S. will talk about “Toxic Dentistry and Cancer.”
Charlotte Gerson, Founder of the Gerson Institute in Tijuana will talk about “Healing Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases.”
Francisco Contreras, M.D., whose grandfather invented IPT will talk about “46 Years of Metabolic Therapy.”
Thomas Levy, M.D. and author of two books on Vitamin C will talk about “Glutathione, Vitamin C and Cancer.”
Lorraine Day, M.D. will talk about “Alive & Well And Cancer Free 17 Years Later.”
Gilberto Alvarez, M.D. will talk about “Laetrile Therapy & Hyperthermia for Breast & Prostate Cancers at Stella Maris Clinic.”
Tony Jimenez, M.D. will talk about “Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy & Cancer.”
David Steinman, Author, will talk about “Flor-Essence, Systemic Enzymes & Flax Lignans Against Cancer.”

My talk on Monday has been assigned the title “Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Therapies.” Guess what I’m really going to talk about. Can’t guess? See the first item above in this newsletter. This is a “sneak attack.” The lady who schedules the speakers didn’t want me to talk about it. But, risking not being invited back, I’m going to try to give the audience the best “take-home” message I can.

If you can’t make it (and most of you can’t, I know), there is an opportunity to get a DVD of each of the 42 talks after the convention is over. The price is reasonable. I’ll let you know in next month’s newsletter exactly how to order them.



I was really startled the other day to read this article by Jim Campbell in the newsletter “Healthier Talk.” I hope it helps those of you taking multiple medications. Moral: Don’t trust your doctor to know what the interactions of various medications are. Deaths from taking prescription drugs as prescribed exceed 100,000 per year in the U.S. alone.

Here is Jim’s article:

“Dear Reader,

Last week, the mother of a close friend died accidentally after taking a lethal combination of prescription drugs.

Susan was a vibrant woman with an infectious laugh and a wicked sense of humor – but she also had multiple sclerosis, which required a great deal of medication to regulate her symptoms. It would stand to reason that the doctor prescribing these pills would know exactly which medications could be taken together and which ones were too dangerous to mix, right?


In a rather unnerving twist of fate, I posted an article by Christine O’Brien the same day Susan died that revealed some shocking survey results: prescription peddlers could only identify fewer than half of drug pairs with potentially dangerous interactions.

Fewer than half? In any school I’ve been that is considered abject failure, plain and simple. And in this case the doctor’s failure cost Susan her life, robbed my friend of her mother and devastated an entire family.

You can find the O’Brien article here. It includes a link to a drug interaction checker that is absolutely crucial to anyone taking prescription medications. It is unfortunate that we can’t count on doctors to keep us safe and we have to take on the burden of finding this information ourselves. But with survey results like these it’s the best way to make sure you or your loved ones don’t go through what Susan’s family had to.

To Your Health,

Jim Campbell
Managing Editor”

Apparently I’m typical. I don’t take any prescription drugs now. However, by using the drug interaction checker above, I found that two of the prescriptions I had been given before had a severe reaction. My doctor knew what I was taking, but never warned me of any interaction. I also found that one of the drugs had a severe reaction with grapefruit juice! I was never informed of that either. Beware, folks. In case you can’t get to the link in the article referred to above, the drug interaction checker web site is:


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail: “How to Live Cancer-Free” Listen anytime.


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.