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Cancer Is A Fungus

This may be one of the most important pieces of information about cancer I’ve shared with you in the last seven years of writing this newsletter.

Got your attention?

OK. Finally, last week, I learned that the work of Dr. Tullio Simoncini, the Italian oncologist, had been translated into English. You may have heard of him. He’s been in the news lately. He has been healing cancer patients using sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for some number of years now. You can learn about his work and buy his book, “Cancer Is A Fungus” in printed form at:

Get this, now. What he’s saying is that the microbe that gets into the cell and causes it to become a fermenting (cancer) cell is nothing other than candida. And treating it requires nothing more than getting baking soda next to the area with the cancer cells and the cells die. That may be a bit over-simplified, but not much.

I’ve ordered his book but haven’t received it yet. There are some interesting videos at the web site and a lot of other information. For example, here is the list of cancers which he says he has treated successfully with the sodium bicarbonate:

Oropharynx cancer
Stomach cancer
Liver cancer
Peritoneal carcinosis
Intestinal cancer
Cancer of the spleen
Tumour of the pancreas
Bladder tumour
Prostate tumour
Pleura tumour
Tumours of limbs
Brain cancer
Lung cancer
Breast cancer
Skin cancer

Impressive list, no? His information on procedures is getting out to the true holistic physicians. I only have space to quote two. Here is an excerpt from an e-mail from Dr. Dana Flavin. Dr. Flavin is a cancer doctor from Connecticut:

“Dr. Simoncini is reversing cancers with 5% solution of baking soda in the artery at the tumor. 6 days on, 6 days off. After 4 sessions the tumors are gone. Breast, pancreas, colon, brain, lung, etc. He also treats peritoneal carcinomatosus, with intra-peritoneal therapies. He has the patients rotate ¼ of a turn every 15 minutes for one hour to cover the whole area. He says it is getting rid of fungi. I think it is also adding back oxygen by pulling off the hydrogen and adding the CO2, as well as creating an environment that is not palatable for fungi. Tumors hate oxygen and so do fungi…they said it worked better with cisplatin and guess what? Cisplatin is toxic to fungi. Isn’t this almost the most ironic thing you ever heard of? Sometimes I just smile and think how simple God has made things and how complicated we have interpreted it.”

Dr. Flavin recommended another web site:

There you’ll find several videos, including videos of Dr. Simoncini’s lectures on the topic and some patient testimonies.


Here are some comments on Dr. Simoncini’s work by another holistic physician I trust. Dr. Sircus is a member of an online forum of physicians run by Dr. Garry Gordon. I met Dr. Gordon at the new author seminar in Philadelphia last month. He is a wonderfully well-informed doctor. In fact, he is the co-founder of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM). The most encouraging thing to me is that all these people we’re talking about here are M.D.’s. Dr. Sircus, who I quote here, is also wonderfully competent. I will have to edit his comments somewhat, so bear with me:

“Dr. Tullio Simoncini insists that the sodium bicarbonate treatments be given by themselves. I have some other ideas about how best to mix in the important vitamin C into the treatment but I need to cover some other things first. To answer another question posed, yes bicarbonate can be used for many things both acute and chronic and it is even an excellent pain reliever but is not recommended for long term preventive use by Tullio because he said the body will become resistant to its action. But it can be given orally and once every four hours up to a teaspoon around the clock…


I would like to share my evolving ideas that put bicarbonate at the heart of cancer treatment but as everyone on this list knows we cannot ignore the heavy metals and the damage they have created. I am about to release ‘Survival Medicine for the 21St Century’ in a few weeks as a medical course and inside will be about a 120-page section on bicarbonate treatments and all things related; much more actually because related to the cancer and bicarbonate materials is the entirely new protocol that is growing out of what I am calling ‘Natural Allopathic Medicine.’


At the core of this new approach are several substances namely the bicarbonate, magnesium chloride, iodine and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). …three out of these four are emergency room medicines that we can use in natural forms.


Last night I talked to a friend and medical researcher who swears that magnesium chloride when applied transdermally heals skin cancer quickly. The protocol for breast cancer and all skin cancers by Dr. Simoncini is a seven percent iodine solution applied topically. In “Survival Medicine” I propose using both. I have another personal friend who was able to completely clear her serious fibroid breast problems with the magnesium chloride applied transdermally.


Part of Simoncini’s protocol for the breast cancer also includes local bicarbonate injections, which sometimes causes swelling, according to him, though.


So for instance something we can try out is alternating with the bicarbonate treatments could be magnesium chloride IVs and perhaps the vitamin C could be added to that. My friend who has seen results for himself and others with the transdermal magnesium chloride insists it would do the same internally when used and directed toward tumors and you know what, I bet he is right. Even if he is wrong he is right because IV magnesium treatments are incredibly useful medically speaking and saves lives all the time when used in emergency situations.


Magnesium levels go down according to Tullio when using the bicarbonate treatment. So does potassium so, for sure, it will be more than helpful. Please realize I wrote the book “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy” and I never thought I would be talking about using magnesium in IVs for cancer.


Magnesium chloride to me is the number one heavyweight champion of the medical world and is the very first thing I start patients on. In cancer treatments if it did not kill tumors outright it certainly would support enzyme production, ATP production, help with the bicarbonate treatments by opening up the blood vessels and a whole range of other benefits.


I would love to start a small group of doctors from this list who are interested in working with bicarbonate treatments. I will be doing that in conjunction with Dr. Simoncini who has just finished visiting the US where he did two lectures to doctors on his work. Not sure if he would join the group himself but I can consult with him as needed.


There is a lot to learn and I have put only parts on paper but, for instance, brain and liver cancers are the most problematic with side effects from bicarbonate. In treating brain masses a coma like state can occur. If someone has liver problems in any scenario, edema will result from the bicarbonate injections. Despite these reactions that we all need to learn about, according to Simoncini they can be easily managed and overcome leading to successful cures of most cancers.


But let’s take the cancer industrial complex terror machine by storm. This makes perfect sense and when we really get into the mercury, fungus, immune repression, pH acid framework of mind that leads to intense infection and heavy metal retention we will really be sold on using something so simple, safe, inexpensive and powerful. My God what could be more important with people dropping dead around us like flies from cancer? People we love and our patients……..


Best Regards,


Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD

I hope you see the degree to which the real holistic physicians are waking up to the potential of this treatment of cancer as a fungus. You may recall from my book that I recommend Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan as the best immune stimulant. One of the main reasons is that it activates the neutrophil immune system cells. It does it by installing a receptor which makes these cells see cancer cells as (guess what?) — a fungus! Otherwise, these cells, which account for 50-55% of your immune system, are not engaged in the fight against cancer cells.


Meanwhile, this week, I’ve received information from another source on this subject. Maymie White, a long time reader, sent me this e-mail:

“Bill you may be interested in checking this individual out. His name is Doug Kaufman who has a web site and TV show.


His TV programs are on Satellite Dish Channel 321 at 11:00 AM to 12 Noon M-F and Channel 378 at 1 PM.


His research indicates that fungus is the root cause for most cancers and he explains the anti-fungal treatments and diet. He makes a lot of sense to me.


Thanks for all your great information and efforts to help us all.


Maymie White”

I looked at Doug Kaufman’s web site and I certainly agree with Maymie. He makes a lot of sense.

I’m researching resources (doctors, clinics, etc.) prepared to use Dr. Simoncini’s treatments in the U.S. and other countries. I’ll let you know my results in my next newsletter. Meanwhile, read up on this idea and use this information to critique your cancer doctor’s suggested treatments.



In the short newsletter I sent you on July 8th, I briefly mentioned Susan Van Iterson and the research being done in Canada on the “Bill Henderson Protocol.” This was premature. Not only is Susan not ready to declare herself completely “cancer-free,” the research project is still in the defining stage and not nearly ready to contact any of you. When things have gelled a bit more, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’m sorry, Susan, for the premature remarks.



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Wanna see what I consider the best comment yet on Michael Moore’s movie “SICKO?” Just take a look at Dr. Mark Hyman’s comments. He’s a young M.D. I highly respect. I hope you will, too, after seeing this video:

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