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Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez — A True Healer
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Welcome to this 110th issue of my newsletter. About 20 months worth of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

New Fun At My Website

My website just got a lot more interesting. It’s now a combination of “Podcast Alley,” “flickr” and “You’re The Author.”

We’re going to have fun with these new features. I already have. Now it’s your turn. Take a look at the first two “podcasts” (just a new way of describing an Internet radio show) on my site.


The first is an interview I did with Elaine Hollingsworth, the Director of the Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia. Elaine is a true natural health crusader and has been for over 50 years. She is also a best-selling author. Her book “Take Charge Of Your Health and Escape The ‘Sickness’ Industry” is in its 10th edition. You can buy it at or by calling (800) 984-0064. It’s helped Terry and I tremendously.

Elaine and I talked about something she is passionate about — the prescription skin cream Aldara. It is frequently prescribed for skin cancer and is deadly – literally. People are dying or getting very sick from its use as prescribed.

Listen to our 19 minute interview and then read a comment which has already been posted on it by another Aussie. Lesley Davison tells us about her family’s experience using vinegar (yes, I said vinegar) to heal skin cancers.


Some instructions may be useful at first. Go to the website page below. Then, scroll down and listen to the tape of the interview with Elaine Hollingsworth. Then, below that, click on the phrase “Click here to share your comments.” You may want to enter a comment of your own. Comments can be up to 3,000 words and can include a picture. But, if you want to just read Les (she calls herself “Les”) Davison’s comment, scroll down on the page where you enter comments and you’ll see her entry under “See Some Other Visitor Stories.” You will even have a chance to rate the comments with up to 5 stars. Here’s the website page:


The next podcast interview on the web page above is with Dr. Bradley Nelson. Dr. Brad is one of the most interesting people I’ve met. He tells you exactly how to heal yourself emotionally and physically in his wonderful book “The Emotion Code.” Of course, you don’t get the full procedure in the 19-minute interview tape, but you’ll get the idea. It is quite simple. Terry and I have used his technique to identify and release “trapped emotions.” We are lucky that ours haven’t caused us major physical problems. But lots of Dr. Brad’s patients have been healed of serious disease (including cancer) using his technique. He even heals animals with it. Fascinating!!

Use the same technique above to listen to the tape of the interview with Dr. Nelson. Enter a comment. You can find his book “The Emotion Code” at his website or on

You can use the comment routine described above to enter comments about Dr. Nelson’s interview or rate the ones that are there. It’s a great way to get your message to “the world.” I have readers of this newsletter in 58 countries — about 8,500 of you at last count. Let’s share all this great information you’ve been sending me that I can never seem to find space for in my newsletter.

I’ll be doing more interviews soon. I expect to get at least a couple this weekend when I attend the Cancer Control Society’s convention in Los Angeles.


I’ve used the same “enter comment” procedure described above to solicit your testimonials, suggested improvements or anything else you want to say about me and my books. You will find that link at the top of this website page:

Let’s use this great new technique to communicate more with each other. I’d just like to see what some of you look like. Don’t forget to include a picture of you and your family when you enter your comment. Your comment and picture become a whole new web page on my website.

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez — A True Healer

I have been fascinated with the work of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez of New York City for several years now. I was fortunate enough to have one of you (can’t remember who now) send me a link to a wonderful article in which he is interviewed earlier this year at length about his work with cancer patients.

Dr. Gonzalez has used pancreatic enzymes and a carefully tailored nutritional regime to heal cancer patients for the last twenty years. He studied the work of Dr. William Donald Kelley, the famous maverick dentist. Dr. Kelley healed himself of pancreatic cancer and went on to treat 33,000 more cancer patients with better than a 90% success rate. He was continuously harrassed by the medical mafia, just as Dr. Gonzalez has been.

The article below gives you a complete account of how Dr. Gonzalez became convinced that Dr. Kelley’s approach using pancreatic enzymes was the best way to treat all cancers. He has treated cancer patients with success rates similar to Dr. Kelley’s for the last 20 years.

In the interview, Dr. Gonzalez tells how he spent seven years working with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) on a study. It was supposed to prove the validity of his healing procedure. But, as you’ll see (you gotta read this article), the NCI deliberately botched the design of the study. They tried to study Dr. Gonzalez therapy just the way they would study two competing chemotherapy drugs. Of course, as he kept trying to tell them, the design of the study resulted in garbage information. The frustration Dr. Gonzalez experienced is typical of medical pioneers who try to play the game according to the rules made by the “powers that be.”

Anyway, please print out this article and read it. You can skip printing Dr. Gonzalez’ picture (the first page). Beyond that, it is eleven pages of fascinating information. You’ll find, for instance, that Dr. Gonzalez and his partner, Dr. Linda Isaacs, pick their patients carefully. They feel they can evaluate the likelihood of success of their treatment up front. It has to do primarily with what they call the “compliance” of the patient. They have at least ten different nutritional regimens which they assign based on the patient’s metabolic type. Of course, their “cherry picking” of patients affects favorably their success rate.

Interested? I hope so. This article will give you a very clear picture of this treatment and its history. Here’s the link:

A Reader’s Story — Lynda Carpenter

Here is a truly inspiring story of healing I received from Lynda Carpenter just a few days ago.

“Subject: I am Cancer Free in 6 months


Hi Bill,


I followed everything you said as closely as I could and you can add another success story to the list – it worked. My cancer markers came back 100% normal. I am still working on the Navarro urine test – it still shows me at 56 and trending down.


I thought that you would like to know the difference you have made in my life. A breast cancer contemporary (she had surgery by the same surgeon I did a couple weeks earlier than I did) just finished her last round of chemo. That is where I would be if it weren’t for you. I shared your website and everything that I have done with her. She did not have the discipline to stick to it and decided that her only hope was chemo and radiation. I really fear for her.


I do have a question. My husband is still very active on Johns Hopkins support website for pancreatic cancer as he lost his first wife to PC. He has shared our success and a few have asked what we have done. I put together a 10 page summary that directs them to your site. Most, if not all, have already done some radiation and/or chemo. I tell them buy your book and do the coaching session.


Here is a link to a study done at University of California – Berkeley using I3C instead of tamoxifen. You may find it useful. I take I3C daily.


Thanks again for all your time and effort.



Thank you, Lynda, for the wonderful story of recovery and the information on Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C). If you are a breast cancer patient or survivor, you will particularly find this study pertinent. It’s sceintific “gobbledy-gook” but the bottom line is you should ask your doctor about this natural substance which truly helps breast cancer patients recover much more effectively than tamoxifen or any other drug.



I did something really stupid in my book “Cancer-Free” and I need to apologize to the Barlean family. They’re the makers of the wonderful flaxseed oil and greens that many of you use. I told you in the book about the Barleans company and their compassionate program to sell their flaxseed oil to cancer patients at the wholesale price. Without checking, I assumed that this program was the result of the Barlean family’s experience with cancer. I said “They have apparently had a lot of cancer in the Barleans family.” Well, a close friend of the Barlean family wrote me and said she was sure they had never had any cancer in their family and would I please retract that statement. Well, it’s hard to “unshoot the gun” at this point because it is published in my book. I apologize to the Barlean family and I will eliminate that statement from the next edition of my book.



You probably won’t be surprised when I suggest that most doctors know little or nothing about nutrition. Unfortunately, this ignorance is even more serious than I thought. It has resulted in many misdiagnoses — of all kinds, including cancers. This fact has been well documented in a book that was published last year. The book is “Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses” by Sally Pacholok, RN and her husband Jeffrey Stuart, DO. You can buy this book on for as little as $7.63. Here’s an MD’s review of the book from the website:

“18 of 18 people found the following review helpful:


This book accurately chronicles the devastation caused by B12 deficiency


September 8, 2006
By John V. Dommisse MD (Tucson, AZ United States)


I am an MD, a nutritional physician, and a psychiatrist (Canadian-board- certified) who has been studying vitamin B12 extensively since 1976, and applying that knowledge in my private nutritional, metabolic and psychiatric practice in Tucson AZ since 1994 (and Portsmouth VA before that).


This book is an outstanding compilation of anecdotes, references and experiences on the ‘underground devastator’ of our society. The reason why this is not common knowledge in the medical profession in the US is because the laboratory ‘normal range’ is way too low. In Japan the range is 2.5 times higher at its low end – and Japan has very little ‘Alzheimer’s Dementia,’ and less depression and bipolar disorders, than we do in the US.


In the 26 years that I have been investigating B12, memory disorders and depressive/bipolar illnesses, NO patient who came to me with a memory problem (early Alzheimer’s) has gone on to Alzheimer’s dementia, and I have a near-perfect track record in helping people overcome depression and bipolar disorders. These outcomes are largely due to my permanent optimization of every patient’s serum B12 level.


Congratulations to Ms. Sally Pacholok RN on an outstanding recording of most of the important facts and treatments for this serious condition. I believe it to be the best book out there for a combination of both medical and lay readers on this condition.


[To anyone reading this review: Please do not simply go and buy B12 tablets or lozenges and start taking them, before getting an accurate serum level measured.]


John V Dommisse MD, MBChB, FRCP(C)
Tucson, AZ, USA”



When people in other countries begin commenting on one of our presidential candidates, I sit up and take notice. Here are some interesting comments on Ron Paul from people all over the world. Shouldn’t we be paying more attention to this guy?

OK, enough for this time. I’ll be back soon with another newsletter.

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Bill Henderson
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