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Hard To Believe — But True!

When was the last time a vendor offered you a lower price — and agreed to give you the discount if you had already bought the product? Never? Same here. That’s why I was amazed this week when I found out that Princess Cruises has lowered the prices for cabins on the Heal Yourself Cruise in February, 2011.

Here are the facts. The Aqua Class cabin price has been lowered by $349 per person. The Balcony cabin price is $149.00 per person less. And the Inside cabin price is $120.00 per person less. And, get this…those who have already signed up get the reduced prices.

Let me review the basics about this cruise with you. For seven days, February 12th through February 19th in 2011, Martin (a Stage IV cancer survivor) and Joyce Erb have arranged a cruise on the Celebrity Lines newest ship, the Eclipse. Take a look at it on the left.

They call it the “Heal Yourself Cruise.” On three of the seven days, there will be all-day sessions where Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D., Dr. John Lubecki, D.C. and yours truly will try to pass on to you all the information we have about healing. On the other four days, there will be evening sessions.

Joyce Erb told me this week they have added another world class expert on cancer, Susan Silberstein. So there will now be four of us sharing our vast array of experience with healing with you. Here’s what Joyce says about who should consider joining us on this cruise:

* People who are proactive with their health.
* Survivors of any disease.
* People who want to prevent disease.
* People who want to maintain health after a disease.
* Anyone who just wants to have a lot of fun!

To get all the information on this cruise and sign up, just go to Only a small deposit is required to hold your cabin. We’re filling up, so I suggest you get busy with signing up right now.

You’ll also find some great recipes Joyce Erb has put together for you. Take a look at her most recent addition:



“From Death’s Dark Door Back To Life”

I like Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby’s “Letter From Serendipity” newsletter. I don’t usually like to just lift items from other people’s newsletters. This one is so interesting, however, I’m going to make an exeception. I’ll quote Dr. Scott-Mumby’s description of it. I urge you to sign up for his newsletter. It is free. Just go to Here’s his article:

“Thomas Levy MD (LivOn Labs) sent me a fabulous link. It’s from New Zealand TV, so most of you may not have seen it. It tells the story of a man in a coma. The doctors wanted to turn off the life support machines; the family refused and fought (yes, really had to fight) to get the doctors to try IV vitamin C therapy.

The result? Aw, c’mon, you can guess!

Guy wakes up, lives happily ever after (well, nearly). You’ll see him flying his aeroplane, instead of pushing up daisies!

I’ve seen the AWESOME power of IV vitamin C over the years. Trouble is, the people who need it most (folks in hospital) are never likely to get it. But just remember this story: if you really fight HARD you may get them to do it and so save the life of a loved one.

Here’s the link: Vitamin C miracle man (have some Kleenex handy).

What is staggering to the layman is the sheer bone-headed arrogance and criminal negligence of the doctors, who outright refused to use vitamin C, despite clear evidence it was bringing the man out of the coma.

Thomas Levy has a commercial interest in Lypo-Spheric (liposomal) Vitamin C, featured in the video. So I know he’s pretty delighted with the story, which has now gone round and round the world, many times! You can get some yourself here (I take it):”

Thank you, Dr. Keith, for a truly inspiring story. Hopefully, it will encourage more of us to be proactive when evaluating what doctors are doing to our loved ones. You gotta fight ’em, folks.


Beware — It’s Flu Shot Time

Watch out, folks. The flu shot mongers have started up again. You’re being urged to get one for yourself and your children. Well, here’s some vital information you need on this year’s flu shot. It is a video of an interview Dr. Joe Mercola did with Dr. Barbara Loe Fisher, the Director of the National Vaccine Information Center. She is a true expert on the flu shot. What she points out is that the flu shot this year is a combination of the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 vaccine from last year. There is lots of evidence that this combination is not safe. The shots contain mercury. The deaths from H1N1 last year were minor, not “pandemic.” There is no reason for anyone, child or adult, to be forced to take this shot for any reason.

Please watch this video and then vow to take a healthy dose of Vitamin D3 (10,000 I.U. or so per day) and to give your kids a healthy dose, too (at least 5,000 I.U. per day). This will make any vaccination for the flu totally unnecessary. Let me repeat again a couple of great sources for the 5,000 I.U. tiny Vitamin D3 gelcaps I take every day. Here they are: and

Now here’s the video I suggest you watch to the finish (it’s only 32 minutes long):

Flu Shot Video.

Here’s another slant on this important story. It seems that Australia has had some real problems with this same flu shot this year. Remember, it is now in the middle of winter in Australia. They have been like the “canary in the mine” for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s what Mike Adams said last week in the Natural News newsletter:

“After dozens of children showed up in Australian hospitals with convulsions, vomiting and seizures following seasonal flu vaccines, the Australian government took the unprecedented step of banning the flu vaccine for children there.

This same vaccine is imported into the United States to be injected in American children, by the way.

Read more in my report:


Word to the wise. Vitamin D3 instead of vaccines. Save yourself and your children from the dangers of the flu vaccine.


A Big Pharma Rep Confesses

My friend, Wendell Wamboldt, a wonderful natural health expert from Halifax, Nova Scotia, sent me a really interesting e-mail last week. I want to share it with you. It is a very unusual snippet of information on the corruption of the pharmaceutical companies from a real “insider.” They don’t want you to heal. We know this intuitively. Well, here’s proof from someone who really knows. Here’s Wendell’s e-mail:

“Has this been a LONG time coming!!! Short video from a Gwen Olsen, FIFTEEN year pharmaceutical rep who could no longer stand the colossal FRAUD of working for her industry and exposes some amazing TRUTHS about Big Pharma and how they get you ‘hooked’ on their DRUGS for LIFE with no desire for any CURES! Why??? Simply, it would put them ‘out of business’ and that will never happen! They literally OWN most of the N. American media and have so many lobbyists in Washington that the MONEY that flows from them to buy off politicians AND Gov’t. would literally be more than enough to run the economies of several countries! And she was one of the BEST at her job, so she knows her subject matter! Excellent video!!!!

Wendell Wamboldt”


A Reader’s Story — Anonymous

Here’s an interesting story about prostate cancer healing. The author has asked me not to publish his name. He did say, however, that I could give his contact information to anyone who wants to ask me for it. So, if you want to talk to him, just send me an e-mail at

“Greetings Bill! I purchased your book and called you six years ago. Unfortunately it was after a prostatectomy … but fortunately before doing the chemo and radiation my doctors were recommending. The long and short of it; went in for my 50-year-old checkup and found I had an elevated PSA score (10.4). Everything went from bad to worse; post surgery revealed Stage IV, Gleason 9. This is the Worst there is.

My last stop with traditional medicine was after hearing the top doctor at the number two research cancer clinic in the country outside my waiting room door. As he read my chart, he said, ‘Why do they keep sending me guys like this! What am I supposed to do with them?’ My wife and I felt it was a death sentence. He then tried to talk me into a variety of chemo studies. Finally, he beat around the bush, asking if I’d agree to donate my tumor to them after I died (no kidding!).

One other thing he told me (in confidence) was that they’re not nearly as close to curing cancer as everyone thinks. He said the more they know about it, the more complicated it becomes.

Then we called you. One month after the day I was supposed to die (my stats said three years), I received my first cancer-free report. I’m at Year Six now and I’m still on your program. I just feel so much better.

On behalf of my whole family, Bill – thank you and may God bless you!!!”




Bob Wright is the Executive Director of the American Anti-Cancer Institute. You can learn about his organization at this

Recently, I reviewed Bob’s new book “Killing Cancer — Not People.” I found it chock full of essential information for all cancer patients. Bob has done a wonderful job compiling information and presenting it in an entertaining and easy-reading manner. I really like this book. It is available in either e-book or paperback form at the above website. Here are a couple of the reviews on the back cover:

“‘Bob gives you here a fabulous ‘User’s manual’ for your body. He says he’s giving you ‘the truth’ and he’s right. I’ve read dozens of books on healing cancer using natural substances – the why and how. This is the best. I’ve written and published three such books myself. This is the best. Bar none.’

– Bill Henderson, Author of ‘Cancer Free’

‘This book is just fantastic! Bob has written a real ‘page turner’ that would be hard for any cancer patient to put down!’

– Maureen Long, Owner, Camelot Cancer Care

‘This book is about truth. Cancer truth. It is not a ‘feel good’ monologue to help stricken Americans come to terms with their out-of-whack cellular systems (cancer). No, this is real life. This is about cause and effect – the breakdown of the human organism and its resurrection by natural means. No smoke and mirrors here. No false statistics, no unproven theories or bogus ‘facts.’ As Joe Friday used to say on ‘Dragnet’, ‘Just the facts, ma’am.’ And that’s all that you’ll find here.’

– Excerpt – ‘Killing Cancer – Not People'”

I think you get the idea. Bob is well-informed and he communicates well his vast store of information to you. Here’s what he says about his plan for the proceeds of this book:

“All net proceeds go to the American Anti-Cancer Institute. Since the AACI is investing itself in research regarding true anti-cancer therapies, treatments, supplements, and protocols, we have decided to choose the Independent Cancer Research Foundation as our first beneficiary of those research dollars. Ten percent of net proceeds from the sale of this work will be dedicated to research by the ICRF as either grant funding or by donation. Also, as you will read in the book, we have begun the capital campaign which is highlighted by the ‘One Million Enemies of Cancer,’ a drive to get ordinary Americans (or from other countries) to donate $5 per month (or more) for a year to help build the new ‘American Anti-Cancer Campus.’ Details are in the book.”

Please buy Bob’s book. Not expensive and you’ll love it!



I just finished reading the best book on prostate cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment I have ever read — and I’ve read several! The book is called “Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers.” You’ll get an idea of its content from the sub-title “No More Unnecessary Biopsies, Radical Treatment or Loss of Sexual Potency.”

The book’s value comes from the qualifications of the two authors. Mark Scholz, M.D. is a medical oncologist. His specialty for the last 15 years has been treating prostate cancer. He is the medical director of Prostate Oncology Specialists, Inc. and the Executive Director of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute. A very distinguished clinician and researcher. His co-author is Ralph Blum, a 20-year prostate cancer survivor who is now 78 (my age). They write alternating chapters and comment at the end of each other’s chapters. A very interesting and attention- keeping format. Both are good authors.

I learned more from this book about my options for dealing with my enlarged prostate (all us seniors have one) than from any other source. I also re-learned that the overtreatment of prostate cancer is a very real danger that all men should be aware of. Dr. Scholz also does a great job of informing you of what’s “coming soon” in the way of new and effective treatment options.

All men need to read this book — and take lots of notes — so they will be ready to evaluate the advice they get from their urologist or oncologist. Essential stuff! It’s available at:

I’ll be interviewing these two authors about this book on my Web Talk Radio show in a couple of weeks.


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
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