Cancer and the Parasite Connection
A Reader’s Story — Arpana Warren


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Cancer and the Parasite Connection

Folks, I’m going to devote most of this newsletter to the article below about parasites and cancer by Dr. Raphael d’Angelo. He was brought to my attention by Jay Gutierrez earlier this year. You may remember that Jay and his wife have healed lots of cancer patients using “radiation hormesis.” You’ll find an article about Jay in my June, 2009 newsletter at:

Jay has found in his wide travels that many cancer patients (about 85%) have serious parasite problems. He has been using a parasite testing service in Africa before he discovered Dr. d’Angelo in Colorado. He has found that Dr. d’Angelo’s testing and prescribing medications has helped many of the cancer patients to recover. Of course, the parasite problem is something almost no doctor in the U.S. ever considers. The only exception I know of is Dr. Simon Yu in St. Louis, Missouri, author of the book “Accidental Cure.”

Jay convinced Dr. d’Angelo to retire from his family medical practice this year and offer his parasite testing service to people like you. This is such a valuable service. There is no other reliable source for this testing that I know of in the U.S. I was delighted to hear that Dr. d’Angelo had decided to follow Jay’s advice. He accoumpanied Jay and his wife to various locations in the U.S. and found the need so great among cancer patients that he decided to offer this service on a full-time basis.

My wife and I have gotten an analysis of our parasite condition from Dr. d’Angelo. My wife was delighted to find that she had no real problems. However, I did. I have been following Dr. d’Angelo’s protocol to rid my body of the various parasites for the last three months. I’m about to get a follow up analysis to see if I have this situation under control.

This is an extremely valuable service. As Dr. d’Angelo points out in the article below, most cancer patients have serious parasite problems. Please read this article and take advantage of this wonderful service.


by Raphael d’Angelo, MD

As an integrative medical doctor I want to share with you the connection between cancers and parasites. Few doctors give much attention to the possibility of parasitic infection when it comes to initiation or continuation of cancers. A partial reason for this is that doctors and patients are under a false belief that our public health and sanitation is effective enough to prevent parasite problems.

Any veterinarian will tell you that our soil and surface water are just as parasite infested as any other part of the world. Some benefit is achieved by water purification. But our food, insect and airborne exposures put us on par with our neighbors in less developed countries of the world.

In practical terms, doctors believe that most people do not really have parasites. This is fostered by the large number of stool parasite tests that are reported negative by conventional labs. As a medical lab technician in my earlier years I can tell you that the responsibility to examine specimens for parasites under the microscope is relegated to a low time and effort priority given all the other testing that labs must accomplish in the course of a day. This is really unfortunate because parasites are present in most people when the specimens are prepared properly and adequate time is spent examining multiple microscope slides thoroughly.

Diagnostic medical parasitology is the branch of medical science that examines body fluids and tissues for the presence of parasites. I have been involved in this since 1966 when I served as an Air Force microbiology technician in Viet Nam. After medical school and a residency in family medicine I continued my career as a parsitologist by setting up and running labs in practices where I worked. Now that I am partially retired, I specialize in parasite exams for people who want to know what is really happening to them.

This brings us to the connection between parasites and cancer. A true statement is that chronic inflammation is a seedbed for chronic degenerative diseases including cancers. In my work with cancer patients, I found that at a certain point in recovery the healing process will plateau and not advance until we uncover the specific parasite problems and correct them.

Parasites come in many forms. Some are actual worms such as tapeworms and roundworms. Others are flukes. Many are single celled protozoans. The fungi such as yeast and molds along with pathogenic bacteria and viruses are parasites. All fulfill the criteria that part or all of their life cycle requires the human host for protection, nutrition or reproduction.

All parasites produce toxic waste. Some of them destroy our cells. Some invade our tissues. Some steal our food. Some do all of these things. As tissues become inflamed from such things happening, cancers can arise. One way to think of cancer is an attempted healing response gone awry.

Gastrointestinal symptoms commonly found with parasites are flatulence, diarrhea, abdominal bloating, abdominal cramping, constipation, malabsorption, maldigestion, bloody or odorous stool, mucus and leaky gut. Systemic symptoms can be one or more of the following: fatigue, nervous/sensory disorders, pain, skin disorders, allergies, nausea, muscle weakness/pain, immune deficiencies, headache, fever, insomnia, night sweats and weight changes.

Who needs a good parasite exam? The truthful answer is – we all do. Let’s take some examples of how we can become parasitized.

The oral route is the most common route into the body. Parasites can be found in the soil that clings to our vegetables. Protozoan single cell parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia can be recovered in drinking water as some resist the chemical treatment and filtration processes. Tapeworms or their eggs can be present in uncooked meats and fish and adhere to our skin during preparation. The pets we love can get us infected when they lick us. Barefoot activities outside can be a source of opportunity for roundworms such as Ascaris to directly penetrate skin. Insects are known to carry a whole host of parasitic organisms. Even treatments such as taking antibiotics can promote difficulties with yeast like Candida.

In a recent month I tested 54 stool specimens. Roundworms were present in 25 people; half were infested with yeast and most had one or more protozoans. What is remarkable is that all the cancer patients had parasites and of those without cancer only one was parasite free! What we think is happening is that the parasites create tissue inflammation and destruction which bogs down the immune system and provides fuel for cancer growth and invasion by yeast. The yeast feed on the dying tissue and they secrete more toxins that further destroy tissue keeping the cycle going. By eliminating the parasites and the yeast the immune system is freed up to do its job of attacking and resolving the cancer.

I offer a very thorough urine and stool parasite testing program to any individual who requests to be checked. My program is called the ParaWellness Research Program. I ask my clients to join the Program as a volunteer Research Associate which allows freedom of exchange of all the information we glean from testing their samples.

Upon your request a specimen collection kit is sent to you. The samples of urine and stool are sent back, processed, thoroughly examined and a report generated. I arrange a time to visit with you by phone regarding the findings and answer questions about their significance and treatment. A hard copy of the report with information about each parasite found and treatment recommendations is sent to you in booklet form. This service is furnished for $297. You can place your request on our new website: or by phone 303-680-2288 (Mountain Time).

My mission continues to be raising awareness of the actual level of our parasite problem and the natural ways of parasite elimination. I stand ready to assist you in this endeavor. Thank you for reading this article.”

About the Author

Dr. Raphael d’Angelo received his medical degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1976 . After seven years as a doctor in the USAF, he has practiced in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Board certified in family medicine and integrative holistic medicine, he has also spent 45 years as a medical laboratory technologist specializing in medical microbiology and parasitology. He holds memberships in the Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene and is a Native American Medicine Man with the Nemenhah band . Dr. d’Angelo works with cancer patients throughout the United States and Canada helping them rid themselves of parasitic conditions.


A Reader’s Story — Arpana Warren

Here is an e-mail I got from an attorney who lives about 20 miles from me. I think you’ll like her account of her experience with cancer. She has indicated that she would be happy to correspond with you by e-mail, if you like.

“Hello, Bill,

I’ve never written to you before, so you won’t know me, but I have a story I want to share with you. I first heard of you when my Mom was dealing with pancreatic cancer, in August of 2008, and I did what I do best (I’m a lawyer…) – I got online and did research! Sadly, with all the research I did, and with wonderful resources like yours, she didn’t make it, and passed away in November, 2008.

While she was sick, I tried everything, including first the Budwig diet (which was too rich for her). Then we went to a raw vegan diet, and finally I took her to an IPT clinic in Mesa, AZ, called An Oasis of Healing, where they provided wonderful alternative care, but it was just too late, or else it was just her time to go, or both.

I went through a lot of emotions in addition to my grief over losing my Mom. Did I do the right thing? What if these treatments didn’t work on anyone? What if all these stories I was reading were made up? Should we have opted for chemo and radiation? You know, on and on like that.

Nonetheless, I remained on the vegan diet, because I felt so much better myself. I had started on it to support my Mom, and found that it is a wonderful lifestyle. Unfortunately, after my mom died, I also realized that sugar is a plant….so slowly I started up on my old bad eating habits again, minus the animal products. Needless to say, I no longer felt as great, began to gain weight, and my energy declined.

Then, last month, I discovered a small tumor on my forehead, which suddenly grew to become a somewhat bigger small tumor, and looked frighteningly like the photos online of melanoma, the nasty kind. I started using Aldara cream (a chemo cream), which I had been given by my dermatologist several years ago to use on those little ‘pre-cancer’ spots that happen. The tumor had a huge reaction to the Aldara, which was an indication that the tissue was indeed cancerous. I stopped using it after only 5 applications because it was making it too sore and inflamed, and it looked and felt horrible.

I went immediately back to juicing and raw foods, and began taking Essiac tea daily. After a week or so, nothing had changed so I upped my intake of Essiac to 4 ounces 3 times a day. This was only 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday I noticed when I got out of the shower that the tumor looked like it was pulling away from my forehead somewhat. There was a tiny bit of blood around the edges of it. It scared me a bit; I didn’t know what was happening. But I just left it alone.

This morning, as I was again drying off after my shower, I accidentally hit it with my towel, and it came about halfway off! This really both scared me and excited me. I started working on it, and in just a couple of minutes, I managed to pull it out of my forehead! It just CAME OUT.

It left a hole there, so I put some Calendula ointment and a band-aid over the wound. I put the tumor in a small jar. I am thinking I should have it biopsied just to be sure what it is.

Bill, around 6 years ago I had Moes surgery for skin cancer and it cost around $2,000 and several weeks of pain and dealing with a surgery wound on my face. This time, it took 2 weeks of drinking green juices and Essiac tea, and the thing just died and came out.

This has not only restored my faith in alternative methods of healing cancer, but it has given me an incredible feeling of relief to know that maybe I did the right thing with my mom after all. What I realize is that, even though she died, her last few months were NOT filled with pain, as so many pancreatic cancer patients suffer. She was virtually pain-free up until the end. That is worth a lot.

I would never have known any of this had I not found your book and your website. So thank you for the tireless work you do to bring this information to the people who need it.

We are practically neighbors – I live just on the other side of Mt. Diablo from you, in San Ramon. I practice law, focusing on estate planning. I want to find some way to get cancer healing information out to my clients and others who may be interested. My goal is to help people plan for the future, and then go out and live long and healthy lives.

Anyway, thanks for reading this long email. I wish you all the best of health and wealth.

Many Blessings,

— Arpana

Arpana Grace Warren
Attorney At Law
P.O. Box 3042 // 18 Crow Canyon Ct., Suite 300
San Ramon, CA 94583

I had a nice conversation with Arpana the other day. She is a dedicated lady who will use her experience, as we all should, as a “wake-up call” and an opportunity to share her experience with others.




For the last couple of weeks, I have been reviewing an unbelievably complete source of medical information. It is called “The Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs & Forbidden Treatments.” Compiled by a company called Medical Research Associates in Seattle, Washington, it is exceptionally complete. The Section on “Specific Ailments” has information on 67 different conditions. The Cancer portion is 25 pages and the Cardiovascular Disease portion is 30 pages. It discusses the causes and both conventional and alternative treatments in layman terms. But there is information on everything from Asthma to Glaucoma to Sleep Apnea.

Among the information in this wonderful reference book is:

==> A $200 in-home device that cures AIDS/HIV.

==> A Seven-Time Nobel Prize Nominee Cures Cancer with 2 common household items.

==> An infra-red helmet that has a 90% success rate in halting the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease.

==> An extremely potent anti-inflammatory breakthrough from mollusks that reduces swollen arthritis joints by 79%.

==> An herb proven on 15,000 cardiac patients to eliminate heart disease.

I particularly liked the section on Pain Relievers. It covers 17 natural pain relievers such as DMSO, Penetran Plus and The MVT Relief. In the section on General Treatment Methods, there is information on 17 things that contribute to general health and longevity, including Iodine, Prolotherapy, Resveratrol, Photoluminescence and Olive Leaf Extract.

Another feature I like is their website. Once you buy this Encyclopedia, you get access to their members website. It has updates to the information in the printed (or digital) version of the book and you get access to it forever.

To get this great resource, just click here.


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Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

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