Got Pain?  — Check out PowerStrips
Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer — And Amino Acids and Cancer
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September is “vacation month” for me and my wife.  We are going to spend a week in Paris, a couple of days in New York and a week at Lake Tahoe.  No newsletter in September, folks.  See you again in October.

Got Pain?  —  Check Out PowerStrips

I’ve recently discovered something that has helped relieve pain in my left shoulder from a muscle pull about 10 years ago in the gym that caused “neuro-toxin” pain which has been continuous.  It doesn’t bother me except at night when I can’t sleep on that side without experiencing rather severe pain.  I’ve tried several things which have worked, at best, temporarily.  Here’s some information on something I’ve tried recently which did a great job of relieving that pain.  It took a couple of weeks, but it has definitely reduced it considerably.  For those of you with cancer, this product has more benefits (see below).

I have no financial interest in this product and never will.  But I talk to so many of you every day who have severe pain from cancer and other sources that I felt I had to bring this one to your attention.  If you have any form of chronic pain, or if you have a cancer diagnosis, I’d try this product.  If you do, please let me know what you think of it.

The FDA recently added to its list of Class 1 Medical Devices “PowerStrips,” a safe and natural topical patch for the relief of pain and discomfort. Combining modern wave-form technology and ancient healing ingredients, this new product is designed to activate far-infrared (FIR) wavelengths to deliver several powerful nutrients deep into the body—producing a whole range of health benefits.

For people dealing with cancer and its treatments, PowerStrips are an extraordinary tool for pain and a host of related symptoms. Users report relief from anxiety, depression, and post-surgery pain; increased energy, mental clarity, and range of motion; sleep improvement; and significant reduction of inflammation. Here’s a testimonial from one of my loyal readers, Jennifer Hawthorne:

“After trying for three years to heal breast cancer naturally, I finally had to face the harsh reality of surgery. Despite the best laser surgery available, I lost feeling down my arm, a common side effect of lymph-node removal. Eighteen months later, however, after using PowerStrips for less than two months, all feeling has returned to my arm!”

Wendy, another PowerStrips user with Stage 4 breast cancer, describes her first day with the strips. When she woke up that morning, she felt as if she had a broken rib in her back—every time she breathed, it hurt. She says she put a patch on her back, and within ten minutes—no more pain.


1. A water-soluble adhesive, gentle to the skin, to make regular use easy and comfortable.

2. Germanium-based far-infrared, which activates the nitric oxide pathways in the body to bring oxygen to every cell and transport metabolic wastes out of the body.

3. Korean red ginseng is known to manage pain and stress, improve the immune system, increase relaxation, improve cognitive function, normalize blood pressure—and more! This ginseng contains the highest number of saponins (32), whose benefits include anti-tumor activity. Saponins are partially destroyed in the digestive tract, making a topical transdermal application ideal.

4. Marine phytoplankton, a proprietary blend found to be one of the best, pure, single sources of nutrition found in one place. It boosts the immune system, elevates mood and a sense of well-being, and provides the body with all the tools cells require to restore or maintain health.

5. Silver (ionic), the well-known anti-microbial that protects against infection.

Research in China has shown that Korean ginseng increases immune cell activity in the body, including the activity of T-cell and lymphocytes, which are instrumental in fighting cancer and other immune system disorders. The patented marine phytoplankton in the PowerStrips has been found in full double-blind medical studies at the University of Utah to significantly increase CD3 measures (presence of T- lymphocytes), primarily responsible for the elimination of internally manufactured antigens (viruses, bacteria, etc.) in organs and tissues.

PowerStrips, created by Dr. Minsu Kim of the Future Engineering Institute, University of Korea, are worn daily and/or as desired, anywhere on the body where there is pain, stiffness, or discomfort. They work well with any other healing modality, helping the body to heal itself.

For more information, please visit:

Medicinal Mushrooms and Cancer — And Amino Acids and Cancer

Since the early days of this newsletter in 2000, I have  been promoting mushroom extracts as a great way to heal cancer.  Two of the immune boosting products I recommended before I discovered the Transfer Point Beta Glucan I recommend now were MGN-3 (a mixture of several mushroom extracts) and RM-10 Ultra (a mixture of 10 mushroom extracts).

Here’s a repeat of a short article from my newsletter a year ago about a firm I recommend you explore which is distributing information on medicinal mushrooms and cancer specifically to benefit people like you.



I’m sure you’ve heard a lot over the years, as I have, about the healing power of mushrooms. Here is a website of a new organization, non-profit yet, which is dedicated to assembling all the information about mushrooms and healing at one site. 


Here’s what Jukka Tolonen, the gentleman who sent me this information, said about their organization: 


‘We don’t sell any products, which gives us leeway in terms of the FDA to fully describe medicinal benefits without them becoming medical claims on specific products. I just wanted to share this resource with you. We’re operating as a non-profit at this point. It’s our way of giving back after getting some incredible health benefits from medicinal mushrooms.


Please feel free to share the resource with anyone you’d like. There are almost 50 articles / research studies about medicinal mushrooms and cancer.’


Here’s the website”

If you haven’t already explored this website, I’d sure do it now.  Then just last week, Jukka sent me another e-mail to tell me of a new website you may want to explore.  Here’s his e-mail:

“I continue following your site and I think you are doing a great job!


Feel free to remind your visitors about us.  We also launched Amino Acid Information Center in December at and it is growing even faster than the Medicinal Mushroom Information Center.


While it is focusing on a wide variety of health issues, it does have about 30 articles about amino acids’ health benefits on cancer. Again, no advertising is accepted and no products are sold. I’m certain your readers might appreciate the scientific information.


Keep up the good job, Bill!


Jukka Tolonen”

Joe Johnson Interviews Me — Wanna Watch?

Joe Johnson, the son of Dr. Michael Johnson, D.C. interviewed me last week and posted it on the Internet.  You can watch it now, if you like. Joe is a very interesting young man.  Here’s how he describes his own mission:

“I help young men recently diagnosed with cancer to feed their bodies, nourish their souls, and starve cancer cells.”

This young dude (he’s about 27 years old) is inspirational to me.  As I told him, he is looking forward to a wonderfully fulfilling life.  He has discovered the joy of helping others a full 40 years or so before I did.  Here’s a link to the interview I did with Joe.  It runs about 40 minutes:

Microwave And The Risk Of Cancer? by Dr. Janey Little

As you know if you read last month’s newsletter, I admire Dr. Janey Little, M.D. from South Africa for her great knowledge of cancer and its healing using natural methods.  Here’s an article she wrote recently about microwave ovens and their effect on cancer.  If I were you, I’d pay heed to her warnings here:

“The ubiquitous microwave oven, loved for its convenience in defrosting, reheating and preparing meals in a matter of minutes may not be quite the indispensable kitchen asset you once thought.  Based on an alternating current, the microwave oven creates an electromagnetic radiation that forces the atoms, molecules and cells within the food to reverse polarity over a billion times per second. This remarkably high frequency creates an oscillating action of the molecules within the food and the high friction created as a result is the reason why microwave ovens can so quickly generate heat in food.


However, the cells and molecules within food are delicate and cannot withstand this violent force.  As a result the food molecules are torn apart and rearranged into new chemical compositions that are foreign to the human body. Unable to recognize these new configurations or radiolytic products (unknown fusions, not found in nature and resulting from radiation) that are created as a result of the action of the microwaves, the body is not able to utilize it as food, and instead deposits it in and around the cells as toxic (or effectively nuclear) waste.


This has numerous, undesirable effects on the body:


•  The nutritional value of the food is significantly reduced (by 60-90%) 

•  Brain-damaging radiolytics are created

•  Hemoglobin levels of the blood are reduced (hemoglobin is crucial for its role in carrying oxygen to all the cells of the body) 

•  Your immune system which is so crucial in protecting the body from cancer and other illnesses is suppressed 

•  Cancer-forming free radicals are released causing a higher % of cancerous cells in the blood

•  Disorders of the digestive system are caused (including stomach and intestinal cancers)


Initial symptoms may present in the form of memory loss, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbance, depression, migraines, disconnected thoughts/attention disorders, reproductive disorders, high blood pressure etc and over time, chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease or cancer may develop.


And if this were not enough, all microwave ovens have unavoidable leaks of radiation into the environment causing radiation to you when standing in front of it.


According to the Forensic Research Document of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC), ‘The effects of microwaved food by-products are long-term and permanent within the human body. Minerals, vitamins and nutrients of all microwaved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.’


When microwaves destroy the nutritional content of our food, our cells are starved of nutrients and our immune system is overburdened with dealing with a build-up of this unrecognizable toxic waste in the body. When we consider that this process of toxin accumulation in and around the cells contributes to the suffocation of cells from oxygen – the primary cause of cancer – it leads one to ask the question……could it be coincidence then that the cancer epidemic is most prevalent in the countries of the western world that rely so heavily on the microwave oven??


In summary, the microwave oven must be considered an insidious threat to long term health and simply has no place in your home if vibrant health is something you aspire to!


To learn more practical every-day tips about preventing cancer and healing from cancer, visit

Dr Janey is author of the book, “You Can Heal Yourself From Cancer Now!” and is a full-time “cancer coach” who conducts 1-on-1 coaching in person and telephonically around the world.  She also conducts regular seminars, webinars and speaking engagements in her quest to empower individuals everywhere on how to harness their own infinite powers in preventing cancer and healing from cancer naturally.



Here’s another article by Dr. Janey (see above) which I think you’ll find interesting.  Wondered if soy is good or bad for you?  Here’s some great information from Dr. Janey, one of my favorite doctors.

“Soy, a food that wasn’t even known a few decades ago in the Western world, has now become a firm favorite to millions around the world, especially vegetarians, as an alternative source of protein. However, its not just vegetarians who are eating soy as you will find out, as it has become a fixed hidden ingredient of many of the foods we consume on a daily basis.


Fans of soy food call it ‘the best nutritional discovery on the planet’ while its critics say that soy is having ‘disastrous health consequences for millions of people’!


And with regards to cancer this debate is particularly relevant as soy has a considerable influence on it!


So just what is the truth about soy and what role does it have on cancer?  Anyone who wants to enjoy good health and certainly anyone who wishes to avoid or heal from cancer owes it to themselves to find out the truth!


To find out more simply click on this link:


Enjoy it and don’t forget to share this information with others who may benefit.


Wishing you immeasurable health and happiness!


Dr Janey”



Would you like to know what affects your brain and your longevity? Here’s a great video (just 6 minutes long) which Ron Strauss sent to me.  See pictures of the effects of a few months of lifestyle changes on your brain.  Very interesting.



If you’d like to learn about the latest advice from the National Cancer Institute about the excess screening for cancer using mammograms and PSA testing, here it is:



Here’s an e-book just published this month which is the most thorough study of mammograms I’ve ever seen.  If you want to know everything about them and how dangerous and ineffective they are, read this book.  It is titled “The Mammogram Myth — The Independent Investigation Of Mammography The Medical Profession Doesn’t Want You To Know About”by Rolf Hefti.



Most of you know how I respect Marcus Freudenmann, producer of the movie-length video “Cancer Is Curable NOW,” and his unique research on cancer treatment.  Here is his latest information on chemotherapy. Well worth a read:



If you haven’t already done so, please don’t miss the opportunity to get the free 10-day course on natural cancer healing I recently told you about.  Take advantage of the knowledge shared by 22 speakers (including me) from September 18th through September 28th.  Go here and sign up now.  IT’S FREE!!

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


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