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Facing Surgery?  — What You Must Know

Most of you know from previous issues of this newsletter how much I respect Sherry Brescia.  Her daily essays on health and nutrition issues I find simply vitally interesting and well-written.  I will point you to her article on the subject of this article in a minute.  Her article, by the way, covers surgery in general.  I want to talk to you first about cancer surgery.

If you’ve talked to me or Dr. Garcia (my wonderful  co-author) about cancer surgery, you know that we feel it is almost always unnecessary. Why do we feel this way?  Well, it’s pretty simple.

The surgery recommended and performed by cancer doctors is all based on the same theory of the nature of cancer.  We don’t agree with this at all.  Doctors of all descriptions, but especially cancer oncologists, radiologists and surgeons, see cancer through the same distorted lens. They see cancer as an “enemy” which has invaded your body.  That enemy has to be “attacked” with all the armament at their disposal. Poison it with chemotherapy, burn it out with radiation or cut out the tumor and discard it.

Frequently the cancer clients I coach have been through surgery.  It has always been based on the above theory of what cancer is.  In almost every case, it has been unnecessary and has made the person’s situation worse.  Probably the most common is breast mastectomies.  Cut this thing off your body.  If you’re really smart, cut both of them off.  In fact, cut them off for prevention if your family has the BRAC1 or BRAC2 gene. Yeah, right!

The same theory results in prostate surgery, colon surgery, kidney removal, lung operations and, yes, even “brain” tumor surgery. In almost every case, these surgeries are both unnecessary and challenge the person’s immune system making full recovery from the cancer much more difficult.  It is all based on the assumptions about what cancer is.

If you buy into what Dr. Garcia and I believe, you understand that cancer is “us.”  It is not some invading “enemy” from outer space or somewhere.  It is simply a temporary imbalance in our body.  The cancer cells produced by mistakes in our normal cell metabolism every single day have temporarily exceeded our immune system’s ability to handle them.

To protect the rest of our body from these malignant cells which have collected in some organ, the body surrounds them with tissue. Cancer cells can’t produce tissue.  They’re stupid cells produced from DNA in the cell and the membrane of the cell damaged by something — free radicals, toxins, etc.  This damage happens every day and the dividing cell finds it necessary to ferment because its ability to survive by breathing oxygen has been damaged.

If we support our body and its ability to handle these “rogue” cells, it can do it.  We just have to restore our immune system’s ability to deal with these “non-self” cells and it will take care of them — regardless of where they are or in what form — a tumor in some organ, lymphoma in the bone marrow production of stem cells, leukemia in the blood stream or melanoma on the skin.

All of the elements of the protocol we outline in our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book are designed to restore the body’s ability to recognize and handle cancer cells — wherever they are and in whatever form they have assumed.  We have studied over 400 different natural healing substances and devices.  The 7 we recommend (5 supplements and 2 dietary habits) are the ones we have found essential for most people to accomplish this. Of course, they also need to deal with the cause(s) of the cancer, as we point out in our Chapter 5.

So, when is cancer surgery necessary, in our opinion?  Well, obviously, in some cases, it is necessary to extend the life of the person.  The most obvious of these I frequently discuss with coaching clients is a tumor which is blocking the colon completely.  Another is what the doctors refer to as a “brain” tumor, which is causing seizures or other serious behavior problems.

So-called “brain tumors” are actually tumors formed on the cells inside the cranium which are normal cells but not in the brain.  The brain cells do not divide.  They simply produce or eliminate neurons. So a cancer tumor cannot develop in the brain.  The “brain tumors” are just normal cancer tumors inside the cranium which are affecting the brain activity by the pressure.

Other tumors which require surgery are very rare.  For example, the breast is not a vital organ (despite what some men seem to think!). Cancer limited to the breast has never taken the life of anyone — man or woman. Breast surgery is almost always completely unnecessary and frequently causes the cancer to spread where it would not have done so without the surgery.

Fully 85% of prostate cancers are confined to the prostate gland forever. They have nothing to do with the man’s length of life or his death. Cutting out a portion of the intestines to treat stomach or colon cancer is usually completely ridiculous.  The same is true of most lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, etc. surgery.

As a bare minimum, as Sherry points out well in her article, you should get at least a second or third opinion before you submit to surgery of any kind.  Be alert to the ignorance of all cancer surgeons about the other options available to you.

You should find someone who you trust who can discuss your options with you, as well as the probable after-effects of the surgery.  If nothing else, give me or Dr. Garcia a call.  Dr. Garcia provides free telephone consultations to anyone.  To set this up, simply call his clinic in Oldsmar, Florida at (727) 799-9060.  If you want to talk to me about it, just take a look at the Coaching page at this website.

OK, I now suggest you read Sherry Brescia’s great article on surgery in general.  Use her guidance to help you, your loved one or a family member make an intelligent decision about surgery.  Remember:  Dr. Garcia and I believe that all deaths attributed to cancer are simply the result of lack of information.  Here’s the link to Sherry’s great article:


CelltraMAX — Both Proven and Honest

Many of you have read the article about CelltraMAX in my December 31st, 2013 newsletter (http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/newsletters/december-31st-2013/).  I mentioned in that article and another in April 30th, 2014 about recipes for this product that it has been endorsed by Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, medical director of the Budwig Center in Malaga, Spain.  Obviously some of you have ordered this product because of my and Dr. Jenkins’ endorsement.  I’ve been taking it myself for about the last eight months with good results.  Specifically, my ankle swelling has gotten better and I have had the same good health results that I got for many years using the CC/FO mixture.

Well, last week, my confidence that Shawn Mitchell, the owner of BodyGenex, the maker of the CelltraMAX, is a gentleman high in integrity and concern for your health was reinforced by a couple of incredible incidents.  I got e-mails from two of you — one in Thailand and one in The Netherlands — that you had ordered the product but had not received it after waiting several weeks.  I passed those messages on to Shawn.  Here is a message I got from the lady in The Netherlands a few days later:

“Dear Mr Henderson,


Because of your newsletter I ordered the Celltramax products. My order was for more then $300. Due to a mistake in their system my order wasn’t shipped. I wrote an e-mail and to my amazement I got word back with the biggest apology ever and what’s more I will receive my whole order for FREE! It’s because they are very strong on customer service with cancer patients. 


I am still stunned, flabbergasted, etc.


I just wanted to let you know this and please, maybe, can you put this on your website or in the next e-mail? 


Thank you.


Elisabeth van Gogh (in The Netherlands)”

I got a similar message from the reader in Thailand.  Shawn Mitchell had refunded her entire purchase price and was shipping the product to her free.

It is a pleasure to deal with someone with this integrity and concern for customer relations and your health.  Take a look at this product at http://www.celltramax.com.  I suggest you give it a try, particularly if you are traveling or staying in the hospital.  Of course, if you have swollen ankles as I do because of the sodium in the cottage cheese, you may want to try it for that purpose, too.  There is no sodium in the CelltraMAX capsules or powder.  Let me know what you think of it if you try it.



Here are four inspiring stories about healing cancer with diet.  Of course, as you know, I feel that most of you should focus on reversing the cause(s) of the cancer to make sure you get it under control permanently.  Nevertheless, there is no question that a radical change in diet will almost always result in a dramatic improvement in your health. Read these accounts and take them to heart.


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Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
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