* Lots of Nice Testimonials
* What About Mexican Cancer Clinics?
* Poly-MVA…thank you, Roxanne!
* More on MGN-3 vs AHCC
* Oncologists Tell The Truth

Lots of Nice Testimonials

Lots of you have been nice enough to send me glowing testi-
monials on my book. They’ve come from Slovenia, Malaysia,
Australia, Great Britain and Canada, as well as all over
the U.S. At the risk of being accused of self-promotion,
I will quote a few of them for you.

“…your book is terrific and I’ve told others about it. It
reflects exactly what I’ve discovered in looking into cancer
for friends. Thanks for your dedicated effort.


It’s such a rewarding book and at a very reasonable price.
Hope many, many people hear about and get the book. Maybe
we can get people to sidestep this oncologist/drug company


Chuck von Damm

“You are to be commended for taking the four year experience
that your wife and you endured and turning it into something
very positive. My hat is off to you! I’m sure your wife would
be very proud and pleased with what you have done.


It is a ‘how-to’ book. Everything one needs to effectively
co-doctor is there. You cite alternative treatments; how to
contact practitioners and/or clinics. If one carefully reads
the book, you have a good grasp of what is involved with this
venture. The appendix has a wealth of information. The four
booklets are great. All the bases are covered.


The newsletters are priceless. The information supplied, other
web sites cited and the humor are all exceptional. You have
done something any man should be very proud of.”


Robert Pilgrim
South Carolina

“I have always followed the principles outlined in your text
and have advised others accordingly.”


Allan McKune
Naturopath and Medical Herbalist

“You have put together a great resource. It is up to date on
all the Internet resources. Great job!!”


Dr. John Thom

“…very easy read. Read it in one day. Good info that everyone
should have.”


Dr. Ray Ruenes

“I live in a town called [xxxxx] in the state of New Jersey.
In the fall of 1995 an explosion took place at a large chemical
plant located in this town. The damage was so severe that the
company chose not to rebuild. Instead, the infected area was
fenced off…


Since the explosion, the cancer rate in [xxxxx] seems to have
exploded as well, particularly in the neighborhood located
directly behind the old plant. For instance, my best friend
has lost her father, grandfather, grandmother, who all lived
in the same house. In addition, 5 neighbors and even her pet
cat have died of cancer…There are several people residing
on her block being treated for some form of cancer, including
her 27 year old brother, otherwise extremely athletic and
healthy, who was just diagnosed with testicular cancer.


I also live in town, but a little further away from where that
explosion took place. But that did not make my side of town
immune. Four of my neighbors are battling the disease and two
more have died…


I am convinced all the cancer cases are a direct result of
that explosion and I am angry that so many innoceent people
have not been warned. The town has kept it REALLY QUIET and
completely under wraps.


But I am grateful to have found your web site. I read your
on-line book and cried as I read and learned what an amazing
human being you are…I hope we are able to spread your
message around this area and help to save some lives…Thank
you so much for all the hope and inspiration you have given me.
I wish you continued success on your crusade and may God bless
you with continued health for many years to come. I will tell
everyone about you. Bill, you are an angel…”


Silvana Mastrolia
New Jersey

“God bless you for your work and your generosity…I read
through the book and found it fascinating and very well thought
out and researched.


I’ve forwarded it to my father and will keep you posted on his
progress…Again, many thanks, and you will be in my prayers.”


Celena I. Sammons

What is particularly rewarding is that several of you have
asked me to coach you in your battle with cancer. It’s a
jungle out there…information overload, misinformation,
propaganda. You need all the help you can get to hack your
way through to a happy and cancer-free life. I’m available.
If you feel I could help you by phone, my number is (800)
551-6209. No charge, but please, read my book and explore
some of the references before you call. It is hard to talk
to someone about cancer without a common core of understanding.

My goal in life is to get this information to as many people
as possible in as short a time as possible. You can help.
Tell your friends and relatives. The charge for the book
is simply to get people to read it. My own experiments have
proven the old adage that people value something more when
they pay for it — even a few dollars. I tried giving it
away and a small percentage of people read it. Since I’ve
been charging for it, a much higher percentage of people are
reading and benefiting from the book.

What? You haven’t bought it yet! ( 😉 ) Just click here:


What About Mexican Cancer Clinics?

Several years ago, when I first began researching cancer
causes and cures, I heard about all the clinics in Mexico.
Frankly, I felt less than enthused about them. Probably
quacks and charlatans preying on cancer victims, I thought.


After reading dozens of testimonials written by ecstatically
grateful cancer patients cured in Mexican clinics, I have
become a believer. Read some of the stories of dedicated
physicians like Drs. Clark and Gerson, who have been hounded
out of this country by our FDA/AMA “gestapo,” and opened
clinics in Mexico. You will become a believer, too.

Here is some information from an article by Art Brown
titled “Mexican Hospitals – Some of the World’s Best for
Alternative Cancer Care.” It was written in January, 2001.
The entire article can be found at The Cancer Cure Found-
ation’s web site: http://www.cancure.org

“Most people do not tend to think of Mexico as a haven for
cancer treatment, but there are approximately 40 clinics
and hospitals there offering some of the finest alternative
medical treatments for cancer today. They vary in size from
one-doctor operations to modern, multi-story, full-service
hospitals with an extensive range of doctors on staff. Most
are located close to the Mexican/American border across from
San Diego, California. Some are even within walking distance
of the border which avoids the need to wait in line in your
car for half an hour at the border to clear customs. Although
a passport or visa is not necessary, valid identification
identifying your country of birth, such as driver’s license,
is required.


Why do patients go to these clinics and hospitals?


In Mexico, the political system is such that the government
credits and inspects clinics and hospitals, but does not
attempt to get in between the doctor and patient. In short,
it leaves doctoring to doctors. This means they are free
to use treatments from countries around the world which
have proven successful in battling cancer. They can also
develop and perfect their own treatments and immediately
use therapeutic breakthroughs as soon as they become


Not so in the United States where cancer treatments are
usually limited to varieties of chemotherapy, radiation
and surgery. This is unfortunate as there are about 100
other useful, non-toxic cancer treatments, almost all of
which have well-documented scientific evidence to support


Having freedom-of-choice regarding treatments, Mexican
doctors have been able to develop their skills in using
both conventional and alternative therapies, schooling
their staffs in them and setting up appropriate patient
care facilities. In addition, over the years they’ve
learned which treatments, or combination of treatments,
work best for which conditions.


An unusual ‘sub-specialty’ in cancer care has arisen in
Mexico out of all this. Although hospitals there get
patients from around the world, the majority come from
the United States (This is another reason they locate
close to the border.) These people typically have
received conventional cancer treatments where they live
without success. Frequently they are very sick with
bodies severely weakened by surgery, radiation or chemo-
therapy. As a result, Mexican clinics and hospitals
have become accustomed to helping patients with extra
burdens. Not only must they treat end-stage cancer for
people coming to them as a last resort, which is a task
far more difficult than in the earlier stages, but they
must also undo the damage done by conventional ‘therapies.’


Best of the Best


Not all clinics and doctors in Mexico are worthwhile of
course. We recommend only the best of the best. That is,
those we feel are the most experienced, reputable and
reliable – large or small. We have toured many facilities,
talked to the staff, are familiar with their operations
and talked to patients. Typically, they’ve been around
for many years. One in particular has treated over 100,000
cancer patients with alternative treatments in the last
35 years. A record like that speaks for itself. (Call us
to arrange a free consultation with a doctor from that
particular hospital.) For more information and recom-
mendations, phone 800-282-2873, or 805-498-0185 M-F, 9-5,
Pacific time.”

You may want to look into tours of these clinics. There
are at least two agencies in California who offer organ-
ized tours. Detailed information on each of these is in
the book “Third Opinion,” which I recommended to you in
the July 21st newsletter. Here is some brief contact

Private Cancer Clinic Tours
P. O. Box 530218
San Diego, California 92153
Phone: (619) 475-3834
Contact person: Roberto Rodriguez

Tour of Tijuana, Mexico Clinics
P. O. Box 4651
Modesto, California 95352-4651
Phone: (209) 529-4697
Contact person: Frank or Rosario Cousineau

Poly-MVA…Thank you, Roxanne!

Almost every day, I learn something from one of our wonderful
clients. A few days ago, Roxanne Cloutier, suggested I take
a look at “Poly-MVA.” I had not heard of it. It seems to be
a cancer treatment you and I should be familiar with.

Poly-MVA (MVA – mineral, vitamins and amino acids) is a non-
toxic antioxidant composed of alpha lipoic acid and the
element palladium. Developed in the U.S. by Dr. M. Garnett,
the discoverer of the Second Genetic Code, it has already
proven effective against many degenerative diseases, including

My research on the Internet turned up the Advanced Brain Tumor
and Cancer Poly-MVA Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico (see above) as
the primary treatment center for this therapy. Starting 20
years ago with treatment of brain tumors, they have now deter-
mined that the therapy is just as effective for virtually all
types of cancer.

At their web site (just click on the link below), you’ll find
many testimonials and a lot more information on this treatment.
Take a look at:


More on MGN-3 vs AHCC

If you’ve read the last couple of newsletters, you know that
I’ve been talking about how MGN-3 compares to AHCC, a competi-
tive immune system booster. After they got my July 21st news-
letter, Jim and Sandi Wetzel, two more alert readers of this
rag, sent me the following e-mail:

“A correction to each of your last newsletter comments:


MGN-3 and AHCC (Active Hemicellulose Compound) are two very
different products:


‘Prior to researching MGN-3, Dr. Ghoneum had been researching…
AHCC. After he had determined the superiority of MGN-3, he
stopped all research on AHCC to focus on MGN-3. Some writers…
mistakenly believed that AHCC was the scientific name of MGN-3
and mingled the research on the two. In face, AHCC and MGN-3
are two very different products’ Emmalyn McAllister, from her


read this information in the above booklet sent to me from
CompassioNet, direct source to Lane Labs, US provider of MGN-3.”

Well, thank you Jim and Sandi. I stand corrected. I had read
the same literature you refer to, but I had forgotten it.

I hereby declare this dispute closed! Use MGN-3, folks. I have
first hand knowledge that it works.

Oncologists Tell The Truth

Thanks to another alert reader, George Freaner, I can pass on
a bit of intelligence about what oncologists think of their
own “science.”

The McGill Cancer Center in Canada, one of the largest and most
prestigious cancer treatment centers in the world, did a study
of oncologists to determine how they would respond to a
diagnosis of cancer. On the confidential questionnaire, 58
out of 64 doctors said that ALL chemotherapy programs were
unacceptable to them and their family members. The overriding
reason they gave for this decision was that the drugs are in-
effective and have an unacceptable degree of toxicity. These
are the same doctors who will tell you that their chemotherapy
treatments will shrink your tumor and prolong your life!


Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” e-book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.