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AMAS – Do You Need To Educate Your Doctor?

AMAS (anti-malignin antibody screen) is the most accurate
cancer test in the world. It can detect cancer nearly
two years before any other method now in use with accuracy
above 99%. Probably more important, it can accurately
detect the recurrence of cancer — any form of cancer —
long before other cancer “marker” tests, with far fewer
false positives.

Has your doctor used this test on you? Probably not. He/
she may well be unaware of it. Because it essentially does
away with the need for biopsies and all initial screening
tests for cancer, it has been effectively suppressed by the
lucrative, multi-billion dollar cancer testing “industry.”

If you have been reading any of the authorities I have re-
commended, this should not surprise you. Even with FDA
approval, this test is not “promoted” to doctors. Why?
Well, it is only available from the doctor/biochemist’s
lab who discovered it. It only costs $135. It is not
being “marketed” by anybody. Why? Because the drug
companies and hospitals get no “cut.” Hey, this is real-
ity, folks. You must co-doctor. Period.

Here are a couple of quotes from reliable sources that
will (hopefully) convince you to ask your doctor about
this test:

First, from the Cancure.org web site [one of the many
resources I strongly recommend you become familiar with]:

“AMAS – Anti-malignin antibody screen test is designed to
pick up cancers well in advance of other signs and symptoms,
months before conventional medical tests can detect it.
However, for advanced cancer, if the anti-malignin antibody
is wiped out, the test won’t work. For this, other types of
testing is recommended. We have also heard of a few breast
cancer patients have received a false negative on this test.
Again, it is important not to rely on any one test. Oncolab
will send a free test kit for you to take to your doctor.
The test runs $125 in addition to your doctor’s office
charges for drawing blood. Call 1-800-9CATest for a test
kit and information.”

For more detail, check out their web site:


Second, here’s more on AMAS from an Alternative Medicine Website called http://www.AltMedAngel.com

The following article is “Cancer Tidbits.”

“The Most Accurate Test for Cancer — AMAS Test


You may also want to have your doctor do an annual blood
test known as AMAS (anti-malignin antibody screen) that
will detect cancer antibodies anywhere in the body. It
works best for detecting cancers in their earliest stage,
before gross tumor masses form, and for determining whether
all signs and activities of cancers have disappeared follow-
ing treatment. It is not for end-stage cancer patients who
have undergone immunosuppressive therapies such as chemo-
therapy or high-dose radiation because they cannot produce
enough anti-malignin antibody to make the test positive.


This test was approved by the FDA in 1977 but the clinical
trials on 4,278 patients were not completed until 1994,
validating the test’s effectiveness. It is 95% accurate on
the first test and 99% when repeated. The AMAS test can
detect cancer up to 19 months before conventional medical
tests for cancer can find it. It is available to doctors
worldwide through Dr. Bogoch’s Oncolab, 36 The Fenway,
Boston, MA 02215, (800) 922-8378, at a cost of $135.”

For more information on cancer and other topics you can visit the main page at
or the alphabetical listing of topics at


Finally, from the Cancer Research Institute of West
Tennessee, a research facility devoted to bringing the
best in cancer treatment technology to patients everywhere:

“The AMAS Test (Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum)


In 1974, Dr. Samuel Bogoch (MD, Ph.D.) discovered a new
antigen located on all cancer cells. He and his researcher/
wife, Eleanor Bogoch, MD, founded Oncolab to do this test
for research and later clinical purposes. Dr. Bogoch is a
Harvard-trained research neurochemist. He discovered that
the outer coating on cancer cells contain sugar molecules
over an inner layer of protein (glycoproteins). Cancer
cells bump into each other and the outer layer is ground
off-exposing the inner protein layer and the malignin


It took Drs. Bogoch seven years to determine that the anti-
gen was on all cancer cells, not just brain cancer which
they were originally studying.


Due to cell recognition, our immune system spots Malignin.
When it sees this foreign protein it produces antibodies
to destroy it-Anti-malignin antibodies. This is what is
measured in the study; it is our body’s defense against
cancer. By 1988, Dr. Bogoch showed that the anti-malignin
antibody killed cancer cells in the test tube. Greater than
95% of patients with cancer have AMAS levels above 135.
AMAS levels below 135 are seen in normal individuals who
do not have cancer. Sometimes there is doubt about the test
(borderline numbers) and at these times the test needs to
be repeated and followed up at certain intervals.


Normal levels of AMAS are seen in successfully treated
cancer patients and in patients who never had cancer.
Cases of advanced or terminal cancer may also have normal
levels or even very low normal. The clinical status of the
patient must be correlated with the AMAS test result.


The test is patented and the FDA has approved it. The test
is available for use in several areas related to cancer:


1.Cancer Screening Test. Today a check-up in your physi-
cian’s office includes a history, a physical examination
and selected laboratory tests aimed at detecting potential
problems including cancer. It will now include an AMAS test,
and thus might defer using a chest X-ray, proctoscope, CT
scan, pap smear, and even mammography. These cancer screens
will not be needed unless the AMAS test is abnormal.


2.A Cancer Monitoring Test. After cancer has been treated
both the patient and the doctor want to know if the cancer
has been cured or if some malignant cells are still in the
body. The AMAS test can answer this dilemma. If there is
cancer present, the AMAS test remains elevated.


3.In Differential Diagnosis. At times a shadow on a chest
X-ray or a spot in the liver or kidney on a CT scan are
suspicious for cancer and only a biopsy can tell. That is
an invasive procedure. The AMAS test can tell you if the
tissue is malignant. If the AMAS is normal, the lesion in
question is not a cancer.”

For more detail, check out their web site:


Are you angry yet? If not, you may not have been paying
close enough attention. Expensive tests like chest X-rays,
CT scans, PET scans, proctoscopes, pap smears and mammograms
for initial cancer screening were made virtually obsolete by
this simple blood test over seven years ago. This same test
can be used to accurately assess the effectiveness of what-
ever cancer treatment you are taking. Get angry, folks.
It’s your life and your money.

A True CAM Guru For You

About three weeks ago, I discovered Bob Davis and his story.
He has inspired me. But he has also furnished me with a ton
of information about Complementary and Alternative Medicine
(CAM) treatments for cancer. He will share them with you,
too. Here, in his own words, is his story:

“I’m 80 years old, and I’ve overcome cancer twice!


In April 1996, I went to the hospital as an outpatient for an
x-ray. They found that I had massive cancer. I had a mass in
my abdomen a foot wide and several inches thick. Further, I
had several masses in my chest, some of them ‘the size of
soft balls.’ It was also determined that I had cancer in my
bone marrow. I was immediately converted into an ‘in’
patient and started on a very heavy chemotherapy program. I
had chemo in April, May, and June, with no effect on the
cancer. It seemed to thrive on the stuff.


It was the middle of June when my doctor told me that the
chemo wasn’t working. He later told me that another treatment
would kill me. I knew that this was true because my body was
ravaged by the chemo. I was curled up in a fetal position
unable to sleep or eat. I was emaciated and had excruciating
pain all through my body.


I asked my doctor what we were going to do. He said, ‘Try….
……something else.’


The previous February I had called a college chum who had
devastating arthritis. He couldn’t climb stairs or drive his
car. I asked him how he was doing and he said ‘Fantastic!’
He told me that he was taking an herbal product and it had
eliminated his arthritis in three weeks. I asked him what it
was and he said ‘Dried green barley leaves.’ He gave me the
800 number and I ordered a bottle for my wife who has


It was the middle of June as I mention above, that I received
a phone call from the owner of the company that provides the
dried green barley pills. She asked me how I was doing on the
pills. I told her that I wasn’t using them. I had gotten them
for my wife and they helped her when she remembered to take


I then said the most fortunate thing I have said in my life.
I said, ‘I’m fighting another battle.’ She asked me what it
was and I told her that it was cancer. She said, ‘Oh, Mr.
Davis, You don’t know do you?’ I asked her what was it that
I didn’t know and she said, ‘Don’t you know that cancer and
arthritis can’t grow in an alkaline body?’ I told her that
I had never heard that before. To make a long story short,
I started taking the pills and in ten days my cancer was 95%
gone! My next CT scan showed no cancer in my body and I have
been cancer free ever since.


I was checked last month and I am still cancer free. I still
take 20 200 mg. tablets of dried green barley every day. It
costs me a whopping 95 cents or so.


Since then I have adopted a 95% (I do have birthday cake
with a grandchild now and then) vegan diet which I really
like. I feel better than I have in 40 years. People say I
look younger. I have ‘lotsa’ energy.


I am eager to share information on cancer treatment and
general health issues. I do occasionally speak at meetings
on several related subjects. My favorite subject is


Bob Davis
Alternative Cancer Treatment Support
Feel free to contact me at ACTS@ptcom.net”

Bob means it. If you want more information from him, he
has it and will share it with you. He calls himself a re-
porter, not an adviser. Just send him an e-mail.

He has been communicating with other cancer patients for
five years. He sent me copies of 40 e-mail messages on a
wide variety of CAM topics. Much of it was news to me. He
has said I can share any of it I like with you in the coming
weeks. I’ll certainly do that.

Like another 80-year-old cancer survivor, George Freaner, Bob
is a “nut” about enzymes. Their enthusiasm has convinced this
young buck (hey, I’m not even 70 yet!) to get up to speed on
enzymes. I’m reading a telephone book-sized reference book
called “The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy,” by Dr. Anthony
J. Cichoke now. It is very interesting. Almost every malady
you can think of can be traced to one or another enzyme

There are over 3,000 different types of enzymes in our bodies.
Interestingly enough, the stuff that cured Bob Davis’ cancer,
green barley, contains all 3,000 of them, according to the
discoverer, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara. Even before finishing
the first few chapters of the Enzyme “encyclopedia,” I have
my whole family, including me, on the same thing Bob took.
If you want to try it, it is called “Green Supreme Barley.”
It comes in a 200 tablet bottle for $14.99. Order it by
calling (800) 358-0777 (they’re in Pennsylvania). You’ll
be very glad you did.

By the way, neither Bob Davis nor I have any financial con-
nection with Green Supreme (or any other products). I charge
for my book (because I’ve found more people read it when they
pay for it), but Bob’s services are free.

The Fountain of Youth — Free!


If you remember your high school history, Vasco de Gama,
Magellan, Columbus and lots of other explorers came to the
New World looking for (among other things) the legendary
“Fountain of Youth.” Since the first recorded history, man
has searched for this magic potion that would keep him
forever young.

If you get on the Google search engine and do a search for
“Fountain of Youth” (including the quotes), you’ll get about
15 web sites advertising their product as the “Fountain of
Youth.” Lotions, potions and salves, all fairly expensive.

Within five years, anti-aging researchers are promising to
have new drugs (patented, of course) which will all but
eliminate free radicals and, thereby, retard or reverse
aging symptoms and allow us to live to our body’s “design”
limit of 120-140 years.

My gift to you is a discovery reported in the December, 2001
issue of “Life Extension.” This is the monthly magazine
published by the Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club, Inc.
The Life Extension Foundation, itself, is a non-profit research
organization. I have mentioned them previously in these pages.
You may want to check out their web site at:


The article is an interview with Stephen R. Spindler, Ph.D. It
is titled “Reversing Aging Rapidly With Short-term Calorie
Restriction.” Dr Spindler has just completed some very inter-
esting research using mice.

Dr. Spindler is a professor at the Department of Biochemistry
at the University of California at Riverside. He also works
for a company called Lifespan Genetics. His specialty is
research on the aging changes in 11,000 genes (of the 30,000
or so in the human genome) and how calorie restriction affects
the aging.

Briefly, what he found was that reducing calorie consumption not
only extends life, but it reverses the aging process. The effect
occured in older animals (mice) not previously on calorie re-

Here’s Dr. Spindler describing his experiment:

“S.S. Our contribution here has been looking at how rapidly the
effects of caloric restriction are established in animals that
have been allowed to eat almost all that they wanted for their
entire lives, like most people do…


We took a group of animals that had been allowed to eat almost all
they wanted their whole life and we intervened when they were quite
old — 34 months of age. These mice would be the equivalent of
people who are probably 80 years old or older…


We took a group of them and said okay gals, the party’s over, it’s
time to diet. We under-fed them first for two weeks by 20% — that
is, 20% less than they had been eating previously — and then for
two weeks after that we fed them an additional 20% less so that for
the second two weeks they were eating 40% less than they had been
eating most of their lives.


At the end of that time, at 35 months of age, we sacrificed all the
animals. We then compared the gene expression profiles in the
livers of these mice to those in four other groups of mice.


The old controls were mice that always ate almost all they wanted
until being analyzed at 27 months of age. The long-term calorie
restriction mice were those mice who had spent their whole lives
being under-fed by 40% until the age of 27 months. Finally, the
short-term calorie restricted mice were, as I mentioned, switched
from fully fed to under-fed for just four weeks, and even at that
only two weeks with ‘full strength’ calorie restriction.


L. E. …Since the animals were already extremely old when you
imposed short-term calorie restriction on them, and since their
gene expression profiles appeared more like those of young animals
after the short-term calorie restriction, it seems inescapable that
calorie restriction is not only able to slow age-related changes,
but that it is able to reverse age-related changes as well. And
it is able to do so over a remarkably short period of time.


S. S. I think that may be our most significant contribution here.”

Well, what do you think? Can we fat old fogies actually reverse
aging in our bodies by reducing our calorie intake? I think so.
Significantly, other studies over the past 70 years have shown
that lower calorie diets extend life. What’s new is that the
aging process can be reversed at any time. Think about it. Not
only is it free, it actually reduces your food budget. So while
you’re getting younger, you’re also getting richer.

Merry Christmas!!

P. S. By the way, lower calorie diets also reverse the symptoms
of both cancer and diabetes.


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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.