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Update On Robert & Jeffrey Marsh Case

I know many of you have been following the case of Robert
Marsh and his 7-year-old son, Jeffrey, with great interest.
If you need a refresher, you can read it in my last news-
letter, which is posted in the newsletter archives at my
web site (see above).

Let me bring you up to date. First, your prayers are
working. Don’t stop.

My wife Terry and I drove to Fort Worth, Texas (about a 5-
hour drive for us from our home in San Antonio) on Thursday,
December 18th. We got an indication of the direction of the
trip when I received a book the day before we left called
“Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients” by Russell L. Blay-
lock, M.D. I read it in the car on the way to Fort Worth
while my lovely wife drove.

It is a wonderfully clear description in layman’s terms of
the necessity to augment with natural substances when taking
chemo or radiation. He gives specifics on which natural
substances are most effective. He covers all the specific
chemotherapy substances which Jeffrey has been given, pointing
out exactly how destructive they are. He graphically describes
how synergistic are combinations of chemo drugs — where 2 + 2
= 12, for example, for those few which have been tested this
way — and how none of them had ever been tested, alone or in
combination, on children.

As we drove into the parking lot of a motel we randomly picked
out in Arlington (where Robert’s attorney has his office), I
got a call on our cell phone from an attorney. His name was
Mark Lane and he gave me his office and cell phones. He told
me in our brief conversation that he had seen the description
of Robert’s case I had posted on the web site “LegalMatch.”
He had recently cured his young son’s asthma using natural
substances and was very interested in Robert’s case.

Shortly after that, Robert called me. We had a meeting with
his attorney scheduled in about an hour. The attorney’s
office, just coincidentally, was about 1/2 mile from our motel,
on the same street. (I had no idea of the address before we
picked our motel.)

At the meeting with the attorney, I was also introduced to an
interesting lady named Merri-Jo Hillaker. She is an ex-attorney
who gave up her six-figure attorney practice seven years ago
to devote her life to selling natural substances, some of which
Robert had been giving Jeffrey. She travels the world giving
seminars on this subject.

After the meeting with the attorney, Merri-Jo and I talked with
Robert. He was encouraged because he had just met with his
ex-wife and Jeffrey that afternoon. She was amenable to starting
complementary treatments for Jeffrey because she had seen one
of Merri-Jo’s video tapes. We urged Robert to: 1) Give his
ex-wife the book by Dr. Blaylock (see above) after scanning it
himself; and 2) Attempt to convince her that the last thing
they needed was an “ad litum” attorney (an attorney appointed
by the judge to represent the interests of the child), a move
being planned for the next day by both their attorneys. This
would tie their hands and immensely complicate their attempts
to work out a complementary set of substances for Jeffrey to
take. It was quite obvious that the attorneys both felt in-
adequate to deal with the medical issues and wanted to pass
that responsibility to anyone else.

On Friday morning, December 19th, Merri-Jo and I were intro-
duced to Chusan, Robert’s ex-wife. In the corridor of the
Court House, we were both able to talk to her. She still
seemed quite suspicious that we were trying to get her to
stop the chemotherapy and she adamantly insisted that it
would continue. We assured her that our only motive was to
optimize Jeffrey’s care and that we thought the complemen-
tary treatments would help do that. She had Dr. Blaylock’s
book and promised to read it promptly. She seemed to agree
with us that an “ad litum” attorney was an unnecessary
expense and complication.

Robert and Chusan then went into a room with their two attorneys
to confer. I had called Mark Lane on his cell phone from the
Court House. He told me his wife was in labor, about 45 minutes
from having a baby. He said he would call me later that day.

We left for home, as did Merri-Jo.

A welcome call from Robert later that day described how they
had arrived at an agreement on a regimen for Jeffrey which
included all the supplements Robert had been giving him last
summer. The only remaining issue was the visitation rights.
He (Robert) was going to spend another month there in Fort
Worth, so he thought they could work it out. He was elated.
Also, they had been able to dodge the “ad litum” attorney
issue because his “brilliant” attorney had messed up the
paperwork and could not present it to the judge. Mark Lane
has contacted Robert and I think he will represent him in
the future. He and his wife had a fine baby girl.

Now, of course, Jeffrey’s recovery remains the major issue,
as it always was. Your prayers will help. I’ll keep you
posted on his condition.

While we were in his attorney’s office on Thursday, Robert
showed me a four-inch high stack of Jeffrey’s medical bills.
Their insurance pays for 80% of his conventional treatment.
They have had to pay the 20% themselves, which has amounted
to many thousands of dollars, so far. With all the legal
and travel expenses, not to mention the cost of the natural
substances, Robert is in dire need of financial help.

Once again, I ask you to consider donating to this worthwhile
cause. A special account for donations to help him has been
set up. If you would like to donate, DON’T call the “800”
number I gave you in the last newsletter. You’ll get caught
in the same “press 1,” “press 2,” etc. jungle I just waded

Rather, to make a donation, just make your check out to Jeffrey
Marsh and send it to:

National City Bank
80 E. Jefferson St.
Morton, IL 62550 USA

State that it is for deposit to the Jeffrey C. Marsh Donation
Fund (no account number needed).

Thank you for your financial support and your prayers.

CoQ10 — A Vital Part Of Your Treatment

Many of you remember my articles on Dr. David Gregg’s protocol.
You may remember that protocol included CoQ10 (see my news-
letters #42, #42 and #48) as one of its “ingredients.” A very
sharp-eyed reader named Ted Groce has sent me a reference to a
web site which is a wonderful new resource for all of us. I
think when you read Dr. Howenstine’s article below, you’ll want
to read more of his writings, as I did. The Natural Health Team
web site mentioned at the end of this article is a treasure
trove of information. Of course, he can’t be “all bad” because
he agrees with me on some of the best treatments for cancer —
flaxseed oil/cottage cheese; MGN-3; alkalinizing enzymes, etc.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did.



By Dr. James Howenstine, M.D.
December 23, 2003


Biochemist, Dr. Karl Folkers Ph.D, was employed by Merck
where he discovered vitamin B12 and learned how to make
a synthetic version of it that sold all over the world
ending pernicious anemia. He was considered for a Nobel
Prize but did not win this honor.


He had become very interested in CoQ10 which Merck could
not pursue because it was not patentable as a natural
substance. Dr. Folkers had learned that CoQ10 was able
to slow the progression of muscular dystrophy. After
leaving Merck he took a position as professor at the
University of Texas in about 1965.


CoQ10 is found in every cell in the body. Animal species
have exhibited a direct correlation between CoQ10 levels
and longevity. The use of statin drugs produces signifi-
cant falls in CoQ blood levels which may be the reason
for the rising incidence of heart failure as statin drugs
are widely used in the U.S. to lower cholesterol. Adminis-
tration of CoQ10 improves energy output by the mitochondria
of the cell. This improved energy output from CoQ10 therapy
has proven to be quite valuable in treating neurologic
disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis,
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, post-polio syndrome,
Alzheimer’s Disease, and strokes.


While at the U. of Texas Dr. Folkers encouraged a cardiolo-
gist, Dr. Peter Langsjoen, to use CoQ10 to treat congestive
heart failure with wonderful results. Dr. Langsjoen stated
‘The clinical experience with CoQ10 is nothing short of
dramatic. It is reasonable to believe that the entire field
of medicine should be reevaluated in light of this growing


Some patients at the U. of Texas with heart failure
received CoQ10 but this therapy did not become adopted
as a standard approach by conventional physicians. Dr.
Folkers followed the course of 6 patients, who had cancer,
who were taking CoQ10 for congestive heart failure until
1993. Four of them had lung cancer and 2 had breast cancer.
All 6 experienced remissions of cancer thought to be due
to CoQ10 therapy. Dr. Folkers recommended the use of 500
mg. of CoQ daily in patients with malignancies.


Dr. Folkers began to raise money to pursue his dream of
using CoQ10 to treat malignancies. Folkers persuaded one
of his financial backers, who had developed small cell
carcinoma of the lung with widespread metastasis, to try
CoQ10 by pointing out that CoQ10 would do no harm and it
might help. His oncologist had advised him he had less
than a year to live. He began to feel better and had no
sign of metastases one year later. Fifteen years after
the cancer diagnosis he remained well and free of metas-
tases. The only therapy he received was CoQ10.


In 1980 Dr. Folkers funded a trial of CoQ10 for breast
cancer conducted by Dr. Kund Lockwood in Denmark. Dr.
Lockwood treated 2 patients with breast cancer one with
300 mg.of CoQ10 daily and the other with 360 mg. daily.
Both recovered.


Dr. William Judy of Bradenton, Fl. received funding from
Dr. Folkers to treat prostate cancer with CoQ10. Cancer
of the prostate is typically hormone dependent at it’s
onset and is effectively treated then by hormone inhibi-
tion. However, after two to five years it often becomes
independent of hormone therapy and no amount of hormone
inhibition at that stage is beneficial.


Dr. Judy found 30 patients with hormone independent
prostate cancer and treated them with 500 mg. of Coenzyme
Q10 daily. Fourteen of the 15 who had no metastases to
bone or lung proceeded to have their PSA values return to
normal. Of the 15 patients who did have metastases to bone
and lung when they started CoQ10 8 saw their PSA results
return to normal suggesting improvement.. Dr. Judy then
treated 6 patients with prostate cancer and elevated PSA
values with CoQ10 and all 6 had their elevated PSA values
return to normal after 120 days of CoQ10 therapy (500 mg.)
daily. Political problems prevented him from publishing
these results and Dr. Folkers death in 1998 has terminated
all interest in CoQ10 as a therapy for cancer which is


Dr. Judy suggests a way to improve the absorption of CoQ10
capsules into the blood stream. Put the capsules of CoQ10
in hot tea which melts them. CoQ10 needs fat to get improved
absorption. Add a teaspoon of coconut oil preferably but
butter will also work. Drink the tea warm or hot.


The lack of interest in CoQ10 by the pharmaceutical companies
as a cancer therapy is caused by their inability to patent it.
This should have no effect on patients looking for a safe
cancer therapy that seems to work quite well. CoQ10 can be
found in health food stores and is available in a readily
absorbable melt form from Natural Health Team at 1-800-416-


I am deeply grateful to biochemist Wayne Martin for providing
me with this information about CoQ10 and cancer. Mr. Martin
was a good friend of Dr. Folkers for many years.”

Dr. James A. Howenstine is a board certified specialist in
internal medicine who spent 34 years caring for office and
hospital patients. Curiosity sparked a 4-year study of natural
health products when 5 of his patients with severe rheumatoid
arthritis were able to discontinue the use of methotrexate
(chemotherapy agent) after trying an extract of New Zealand
mussels for the therapy of severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr. Howenstine is convinced that natural products are safer,
more effective and less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs.
This research led to the publication of his book ‘A Physicians
Guide To Natural Health Products That Work’. This book and the
recommended health products are available from


and by calling 1-800-416-2806 U.S.A.

Dr Howenstine can be reached by E-Mail at jimhow@racsa.co.cr

A Reader’s Story

Here’s an inspiring story from Fasha Griffin on his friend,
Walter Hill, which I received on December 19th, after our
return from Fort Worth.

“Hi Bill,


I know it’s been a while, but today I would like to share with
you my friend Walter’s progress. In August, I wrote you about
him. Yesterday I received a Christmas card from the Hill family,
postmarked from their home. In amazement I took time to phone


Walter was sent home for M.D. Anderson last week and the doctors
are not understanding his body working differently from most
people’s. If you remember, Walter had a tumor on the inside of
his thigh that had moved into his lungs. In early November they
removed the tumor from the inside of his thigh. It was not
growing but it was hard for him to get around. The tumor weighed
16.5 lbs and was 32 1/2 in. around!


After the removal, the tumors in the lungs began to shrink faster.
The doctors cannot understand what’s going on. The Hills have not
told the doctors that he is taking other treatments for fear that
they will tell him to stop.


Along with the chemo that they are giving him Walter is also using:


Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Apricot seeds


He has changed his diet totally to include a lot of millet and B-17
rich foods. And heavy daily doses of PRAYER.


This is a man who was told he would die by July 4th. He is spending
Christmas at home with his family and friends. And said he does not
have to be back in Houston until after the New Year. The doctors
will try to figure out what the do about him by then.


Walter is in no pain and said he thinks God is better than Doctors,
and he could live with scar tissue in his lungs.


Is that faith at work or not?


Merry Christmas
Fasha Griffin”

Thank you, Fasha for a wonderfully inspiring story.

Short shots…..


Last time I pointed you to Swanson Vitamins for a much cheaper
and (hopefully) just as effective alternative to MGN-3. They
call it MSR-3. Well, so far I have received two assurances
from readers that it is, indeed, as effective. Is that enough?
Your call. I’d sure try it. Just go to:


…and use their search feature for MSR-3.



As most of you know by now, I collect cancer “stories.” Send
me yours — positive, negative or neutral — and I’ll send you a
free copy of the latest edition of my “Cure Your Cancer” e-book
by return e-mail. If you already have my book, you can just
give me the name and e-mail of a loved one or friend for me to
send the e-book to as a gift.

Without a national data base, we must exchange information with
each other on what works. Your story may help many others, so
just send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks!



If you’re as much of an alternative medicine junkie as I am,
you’ll enjoy these message boards which a reader pointed out
to me. You’ll find them at:


I’ll quote to you one of the “posts” on this board to give you
an idea of their broad international reach. This message is
to “JoAnn,” the “moderator” of this particular “thread:”

“Hi JoAnn,


I do not want to turn this into a protracted correspondence
about the benefits of natural medicines. In fact that is a
sore point in the UK at the moment.


The MHRA* has banned GABA on the strength that it actually
works and therefore must be a medicine. This is the thin end
of the wedge. The more we convince people of the efficacy of
VMS and herbs the more likely they are to get banned. Today
the UK, tomorrow the USA?. Be very worried.


Tony Blair and some of his Government are hell bent on eradi-
cating natural medicine in the name of Big Business and the
Drug Companies.


The National Association of Health Stores and The Health Food
Manufacturers Association are actually mounting a legal case
against the Government but the catch 22 is, of course, if we
can convince them that these things actually work they will
immediately be banned as medicines, unless a product licence
is acquired which can cost up to a third of a million pounds
per product. They are doing the same thing in Australia and
New Zealand, so don’t count your chickens.


This information needs blazoning around the world and I hope
you do not mind me hi-jacking our correspondence to spread
the word.


*MHRA The Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency


They used to be the MCA Medicines Control Agency and they had
only one brief: to control the safety of Pharmaceutical Drugs
which over the years they have patently failed to do. Earlier
this year in a totally illogical coup worthy of Alice in
Wonderland they suddenly changed their name and became,
overnight, experts in natural medicine. They are not account-
able to anyone.


We, in the UK, are up a gum tree! Do you want to join us?.




John Bright”

Folks, at the risk of boring you, may I point out again that
there is only one way this type of nonsense can be overcome.
That is by the proactive engagement with your politicians of
people like you and me, who understand this threat to our
health freedom.

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it apparently is perfectly
appropriate. A dear reader who is a technical writer for the
Web and much more knowledgeable about “style” issues than I
will ever be, has assured me that this format is the most
appropriate for an e-mail newsletter — simple text with
lines no longer than 65 characters. Most of you will notice
that the web links in this newsletter are highlighted in blue.
Clicking on them will open your browser and take you to that
site. If they are not highlighted (a la AOL), you may need to
“copy and paste” them into your browser. You’ll have to do
the same if you go to my newsletter archives at my web site…
“copy and paste.”

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be well
and send your friends to my web site:



Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.