This is the first time I have sent out a “bulletin” between newsletters. I wanted to get this news to each of you as soon as possible.

Many of you have asked me for specifics on people healed of their cancer using MGN-3. Yesterday, thanks to one of my alert newsletter subscribers, I got the information you have been looking for.

At the website below are 33 detailed case studies (some including comparative blood test results over time). Most (22) cover advanced cancer case patients. These include breast cancer (7), liver cancer (5), prostate cancer (3), colon cancer (2), stomach cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and bladder cancer. Other cases include chronic hepatitis (7), diabetes (2), rheumatism, cirrhosis of the liver and endometriosis.

These appear to be case studies of Dr. Ghoneum’s (discoverer of MGN-3) patients in Japan and California. The type is quite small, but you can print them out (11 pages), if you like. The web site is:

This is part of a web site operated by the Japanese Functional Food Research Association (JAFRA). You can learn more about their work at the home page, which is:

To your health and happiness in the New Year!

Bill Henderson