“Taking Outrage to Infinity — And Beyond”
Univera Product of the Month — Level G
HCG Kit Now Shipping Overseas
“Cancer Journey Handbook” by Cherie Nobbs


**** Dr. Levy’s View On Use of Vitamin C For Cancer Healing
**** Last Call For The February Cruise
**** Dr. Gary Verigin Looks At “Healing As Process”
**** VIBE Machine (Quantum Pulse) Available — Extraordinary Price

Welcome to this 146th issue of my monthly newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


“Taking Outrage to Infinity — And Beyond”

I like Jenny Thompson of Health Sciences Institute ( I was so impressed by an article in her newsletter this week that I decided to reproduce it here for you, with her permission:

“Dear Reader,

What does it take to get a drug taken off the market? Do pills have to explode in your mouth? Does a drug company executive have to be caught holding a smoking gun?

Well, here’s the gun…

In a 2001 e-mail, one GlaxoSmithKline executive made this comment about a study that linked the type 2 diabetes drug Avandia to serious heart problems: “Per Sr. Mgmt request, these data should not see the light of day to anyone outside of GSK.’


No contest–that’s far and away the most outrageous health outrage of all of 2010. (And for the decade before if we’d known about it. This nine-year-old e-mail was revealed by the New York Times earlier this year.)

According to one study, more than 47,000 Avandia users needlessly experienced stroke, heart attack, heart failure or death between 1999 and 2009.

And yet, FDA officials dragged their feet, formed advisory committees, took forever to weigh the evidence, and finally, this past September, restricted the use of the drug. Restricted! That’s right! This murderous molecule is still on the market!

There were plenty of outrages in the health world this year, but none of them are as appalling, disgusting and shameful as making billions of dollars by selling a drug when you concealed evidence that it puts people at SERIOUS risk–and could possibly even lead to death.

That’s criminal. Period. And the FDA? Well, they’re like the Johnny Cochran of government agencies. ‘Hey, under 50K died and how can we be sure they lied?'”

I agree with Jenny. That was the biggest outrage of this decade! There have been many, but that’s the worst! Proof, as if you needed it, of the pure greed of the Drug Mafia!!


Univera Product of the Month — Level G

OK, tired of being zapped by the drug companies? Take a look at a real healing product. Like all natural supplement companies, Univera can’t make claims about the healing nature of their products. So, they rely on people like you to use these products and pass the word on to other people about your results. Along that line, I have heard testimonials from four different people in the past month who have had their insulin-taking for Type 2 Diabetes completely eliminated in a few days by taking a Univera product called “Level G.” The “G” stands for “Glucose.” This product uses a natural plant compound to completely normalize your body’s production of insulin to deal with glucose. This, of course, heals your Diabetes.

Univera is dedicated with “bringing the healing powers of nature to mankind.” I’ve heard their owner, Bill Lee, a Korean billionaire (he takes nothing out of Univera sales) dedicate himself to a “100 year mission” to bring the products which correspond to this message to all of us through the Univera products. I believe him. I’ve seen many of the Univera products work — on myself and my loved ones. Their research quality is unique among natural product companies.

Here’s the deal: Univera offers you a “90-Day Challenge.” In complete sincerity, they want you to try any of their products, including the “Level G” for up to 90 days. If, at any time during the 90 days after you purchase the product, you feel it is not performing as you anticipated, you simply return the empty (or partially full) container for a full refund of the purchase price. Their integrity in this offer is beyond question. That’s just one of the reasons I like being associated with them. The other major reason I like them is the over 100 million dollars Bill Lee has spent over the last 20 years on research of the type that developed the Level G. As with most Univera products, the Level G contains a proprietary blend of natural substances which has been patented. These products work. They are proven.

If you have been taking something like Avandia (see above) for your diabetes (or pre-diabetes), please give the Level G a try. I don’t have diabetes, so I can only tell you what I’ve heard from people I trust. It works.

Here’s the website to order some: If you try it, please let me know what you think. Just remember to give it at least a couple of weeks to get the full effect.

P.S. Lots of you tried the S-4 Sleep Enabler I told you about last month. It is continuing to give me the best sleep I’ve had in decades with no after-effects. I’d love to hear your comments on how it worked for you. Send me an e-mail at


HCG Kit Now Shipping Overseas

I hope by now you’ve heard about the Kit put together by Dave Karlovich, a loyal reader. He has made the preparation of the sample for the HCG Urine Test from Dr. Navarro’s clinic “simple as pie.” If you aren’t familiar with this product, please read the article entitled “HCG Test Kit — Good Feedback” in my October 31st, 2010 newsletter. That article is available here.

Well just a week or so ago, Dave informed me that they now ship this kit to anywhere outside the U.S. The only difference is that they cannot ship the cans of acetone and alcohol in the original kit to overseas destinations. All the other useful information and tools for preparing and shipping the sample are all there. The kit is less expensive ($29.99 USD) because the two liquids are not included (they can’t be shipped by air). Again, the kit is good for several of the tests, so the price is quite reasonable.

Here’s Dave’s message on this new version of this handy kit:


I hope that you are doing well.

I wanted to let you know that we are now shipping the HCG kits internationally. We just shipped to Australia and to England. With USPS the cost is only about $50.

What we have done is ship the kits without the chemicals due to the complexity of shipping the acetone and isopropanol via air. We are finding where we can purchase these chemicals in these countries and directing people to the proper place so that they know where to get it.

We are also working to establish fulfillment centers in other countries to put the kit together, so that we can keep the costs down for folks. We hope to have our first one done early in January with others in the first half of the year. We have gotten requests for the kit from all over the world, so are working to help as many people as we can.

I thought you would like to know.

Thank you for all that you do. My wife’s latest test result just dropped from 54 to 50. We have a ways to go, but we are very excited about that.

Dave K.”

Here’s how to order the International version of the kit. Just click here.

If you live in the U.S. or Canada and want to order the full version of the kit with both the liquids included, just go here.


“Cancer Journey Handbook” by Cherie Nobbs

My interview on my Web Talk Radio show this week is with Cherie Nobbs. Actually, the interview will be up starting Monday, January 3rd. Just click here if you want to listen to it.

Cherie lost her husband, Butch, to cancer in 2008. She learned a lot during his cancer experience. She passes it on in this book. What is unique about it is that it talks primarily about the experience of the “caregiver.” The advice she gives is priceless. Cherie is a 50-year old woman who lives in Australia, near Brisbane. But the experience she and her husband had with his cancer tracks with everyone I’ve talked to in 59 countries over the last 10 years.

Cherie had researched and understood the effectiveness of “alternative” products to heal cancer. Unfortunately for him, her husband did not want to try anything but the standard medical treatment. That decision killed him, as it almost always does.

What Cherie has done, which makes this book so valuable, is recorded her thinking about Butch’s cancer treatment and how it could have been improved along with her feelings and lessons learned during this experience. This is a valuable addition to your cancer library. it is very easy reading and gives you a lot of practical advice about how to help your loved one recover. At the same time, it gives you sound advice about how to deal with your own emotions both during and after the cancer experience.

Here’s a website where you can explore and (hopefully for you) buy this book either as a paperback or an e-book:




As some of you know, I respect Dr. Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D. as an authority on cancer healing. He is particularly qualified to talk about Vitamin C as a cancer healing substance. I suggest you read his article on that subject. This appeared in the Orthomolecular News Service and was sent to me by Jonathan Eisen, another loyal reader. The title is “Vitamin C and The Law.” Dr. Levy is particularly qualified on this subject because in addition to being a wonderfully informed holistic physician, he is a lawyer. You can read the article here.



By the time my January newsletter comes out, we’ll be packing our bags for the one-week cruise we’re taking in the Caribbean from February 12th through the 19th. You can join us, as about 90 other people have already decided to do. The cruise, on which I’ll be joined by Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D.and Dr. John Lubecki, D.C. (two of the greatest holistic healers I know) is designed for you to have access to people who can help you with knowledge about your health for several days. There will be presentations on subjects such as “Alternative Therapy With Infusions,” “Can Dental Toxins Really Kill You?,” “The Homeopathic Imprinter,” “Vitamins and Supplements That Work,” “Soft Lasers,” “Electro-Medicine Healing,” and “A Healing Diet.” Each of the presentations will be informal with plenty of time to ask us questions.

If you want to join us, there is still time, but you better hurry. For information on reserving a cabin, please call Shari Marsh at Cruise Holidays in Florida (Eastern Time). Tell her I sent you. Her number is (888) 654-6961 or (813) 684-6961. The dates are February 12 through February 19th, 2011, sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the Carribean. You’ll need a passport.



I like Dr. Gary Verigin. He is a holistic dentist who lives and practices in Escalon, California, which is near Merced on the way to Yosemite. My wife and I visited Dr. Verigin several months ago and spent several hours discussing healing with him. He is truly a holistic “physician,” not just a dentist. In fact, he was co-founder years ago of the organization which has become the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine ( Here is an article by Dr. Verigin I think you’ll find interesting. He is talking about a very useful view of healing. I think you’ll like it. You need to scroll down past the first article in the newsletter which comes up when you click here.

By the way, I want to thank Charles McCoy for sending me this article. Chuck has been using Dr. Verigin to help him clean up his jaw and get over his cancer.



If you have been considering buying a VIBE Machine (now called The Quantum Pulse) to try it out, here is a great opportunity to buy one at about one-third of the normal price. Here is the message about it I received a few days ago from Dr. Knoderer (please contact him about it — not me):

“Hi Bill:

I have your book and think it is a god-send!!!!

About a year ago I purchased a ‘reverse-engineered’ vibe machine from an electronic engineer……..Due to having a PACEMAKER INSTALLED A FEW months a go, I was told that I could not use this valuable tool due to the frequencies emitted would affect the pacemaker!!!!!!

So, I do have this machine available for a reasonable price……..As you know the VIBE did sell for $18,000 ……and I understand that the VIBE type of machine is now on the maarket, called The Quantum Pulse for the same $18,000……….I will sell my machine for $6,000. or best offer!!!!!!!!

Call me if you know any one that might be interested!!!!!

Your book is outstanding and thank God for people like you!!!!

Dr. Robert Knoderer
Phone 352-750-9521”


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Happy New Year!! Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
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