Winners’ Roster — (cont’d)
We’re Moving to San Antonio
VIBE Machine For Sale — Bargain Price
Hemp Oil Update


**** Interesting Near Death Experience
**** Dr. Terry Wahls — Minding Your Mitochondria
**** Estrogen And Breast Cancer

First, I want to wish each one of you a Healthy New Year!

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Winners’ Roster — (cont’d)

Well, judging by your response, the “Winners’ Roster” you helped me build is one of the most successful projects I’ve done for you. Since I first announced the availability of this list of cancer survivors in last month’s newsletter, I’ve gotten about 400 plus requests for it. Several of the people on the list of what is now 52 survivors have told me they have received several calls from you folks wanting to discuss their experience with cancer healing.

Want to join the fun? Believe me, there is nothing better you can do with your life than helping others who are healing themselves. So, if you have healed yourself of cancer and are willing to share your experience with those still working on their healing, here’s all you have to do to add your name and information to this “roster.”

Just send me an e-mail. Don’t go all out to describe your experience. Nobody will read it except me and I’ll just have to go through it to get out the essential information I will share with others on this “roster.” Here’s all that will be on the roster (so this is all I need from you):

Your name.
Your phone number (optional).
Your e-mail address (essential).
Your type of cancer (don’t need detail).
The type of treatment that worked for you (don’t need detail), for example: Bill Henderson Protocol (BHP), BHP modified, your own protocol, IPT, etc.
When you confirmed that you were healed (month and year)

If you don’t have a copy of this list and would like to get it, just send me an e-mail and tell me if you want the Microsoft Word version or the Microsoft Works (spreadsheet) version. I’ll send it to you. I ask you to be considerate of these people. Before you call any of them, please look up their time zone on Google and be sure you are not calling at an inconvenient time.

To add your name to the list or to receive a copy of it, simply send an e-mail to me at:


We’re Moving To San Antonio

Back in 2005, Terry, my wife, and I were living in San Antonio. We’d been living there for 10 years since we got married in 1995. Terry’s three children joined us there from their original home in Spain. In 2005, Terry became tired of the hot weather in San Antonio [she’s a Mediterranean lady]. We explored various options and decided to move to Asheville, North Carolina. Terry’s three adult children remained in San Antonio.

We enjoyed about 3 1/2 years in Asheville. It is a beautiful place with lots of natural healers. In 2008, when the house prices in California seemed to be getting back within reason, we decided to give California a try. We both have lots of relatives in the Bay Area, as well as in San Jose and Sacramento.

Well, about two months ago, we heard from Terry’s daughter in San Antonio that she was expecting the second of Terry’s grandbabies in about June of 2012. Terry mulled it over awhile and finally decided that she just had to be closer to these two grandbabies and her other older children. As for me, I had lived in San Antonio for about 25 years before Terry and I got married. To me it’s a lot like home.

So, we’re going to complete the “circle” and move back to the Alamo City. We’ll move about the end of January. We’re finally buying a home there after renting for three plus years in California. Our new home will be ready on February 1st and our furniture will be delivered on February 4th.

Needless to say, I’ll be less available in January than normal. I’ll still monitor my e-mails and answer them. We’ll even forward our phones to the cell phone when we’re traveling. But we will be in San Antonio from January 10th to the 20th to close on the house and arrange some other details. After we come back to California, we’ll be busy packing. So, please don’t be surprised if it takes me a little longer to respond to you. Also, there will be no January, 2012 newsletter.

We are looking forward to renewing a lot of old friendships in San Antonio. It’s a great city — even if it is a bit hot in the Spring, Summer and Fall!!


VIBE Machine For Sale — Bargain Price

Shortly after we arrived in Asheville in 2005, we discovered the VIBE Machine and bought one. For the next three years, we invited people in to use it. Many found it helped them (and their pets) with various health problems. Since we moved to California in 2008, we have not used it much. We are both pretty healthy and we have not invited people to come to our home and use it like we did in Asheville.

Now, before we move, we’ve decided to sell it. We really want someone to benefit from its great healing properties. This month, we have had it “refurbished” by the inventor’s office in Greeley, Colorado. It is really “like new.”

To see what it looks like, just go to The Quantum Pulse is just the new name adopted by Gene Koonce, the inventor, and his company in 2009 to get around the FDA’s harassment. Minor cosmetic changes were made. To read about some experience various people have had with it in healing their cancers, just take a look at my Cancer-Free book. In the 3rd Edition, it’s on pp. 155-161. In the 4th Edition, it’s on pp. 211-216.

Here’s the deal. If you’re interested, just send me an e-mail at Give me your phone number. I will call you, in the order I receive the e-mails. If we work out a deal, you just pay us $6,900 for the machine plus the shipping. I will ship it to you with a one-year guarantee that it will work as designed. Since the original price was (and the current price is) $17,800, we feel this is a fair price. If you are interested in helping neighbors, as we did in Asheville, you will find that all the owners who want to invite others in to use it are listed at the Quantum Pulse website above. You can call some of them if you like to get their experience with this wonderful healing device.


Hemp Oil Update

Several years ago, I interviewed a wonderful Canadian named Rick Simpson on my web talk radio show about his experience healing cancer using hemp oil. Since then, Rick has moved to Europe to escape the harassment by Canadian officials about his warm-hearted attempts to help as many cancer patients as possible. Rick is indeed a fine gentleman with a big heart.

I was recently reminded of Rick Simpson’s website and his experience with hemp oil as a healing substance for cancer. I felt it was time to bring you up to date about it. To get an idea of what this is and how it works, just go to There you will find several videos about Rick Simpson, the hemp oil’s properties, how to prepare it, etc.

The harassment that Rick Simpson got in Canada concerned the relationship between hemp oil and marijuana. Canada is just as skittish about anything concerning marijuana as the U.S. This is ridiculous, of course, particularly concerning the hemp oil. It is simply a great healing substance which Rick supplied to hundreds of people to help them heal their cancer and other degenerative conditions.

So, if you’re interested in trying the hemp oil, it is definitely a “do it yourself” exercise. Just explore the Phoenix Tears website before you try to obtain some of the ingredients and make your own.




Whether you believe in the validity of the “near death experience” or not, I think you will enjoy this remarkable first-person account of this experience. Here’s the e-mail I received from a reader that reminded me of this wonderful story I had heard about several months ago:

“Hello Bill

The following is an amazing and inspiring story that would be good to be shared with other people because it will help them understand what we are and our healing power.

Have a good life.

Willy Tagliavini”



Here is a link to the best description I have ever seen of healing using a radical change in eating habits. In this video, Dr. Wahls gives you a detailed account of her incredible healing. You don’t want to miss this one. It may be the most important 17 minutes of your life, if you want to live out a healthy life. Everything she says about her MS healing applies directly to cancer healing:




I have had several questions from readers whose doctors have “warned” them about the dangers of flaxseed oil (or ground flaxseeds) and their breast cancer. The most recent one was yesterday.

I want you to read this great article on this subject by Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, the naturopathic physician who runs the Budwig Center cancer healing clinic in Malaga, Spain. The link to this great article is at the end of this newsletter. Just scroll down and click on it.


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

Bill Henderson
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The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.

Dr. Lloyd Jenkins’ article on Estrogen and Breast Cancer.