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AMA Conspiracy — Finally, Some Reliable Detail
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Well, the end of this notable year is special for my wife and me.  In two weeks, we’re expecting my wife Terry’s third grandchild (they’re my “step” grandchildren, but still exciting).  It’s been a special holiday season for us for this and other positive reasons.  We hope it has been for you, too.  This 183rd edition of my newsletter will cover a lot of ground.  I hope you enjoy it and look forward with us to a wonderful New Year.


About 24 months of past issues are available at this website.  Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen.  The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

Procella Becomes CelltraMAX — An Update

You’ve probably read some of the articles on Procella in this newsletter. An  example is in my June 30th newsletter.  It is called “Update on Procella and Budwig-to-go.”  You’ll find it, if you’re interested, at:

This product has been in a transition period for the past three months or so.  Many of you have probably tried the Procella capsules, as I have, to replace the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil (CC/FO) mixture. Well, it’s now been through a name change.  The attorneys advised Shawn Mitchell, owner of the company, to change the name of the product from Procella and Budwig-to-go to CelltraMAX.  Apparently, it was some kind of patent issue about the names Procella and Budwig-to-go.

In addition, Shawn’s company has now completed the addition of a high-powered powder version of this product specifically designed for use by patients with cancer and other ills.  Here’s how Shawn describes it:

“The powder is a strong protocol more geared towards the ill or for those who have problems with the capsules.”

Both the capsules and powder have been tested by Dr. Lloyd Jenkins, medical director of the Budwig Cancer Center in Malaga, Spain.  They have both been found to be at least as effective as the CC/FO mixture itself for healing cancer.  The advantages are the lack of sodium (heavily present in cottage cheese) and the convenience for travel. Sodium, particularly for those of us in the older generations, has been found to cause swelling in the ankles and wrists.

The only problem, of course, is the cost.  The CC/FO mixture, which I used for breakfast for about 13 years, costs nothing.  It replaces other food in your eating habits.  It is quite nutritious and filling.  I’ve done the arithmetic for you on the CelltraMAX products.  Here it is:

CelltraMAX-Caps:  A bottle of 120 capsules costs $59.95.  At the recommended dose on the bottle of 4 per day, this is a modest expense of $2 per day.  However, Dr. Jenkins found that to replace the therapeutic dose of the CC/FO mixture that he recommends (as we do), you’d need to take 29 of the capsules per day.  This would be a prohibitive expense of about $14.48 per day or $434.40 per month, not counting tax or shipping.

It would seem these are appropriate for the prevention of cancer and other chronic degenerative problems (for which I take them), but not for treating active cancer (just because of the prohibitive cost).  I generally take 6 or 8 per day.  They can be easily taken when you travel.

CelltraMAX-Pow.  The powder comes in a box of 7 packets and costs $54.95.  Taking one of these per day works out to $7.85 per day or $235.50 per month.  Maybe not prohibitive if you have difficulty eating the CC/FO mixture.  The powder can be easily dissolved in almost any liquid and used in feeding tubes at home or in the hospital.   I’ve encountered this several times with my coaching clients where it was difficult to make the CC/FO mixture liquid enough to work in a feeding tube.  Of course, this powder option can also be used when you travel.

To learn more about either of these products and order them, please go to:

Neither Dr. Carlos Garcia (my co-author) nor I have a financial interest of any kind in this product.

Cancer Over-Treatment — Vital Information

Most of you have had some kind of experience with a cancer diagnosis in yourself or a loved one.  One of the most essential things you can learn about cancer is its over-treatment by conventional doctors. The fear they implant in patients with a new cancer diagnosis is criminal and the treatment they scare the person into frequently threatens that person’s life for no reason.  Is it just ignorance or is it greed?

Here is the best article on the subject of over-treatment of cancer I’ve ever read.  Please pass this on to your loved ones and help them avoid the unnecessary degradation of their health that goes with treatment of cancers that would never be life-threatening.  Hopefully your loved ones will listen to you more than mine listen to me.  Please read this article:

AMA Conspiracy — Finally Some Reliable Detail

For at least 15 years, I’ve been reading about the conspiracy of the American Medical Association (AMA) with government agencies of various types (FDA, CDC, FTC, ACS, etc.) to suppress information on anything competitive with so-called “conventional medicine’s” drugs and procedures.  Well, here, finally, is some reliable detail about this conspiracy obtained by an investigator from the actual AMA files.  I hope you find this as interesting as I did.

In my experience, trusting your doctor to heal you is one of the most dangerous things you can do.  Please watch this 23- minute video by Joseph Lisa, the investigator:



Many of you have heard of the admirable work of Rick Simpson of Canada trying to help heal cancer patients using THC, also called cannabis and marijuana.  Unfortunately, Rick was suppressed by the Canadian government and he eventually moved to Europe to escape the persecution.  Here is some updated information, including a 4-minute video on an American named Stan Rutner, now 80 years old, who healed himself of lung and brain cancer using cannabis.

One of the first questions that comes up after you watch this is “Where can I get some?”  Well, depending on your location, that may be easy or difficult.  Here is a summary of the 20 States and D.C. in the U.S.where cannabis of this type is available for medicinal purposes.

I wish I could just give you an online source but there is no such thing. If it is legal in your State, you’ll have to obtain it through your doctor.



You’ve been hearing about all the difficulties in implementing the Obamacare — the website, the communication with the insurance companies, the lying of Obama about being able to keep your existing policy, if you like, etc.  Well, what is not getting in the news is that such a government program will never work for obvious reasons.  Here is a perfect explanation of the truly impossible nature of any government medical program:



I have never been a fan of black salve (or any other salve) as a treatment  for cancer, except possibly for skin cancer, which I don’t deal with.  Two major reasons for my negative opinion:  1) It is quite painful; and 2) You simply don’t heal cancer by concentrating on killing cancer cells.  Cancer is a systemic problem.  Your whole body is involved and you have to get it under control as a systemic imbalance problem.  However, if you’ve heard of some of these salves, taken either internally or applied topically, you may be interested in this article about success using black salve.

Here’s the message I got about the article from Tony Zitzelberger, who sent it to me.

“Thank you for all the good you do.  How about analysis on this: black salve?  I have a customer who cured his wife’s cancer with this and also cured a friend’s wife. Seems to work with all types of cancer. Used it myself for a skin cancer and it worked fast.  I also took it internally for 21 days with no side effects. If I had cancer I should have experienced the Herxheimer effect (overloading the liver with cancer cell ‘die-off’).”

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!  Happy New Year!


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