Heal Yourself Guide by The Cancer Warrior
Interested in Cannabis Oil? — Read On…
Patrick Daney, Chiropractor, Takes Up My Banner
Vaccines Made From Cancer Tumors — Incredible!
8 Foods You Must Never Eat — Sherry Brescia
Cancer Survivor, Edmond Albert, Age 82
Lisa — Cavitations and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


This newsletter is really a group of anecdotes readers have shared with me in December.  They were so amazing I felt I must share them with you.  Hopefully, they will be useful information for lots of people for years to come.  May they help you to better health in 2015.

There is lots more information in the archive of two years of these newsletters. Don’t overlook this as a great source of information for you.  Just go to the Newsletter Archive page on the left of this screen and scroll through the contents of these newsletters.  I’m sure you’ll find something of interest to you.

Heal Yourself Guide by The Cancer Warrior

Here is a magnificent article summarizing a gentleman’s healing of his pancreatic cancer (one of the cancers with the lowest healing percentage by conventional means — zero).  He is a National Public Radio (NPR) reporter named Cody.  He has been broadcasting his experience on the radio, but he doesn’t want hundreds of e-mails or phone calls to respond to so we’re limiting his identity to his first name.

Read Cody’s account of his healing and share it with anyone you care about who has or wants to avoid cancer.  In this 10-page summary, they’ll get a complete guide from a successful survivor about avoiding or healing cancer.  Thank you, Cody, for the wonderful summary of your experience.  Here’s his article:


Interested in Cannabis Oil? — Read on!!

If you read widely as I do, you’ve probably read something (including on this website) recently about cannabis oil and its use in healing cancer.  Well here’s the best summary I’ve read about an experience with it healing a Stage IV lung cancer in three months.  Thank you to Pat and William Tirkot, my cancer coaching clients, for sending me this valuable link:


Dr. Patrick Daney, DC, Picks Up My Banner

It may help you to believe you are doing something right about your cancer to hear from Dr. Patrick Daney, a Chiropractor in Ohio what he thinks of our Cancer-Free book and how he is dedicating himself to help us “spread the word.”  Here is his e-mail I got the other day:

“Dear Bill,


I am a chiropractor in Ohio.I just finished reading Cancer Free. It is an amazing book .I am going to make it my mission to get it introduced to as many people as possible.  I will start Monday morning sending an E-mail to my patient list and other chiropractors that I know.  I use a lot of nutrition in my practice and this is such an awesome resource for people that have cancer or someone in their family. I can’t thank you and Dr.Garcia enough.


Keep up the good fight


Thanks again


Patrick Daney”

Vaccines Made From Cancer Tumors — Incredible!!

A reader in Holland named Frans sent me a great link to something that should reinforce your belief that the medical system treatment of cancer is not only ignorant, but corrupt.  Please read this and pass it on:


8 Foods You Must Never Eat by Sherry Brescia

Most of you know by now if you’ve been reading this newsletter for awhile how much I admire Sherry Brescia.  She is a super-nutritionist whose daily e-mails are some of the best I read.  Here’s a link to a great one on 8 common foods you should all avoid and why:


Cancer Survivor, Edmond Albert, Age 82

Here’s a story from a cancer survivor which I especially loved because Edmond and I are the same age.  I told Edmond I would not give out his detailed contact information so he wouldn’t be deluged with e-mails and phone calls.

“Mr. Henderson,


My name is Edmond Albert, age 82, from Madawaska, Maine.  I was diagnosed with aggressive gastric cancer, stage 4 last March, and I was given approximately six months to live.  Took two sessions of chemotherapy which worsened the way I felt and I almost died.


In May I started the Budwig alternative treatment, according to your book, which we obtained from somebody else.  I kept a very strict diet and in early December I had a PET scan done and found I was cancer-free.


We did it on our own and we are very open to help anyone else interested in learning about alternative treatments.  It has been a blessing for us that someone showed us your book and we also bought Ty Bollinger’s book which was very helpful.


We are sending you this as our testimonial that alternative treatment does work.  The doctors are very skeptical about this treatment and they call that a miracle.


We thank you very much and God bless you!!!!


Edmond Albert
Madawaska, Maine”

Lisa — Cavitations and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Maybe you still have some doubts about the intimate connection between the toxins in our jaws and our body’s organs and conditions. Well, if so, I urge you to read one of the most remarkable accounts of body devastation by dental issues I have ever heard.  Lisa shares her experience with you here:

“Hi Bill:


I luckily happened across your website this evening.  I have been chronically ill with debilitating fatigue and weakness for 10+ years. The ‘illness’ started with an infected tooth in 2004.  I tried to save this molar 3 times – 2 root canals and 1 apico operation.  Finally due to excruciating pain I gave up and had the tooth pulled.  Well, that was the beginning of the worst 10+ years of my life.


After the tooth was pulled I still experienced the deep throbbing in my lower right jaw but now I was systemically ill.  I could not get out of bed.  I had a 2+ year old son at the time.  I had to have my Mother and a maid move in with us to keep our family going.


I was in bed and on IV abx for 2 years.  Finally I got a touch better and was able to do one thing per day for the next 5 to 6 years.  Then I crashed into non-functionality again.  I have now been bed-bound for 4+ years.  My son is 13.  I have spent most of his young life mothering from bed….ill.


I am still trying to find someone who can clean the rest of the disease from my jawbone.  It was recently called ‘chronic fibrosing myelitis.’ I need help to rebuild my cellular system to work normal again.  Any and all help or advice that you can provide will be greatly appreciated.


Anyway hope to hear from you.


Take Good Care.


Lisa in Berkeley, CA”

Well, I responded to Lisa with some advice about dentists in her area and procedures for qualifying them to be sure they can help her.  She is reading our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book.  I look forward to coaching her back to health.

Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:


Be well…have a great Thanksgiving and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
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