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Stopping Metastasis — Matthias Rath, M.D.

As many of you know, one of the doctors I truly admire is
Matthias Rath, M.D. This German physician has made a
career of understanding cancer, heart disease and other
degenerative diseases, particularly their cellular biology.
He has partnered with Linus Pauling, the two-time Nobel
Prize winner, to author several studies on this subject.

Most important, however, is the way Dr. Rath has mastered
modern communication technology to get this information
to you. His books and video tapes, all available free
online, use color graphics and plain language to help us
understand the very complex world of cellular mechanics.

In the best medical tradition, Dr. Rath has now created
commercial products which bring his theories directly to
you in capsule form. He even has an “affiliate” program
where you can get discounts on the products and rebates
for telling your freinds about his product line. I am
skeptical, as you should be, when I’m being sold products
of any kind. This healthy skepticism should not keep us
from exploring the validity of the science behind the
products and using them when that science is valid.

In Dr. Rath’s case, this research is relatively easy for
you. His web sites offer free books which you can down-
load in your choice of four languages. They are PDF books.
If you can read my book, you can read these. And they are
free. There are also free video tapes which play on your
computer screen.

If you can make it to one of his seminars, which are cur-
rently being held all over the U.S., you can get this
information first-hand from Dr. Rath or Dr. Aleksandra
Niedzwiecki, his VP, Research. The remaining seminars on
their current tour are in:

Las Vegas, NV on December 5th (Cy Bursuk is attending this
one and has promised me his comments.)
Dayton, OH on December 9th
Los Angeles, CA on December 11th
and San Francisco, CA on December 12th.

To sign up for one of these, just go to:


As you may recall, my sister-in-law attended one in mid-
September 2002 in San Francisco and sent me a stack of

Very briefly [and please don’t judge his theory by my brief
recap of it], Dr. Rath has found that the spread of most
disease, including cancer and heart disease, relies on an
enzyme produced by the cell which “eats” the collagen.
Collagen is the connective fiber between all tissue in our
body. To inhibit the action of this enzyme in cancer cells
and strengthen the collagen, Dr. Rath’s products use Vitamin
C, amino acids L-lysine and L-proline along with an extract
from green tea.

To get the full story and read dozens of testimonials, just
go to:


Grape Juice Cures Cancer

A recent post on the CancerCured online forum caught my eye.
I will pass it along verbatim for your benefit. It strikes
me as another harmless and relatively inexpensive product
(like pau d’arco tea and flaxseed oil/cottage cheese) which
I would certainly try for a few months if I had cancer of any

Here’s the post.

“My experience with this grapeseed diet is good. About 5
years ago I came across it in a book called ‘Magnetic Therapy’
by Abbot George Burke, 1988, DeVorss & Compmpany, P.O.Box 550,
Marina Del Rey, Ca 90294


05500-87516-588-5/ Library of Cogress Cataloging in Publica-
tion Data, Burke, George, 1940-‘Magnetic Therapy,’ Title RZ422.


In it the author describes the Grape Cure as suggested by Fred
Wortman, of Albany, Georgia, and told by Joseph F. Goodsavage,
and printed in this book, ‘Magnetic Therapy.’


‘The doctors,’ Mr. Wortman said, ‘refused to operate when
they discovered the condition of my bank balance.’ Being a
wide reader, he remembered a simple remedy for cancer that
was given in a book by a ‘Mrs. Brandt,’ and looked it up.
It was rather involved and cumbersome to follow, so he
reduced it to its essentials, took the cure and was com-
pletely cancer-free within a month.


Wortman then had his experiences published in the ‘Independent’
and received hundreds of replies. Over two hundred cancer
sufferers reported complete cures-total recovery. The grape
treatment cured lung cancer in two weeks, he reported. Cancer
of the prostate took a little longer-about a month. Only four
cases of leukemia (cancer of the blood) were treated, but the
judicious usage of grape juice cured them all.


The Self Treatment:

Start the treatment like this: Begin with twenty-four ounces
of (dark concord) grape juice the first thing in the morning.
Do not eat until noon. Take a couple of swallows every ten or
fifteen minutes (don`t gulp it down all at once). After twelve
o` clock, live the rest of the day normally, but do not eat any-
thing after 8 o`clock in the evening….Food seems to carry off
the curative agent in the grape juice, which may be Magnesium,
so stick to the fast between 8 PM and noon the following day.


Keep this up every day for two weeks to a month…The dark
Concord grape juice treatment is reported to be nearly 100%


Later on Wortman collected information on four hundred cases
treated successfully this way. (All this is found on pages
52 and 53 in the above named book.)


When I took it myself for general health several times, I
felt great, lost some weight (about five to eight pounds over
a month) and it was easy to do. I am grateful for having found
this ‘diet,’ because I remember the old Italians always saying,
‘Se vuoi stare bene devi fare una mangiata di uve per due set-
timane, ogni tanto.’ {If you want to stay(be) healthy you have
to eat a lot of grapes, [only grapes], for a two week period
every now and then.) Hmmm….they sememed to know a lot back
then, eh?…


The danger of this diet may be that the Concord grape juice
(or any dark grape juice) may be contaminated with pesticides,
hormones (GMO), and/or may be grown in soil where there is
fluoride in the water which is absorbed by the grapes. To
minimize this risk, either buy organic grape juice, Kosher
grape juice, or know the farm where the grapes are grown and
make your own grape juice. (Also, excess sugar is now found
in a lot of grape juices made from concentrates, ‘to make it
taste good’/supermarket brands… etc.)


This search for good grape juices could be a bit awkward at
times but can be more effective as a self help treatment and
certainly worth the extra effort. Good luck.”

Sound like it’s worth a try? I thought so, too.

Cash Evolution — A “Non-Starter”

I feel more than a bit foolish about my attempt to help you
make some cash using the Cash Evolution web site. The promises
of both the operators and Mark Joyner proved to be empty. I
have given up on them after several months of frustration at
the lack of progress. I have dropped my membership. If it
cost you any money, I apologize. I now feel chagrined. If
anyone should be totally skeptical and turned-off by multi-
level marketing endeavors, it should be me. It’s not as if
they were attacking a virgin. I’ve been burned before.

I feel the same about the Guerrilla Marketing Bombshells
business, also promoted in a misleading way by Mark Joyner.

I’ve decided to devote my time and energy to getting you the
best information I can about cheap and effective treatments
for cancer and forget about other ventures.

Mea culpa, mea culpa…mea maxima culpa.

Short shots….


Shirley Reed says,

“There is a cancer salve that has removed
skin cancers from both my husband and myself. It is called
Cansema and you can read about it at:


This is an excellent site with reviews of dozens of books on
alternative cancer cures, many testimonials, etc. The skin
cancer product seems to work for basal celland squamos cell
carinomas as well as melanoma. Check it out.


As usual, when I publish anything about a new subject, I get
feedback from one of you that adds to my knowledge. I welcome
all such feedback. It proves that this newsletter is serving
its purpose.

Last week, a reader named John informed me that the product
recommended for prostate health in my last newsletter, was
available for half the price from another source. He’s right.
For beta sistoserol, the primary ingredient in Beta-Prostate,
which I am taking now, go to:


Click on the first link on the left (BAC Products) and scroll
down until you see the “Keyword” prompt. Type in “beta
sitosterol” [without the quotes]. You will see a paragraph
labeled “Better Prostate.” That’s the product. It costs
$11.50 compared to the $22 I paid for what appears to be
the same product.

Unfortunately, as with all alternative substances, the only
guarantee you have of the purity of the product is the reput-
ation of the supplier. I’m going to try some from this source
the next time I need to replenish my supply. Let me know what
you think.


Barbara seems to be occupied with a sick father. I have not
been able to get the additional information I need from her
to publish a helpful article for you on T-plus and cesium
chloride. I will keep trying.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of interesting facts she told me
over the phone. According to the Journal of the American
Medical Association (JAMA), the average oncologist makes
$253,000 a year, of which 75% comes from the profit on chemo-
therapy drugs administered in his/her office.

Federal agents from the FDA and FTC have visited Barbara on
a couple of occasions because of her connection to Allen
Hoffman and his T-plus concentrated aloe vera solution. When
she asked them what they looked for in prosecuting purveyors
of “alternative” treatments, they said:

1. Anything advertised as a “cure” for any disease.
2. Anything not taken by mouth.


I have finally reached the point where I feel I cannot delay
a complete rewrite of my e-book “Cure Your Cancer” any longer.
I have made a pact with myself to do this over the holidays.
Obviously, I will be trying to incorporate the content of
these newsletters, most of which is not included in the e-book,
simply because I have learned so much from you, my network of
gurus, since I finished the book two years ago.

To concentrate my time and energy on this, I will delay pub-
lishing another newsletter until I finish it.

Happy Holidays to all of you and yours. I will see you here
again in January.

In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the
format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experi-
ence publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this
format — simple text with lines no longer than 65 char-
acters — is the only one that will print on all e-mail
screens (maybe even WebTV) the same. Most of you will
notice that the web links in this newsletter are high-
lighted in blue. Clicking on them will open your browser
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(a la AOL), you may need to “copy and paste” them into
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my newsletter archives at my web site…”copy and paste.”

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be
well and send your friends to my web site:



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