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Radio Shows Get Organized
MMS Testimonials Start To Come In
A Reader’s Story — Dixie


**** Mary Aspinwall — Competent Registered Homeopath
**** Another Holistic Physician Gets The FDA Gestapo Treatment

Welcome to this 115th issue of my newsletter. About 20 months worth of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


“Best-Seller Blowout”

Thanks to you folks, my campaign to become an “Best-Seller” last Friday was a tremendous success. The whole purpose of this was to achieve a wider audience for the message in my book — not to make money. The money is minor. Amazon pays the author 15%. I will get that about next May.

The visibility is what counts. Here’s a brief recap of what happened. Thursday morning (November 29th), my “Cancer-Free” book was ranked 32,560th among the millions of books Amazon sells. They recalculate that “overall” rank every hour. In the three “categories” of books it is listed in, mine ranked #4, #12 and #72 at that time.

By noon on Friday, November 30th — again, thanks to you wonderful people — it was ranked 153rd overall. In each of its three categories, it was ranked #1. It remained in approximately that position for about 24 hours — from noon Friday until noon on Saturday. At the same time, it rose to the number one position in Amazon’s category of “Movers and Shakers” on their Best-Seller list. It had risen 13,906% in 24 hours.

What about visibility? Well, so far I have been contacted by two publishers. One wants to translate my book into Korean. The other wants to translate it into one of the Indonesian dialects. That’s what visibility like that will do. Again, it’s all due to you, my loyal readers. Thanks. I’ll keep you posted on the results of this promotion.


Radio Shows Get Organized

This week we have straightened out some of the “glitches” which had occurred during the first few weeks of my web talk radio show “How to Live Cancer-Free.” If you go to the website:

and click on “Show Podcasts,” you can listen to the current show where I interview Mariah Peterson, a cancer survivor. Just look for the show title “How to Live Cancer-Free.” But now you can also listen to all six of the previous shows, including the Jim Humble interview, which had somehow gotten “lost.” There are descriptions on each of the shows now. We’ve removed a duplicate of the Paul Winter show, which had “snuck” in. The procedure for downloading the shows is in my last newsletter (November 22nd).

We are averaging, again thanks mostly to you folks, about 6,600 “listens” each week to my show. That is “blowing away” the folks at Matrix Media in Chicago (my “bosses”). They have not yet begun to promote my show on the 380 “terrestrial” (aka “old-fashioned”) radio stations they own around the country. That starts next week.

Be sure to “tune in” starting next Tuesday, December 11th. It is an interview I did with Dr. Richard DiCenso, a holistic M.D. from Virginia. He has just published a book called “Beyond Medicine — Exploring a New Way of Thinking.” Check out his web site. It is:

By the way, could you please send me an e-mail with any questions you have that you would like me to answer on this web talk radio show? I’ll answer them “on the air.” Help me keep the show interesting and informative. Thanks.


MMS Testimonials Start To Come In

It took a couple of months, but we are now getting some good testimonials on the healing power of the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). I’ll get to them in a minute. But first, here’s a comment from Robert Peterson:

“Dear Bill:

I am a chemist who bought your (previous edition) book and am receiving your e-newsletter (and I have cancer). I am not surprised to finally read in letter #114 that anti-oxidants ‘kill’ MMS. They should. And that’s what I have been telling a friend of mine who has lung cancer. However, anti-oxidants stay in the body for more than three hours. Ideally, if you have enough protection, you should have a more or less permanent steady state of them. The beta-glucan instance, where the people waited three DAYS, certainly suggests this also. I am not sure what the solution to the problem is, but if I were taking MMS (and I intend to) I would stop all anti-oxidants for a while to let the MMS work unhindered.”

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, the MMS is still in an experimental stage. I would certainly heed Robert Peterson’s advice. At least try discontinuing your use of the Beta Glucan, the Heart Plus and the Daily Advantage for a couple of weeks while you take the MMS. You need to be the judge of whether it is working for you. If you experience the normal MMS diarrhea after you stop the anti-oxidants, then it is probably working for you. This should not continue for long (a day or so). Then, you should begin to have normal bowel movements with no constipation.

When do you start the anti-oxidants again? Good question. If anyone has a good answer, I’d welcome it. As I said in the last newsletter, I am now taking the MMS only at bedtime. It seems to work for me, but I don’t have cancer. By the way, Robert said he had sent the same information to Jim Humble and to Global Light Network (one supplier of the MMS) and had gotten no response from either of them.


Here’s a message from Keith, a reader of my newsletter, which I guess I would classify as a “testimonial.” See what you think:

“Bill, you should have Mr. Humble of the Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) explain to those using it that they should watch their poop. Sunday i passed a parasite about four inches long and big around as my little finger. That is not the first one, either. About four weeks ago, I had four smaller ones. They float up to the top of the water in the commode. I am sure it is from the MMS. So, watch your poop.


Now, for some serious healing testimonials….First, go to:

This is one of the most dramatic ones. After you’ve read this one, click on the “View Entire Thread…” link in the upper right of this one and read some of the other messages about MMS healing. Great!!

Here’s another link to CureZone with lots more MMS testimonials:

Another site which has been collecting MMS testimonials is Health Salon. Take a look at:

Within the posts at Health Salon are lots of links to other sites with MMS testimonials. Considering that the MMS has only been popular for about four months, these are truly remarkable.


A Reader’s Story — Dixie

Here is an inspiring story I received last week. I’ll leave the message just the way I received it from Dixie (CAPS and all).


Hi Bill,

My name is Dixie. I know you talk and communicate with so many people that you may not remember who is who.

But, I wrote you in January in a panic because I had just been diagnosed with cancer. A girl that I work with gave me your website after telling me that her sister died of cancer a year ago. She also told me that she had searched everywhere for help but it was very late for her sister by the time she got your website. She begged me to give it a try. I called you after reading your book and started on the diet and supplements.

Last week Wednesday I had surgery to see what was going on with the cancer. Yesterday I got a call from the doctor…..the cancer is…..GONE…….GONE AND GONE WITH NO TRACE OF EVEN ANY PRECANCEROUS CELLS.

MY HUSBAND AND I ARE…! gosh, we have no words. How do we explain how we feel! There are no words. I am too excited. I wanted you to know. I also wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I AM GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY…..PUTTING THAT INFORMATION OUT THERE.




Thanks, Dixie, for the inspiring message. Dixie has told me since she sent this message that she and her husband have turned into “missionaries” — talking to everyone they know about healing and healthy living. Bless them. May they know the same wonderful bliss that I experience every day.




I am frequently asked to recommend a physician. Generally, I have to tell people that it is a very personal choice and someone I would recommend might not be a fit for them. However, I think Mary Aspinwall, who I heard from this week, is different. First, she’s an experienced homeopath with 12 years of working with people with all kinds of conditions, including cancer. She treats people online or by phone. So, she is available to anyone in the world. I recommend you check her out if you are looking for a competent medical professional.

She lives in Ireland and has an office in Minnesota. Here is part of the message she sent me and a web site for more information:

“My name is Mary Aspinwall. I am a Registered Homeopath working in Europe for the last 12 years. During that time I have treated people with cancer and found it hugely frustrating to see them mutilating, poisoning and irradiating their bodies because they had been told repeatedly that there was no other way.

It has become clear to me that many people suffer horribly and die needlessly because of this approach. I have found very good homeopathic medicines for clients with cancer, only to see their immune system so weakened by conventional treatments that they were unable to respond fully to the stimulus the homeopathic prescription was trying to give.

I am so happy to have found your book and will be recommending it to my clients in the future, in the hope that they will choose to avoid unnecessary allopathic tortures. I would very much like the opportunity to work with more cancer sufferers, especially those who are following your protocol.

I have just contacted Las Mariposas Clinic in Spain with a view to offering my services there. I am also available to work with clients on-line and by telephone. I have already been doing this successfully for a number of years.”

Please go to You’ll learn a lot about homeopathy and Mary’s background. Believe me, she is an impressive lady.

Mary also told me of a way we can support homeopathy in Great Britain. She said:

“As you may already know, Homeopathy has been under attack in the media recently, especially in the UK, where there have been calls for it to be removed from the National Health Service.

If you wish to support Homeopathy please take a moment to register via the online petition being organised by



Because the media ignores them, most acts of suppression by the FDA/FTC against doctors (I’ve heard of dozens of them) don’t get to the public’s attention. Here is the exception. It is interesting for several reasons:

First, the victim, Dr. Forsythe of Reno, Nevada, is a “homeopathic oncologist.” He may be unique.

Second, he fought the FDA in court and won, amid major publicity.

Third, an interview with him in one of the Reno newspapers describes this atrocity in much more detail than usually reaches the public eye.

Please read this unusually complete story. I think you will find this interview very interesting. Here’s the link:


OK, enough for this time. I’ll be back soon with another newsletter.

And don’t forget my bribe. Send me your story about your cancer experience — good, bad or neutral — and I’ll send you a free copy of my e-book “Cancer -Free (Second Edition).” Your story may help many other people. Just let me know if you want me to include your name or e-mail address when I publish it in the newsletter. I will certainly respect your privacy.

Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


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