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PolyMVA — It’s FREE…If…

I had a call this week from Dr. Al Sanchez, owner of the
primary distribution company for PolyMVA. For some back-
ground on this product, please see the article “PolyMVA
Miracles” in my September 29, 2003 newsletter. It’s at:


Dr. Sanchez’ favorite line is “Nobody needs to die of
cancer anymore.” He is absolutely sincere, in my opinion.
He has budgeted $5 million this year to support his company
giving PolyMVA away to those who cannot afford it. He is
offering $100,000 to anyone who can come up with a more
effective cancer treatment. “If they can, we will start
selling it tomorrow,” he says. These are the words of a
“true believer” (and a good salesman).

His company is doing a lot of groundbreaking work in
Africa fighting AIDS and bringing water and electricity
to the poorest regions of the world.

As most of you who have been reading my newsletter or
have read my book know, I have not recommended this
product because of its almost prohibitive price compared
to other alternatives. Just to recap: At their recom-
mended dose of 2 teaspoons four times a day, one 8-ounce
bottle will last 12 days. It’s cost? $330 (with
occasional $100 discounts). At $27.50 per day, there are
not many of us who can afford it.

If you are short of money to support your cancer therapy,
please contact Al Sanchez, PhD, EdS. If you get PolyMVA
free from him, please let me know. I would like to track
both the progress of your recovery and the free support
you get from Dr. Sanchez and his company and report it
for the benefit of the readers of this newsletter.

Contact information: Albert Sanchez, Jr., President, AMARC
Enterprises, Inc. in Southern California, USA. (866) 765-9682.
E-mail: info@polymva.com

Natural Killer Cells At Work

Bob Davis is a continuing inspiration to me. For about two
and a half years, we have traded information about cancer
and its treatment. I featured Bob in my book in the section
on “Greens and Enzymes.” He is now 83 years old and still
working with his son every day in their contracting business.
He attributes his survival from advanced cancer and his
current good health largely to changes in his diet and
taking dried green barley pills. Check out Bob’s web site at:


He is a crusader like me dedicated to getting as much informa-
tion as possible to cancer patients. Everything he does in
this effort is done with no charge to anyone. You will find
a wealth of information at his web site above.

Bob sent me an interesting e-mail last week on Natural Killer
(NK) cells. If you have any doubt about the necessity of
continuous attention to strengthening your immune system and
particularly your NK cell activity, maybe Bob’s latest article
will convince you to “keep on truckin’.”

“Our bodies have a natural defense against cancer in the form
of NK, (Natural Killer) cells. They circulate through our body,
seeking cells that have unusual molecules on their surface
which indicate that the cell is either a tumor cell or it is
infected with a virus.


When such a cell is found, the NK cell opens up and extends a
tentacle to the ailing cell and engages the ‘Killer Activating
Receptor’ in preparation to destroy the cell. Another tentacle
reaches out to seek another spot in the cell, the ‘Killer
Inhibitory Receptor.’ If this spot is not found, the NK cell
blasts the sick cell with particles that punch holes in the
bad cell wall and pumps venom into it that surges in and out
of the cell until it explodes into bits.


This sounds like science fiction, but this event is enacted
10,000 times a day in a healthy person’s body as tumor cells
are routinely destroyed when they are formed.


The destruction of the tumor cells leaves evidence in the
blood serum which can be measured by means of the AMAS test.
Since this cell destruction is normal, the evidence is always
present in a healthy person’s body. High readings of the
residue (Tag 1 and Tag 2 of the AMAS test) indicate that a lot
of tumor killing activity is occurring in the body and further
tests should be done to determine the cause. Call 1-800-9CATEST
to receive information on the AMAS test and a free test kit.


The site below shows a picture of a Natural Killer cell in its
normal state as it patrols the body.




Note the similarities to the NK cell on the following URL as
it kills a cancer cell. If you rotate the first picture 90
degrees clockwise, you can compare directly.


Notice the heavy section of the cell wall at the top of the
first picture which contains the tentacles and venom sacs and
how they are now deployed outside the cell wall on the right
side of the cell in the second picture.




You can see the two tentacles, the one with the venom sacs and
the ‘Killer Activating Receptor’ and the other that didn’t find
the site to inform the NK cell to stop the killing operation with
the ‘Killer Inhibitory receptor’ and the MHC-1 cells.


The Cancer Foundation of West Tennessee, whose site this is, says
on the caption of the enlarged picture, ‘This is our God given
defense against cancer.’ This is a very interesting site as it
tells of the discovery of the NK cells by Jerry T. Thornthwaite
Ph.D. in 1972


This activity is animated in the site below.




This scenario emphasizes the extreme importance of healing the
immune system as a natural and effective way of treating cancer.
Healing the pancreas, in particular, energizes the NK cells into
action and the addition of MGN3 as a supplement can increase this
activity as much as 300%.


We are, indeed, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.'”

Thank you, Bob, for the inspiration for all of us to keep our
immune system in top fighting shape.

According to Dr. Ghoneum (the discoverer of MGN3), one NK cell
can kill up to 27 cancer cells (sometimes two at a time) before
it dies. Of course, this activity is much lower if you have not
paid attention to rebuilding your immune system. With few ex-
ceptions, cancer patients have a very weak immune system. Get
busy and rebuild it and let this God-given protection work for

For a great substitute for MGN3 at one third the price, see MSR-3
at: http://www.swansonvitamins.com

A Reader’s Story

This story from Bob Harris is the result of a question he asked
me about alternative treatments for “ascites.” I suggested he
look at hydrazine sulfate because of its effectiveness at
countering cachexia (caused by excess lactic acid produced
by the cancer cells) and easing pain. I also advised him of
my ignorance of the meaning of the term “paracentesis,” which
he was kind enough to explain.

I think his message will be helpful to you for a better under-
standing of what ascites is and how it manifests. It is also
true, as Bob points out, that if this is the first manifesta-
tion of cancer, it is frequently mis-diagnosed.



‘Paracentesis’ is the method by which doctors withdraw fluid from
the abdomen to reduce the discomfort of ascites. It is done with
a hollow needle and some sort of vacuum apparatus. Too, the fluid
can then be subjected to cytography to determine whether it con-
tains malignant cells. (In my wife’s case, it did.) It should be
done by an experienced radiologist via guided ultrasound to
minimize the possibility that the needle will puncture a vital
organ in the abdomen. It is far from perfect, since all the
fluid cannot be removed and new fluid often returns rather quickly.


Our famous oncologist said that it would be greatly relieved within
a week of the first chemo infusion. It has now been two weeks and
the ascites is no better. It may, in fact, be worse. I have now
been told that it should get better after the second or the third
infusion. That is why I asked you if you knew of any alternative
treatment for ascites.


Your readers might be interested in this, since ascites can often
be the only tip-off to the presence of cancer. Too, it is unmis-
takeable: a sudden ‘spare tire’ grows around the abdomen of someone
who is not fat.


In my wife’s case, she presented ascites to her internist and to a
gastroenterologist who performed a sigmoidoscopy, a colonoscopy,
and a few other procedures and came up with a diagnosis of
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which diagnosis is frequently made by
physicians who are too stupid to recognize ovarian or primary
peritoneal cancer.


My recommendation to anyone diagnosed with Irritable Bowel
Syndrome is to get a second opinion fast.



Thanks, Bob, for the useful information.

Short shots…..


Rusty Hoge’s web site on Vitamin C is the best organized and
most informative web site I have seen in many a moon. To get
the complete story on this wonderful “cure-all” (which I just
finished using in mega-doses to get rid of a minor attack of
sinusitis last week), please go to:


Rusty isn’t selling anything. He says about himself:

“I produce this site out of my passionate desire to inform as
many people as possible about the nature of our body’s need for
the proper nutrients in adequate amounts. Specifically, the
power of Vitamin C and the requirement for its daily, dietary

Don’t miss this web site. It covers virtually all chronic
health conditions, including cancer.



I was delighted to hear from Fred Eichhorn this week. For those
of you not familiar with his work, please see the article “Fred
Eichhorn – A Noble Gentleman” in my Newsletter #36, March 10th,
2003. You will find it at:


In the e-mail he sent me this week, Fred described a visit he
had recently from the FDA. His operation received a “clean bill
of health” after their scrutiny. Here is how Fred described it:

“On December 2, 2003, I had a surprise visit from the FDA. They
came to investigate us, which was fine by us. At first, they
were anticipating that we were making the nutritional material
here on premises. We showed them all the information of how and
where it is made, along with the correct corporation papers. They
saw our patient file list to see that all stories were in fact
real with full detail on file here. They also saw that all filings
and applications were proper and on time, including our taxes.
They were actually quite pleased when they left 6 ½ hours later.
They only had kind things to say of me. I must tell you that I
believe that they were surprised compared to what they expected
to find and I felt a friendship resulted from their visit.”

Fred & Lora 1; FDA 0. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the
FDA to tell you about the phenomenal success record of Fred’s
“Cellect” formula for treating cancer and other maladies. I’m
sure the silence will be deafening.

Please reread the article on Fred and Lora Eichhorn. These are
two really beautiful people. Contact and source information
is in the article.



If you have experienced breast cancer and even if you think
you are “healed,” you need to know about Talia Miller. This
lady healed herself through a mind/body experience that pro-
foundly changed her life. She is now coaching others on how
to do the same. Check out her web sites below. She calls
her program:

“From Survivor to Thriver – The Breakthrough Program for Beating
Breast Cancer ™ .”

She is called “Talasteena” by her many devotees. She lives in
California, near Yosemite Valley, where I spent several summers
working as a college student. Beautiful memories. Look at her
web site and then call her. I think you will be pleasantly


(559) 683-7004



As most of you know by now, I collect cancer “stories.” Send
me yours — positive, negative or neutral — and I’ll send you a
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send the e-book to as a gift.

Without a national data base, we must exchange information with
each other on what works. Your story may help many others, so
just send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks!

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Bill Henderson
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Although many alternative medical treatments have been success-
fully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by
conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal
(in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their
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