Beware — Your Supplements Are Endangered!
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Welcome to this 136th issue of my newsletter. About 24 months of past issues are available at this web site. Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen. The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.


Beware — Your Supplements Are Endangered

Back in 2002, I first warned this rag’s readers of the dangers of Codex Alimentarius which was being debated in the European Union’s Parliament. With the help of several Big Pharma executives who are members of that Parliament, a law was passed in 2003 that has limited the availability of supplements to all people in EU countries. My wife’s relatives in Spain cannot buy the supplements you purchase freely here. For example, the maximum size of Vitamin C pills in Spain (and all other EU countries) is 100 mg. If you want more than that, you need a doctor’s prescription. All of the folks I work with in Europe have to try to find someone in the U.S. to send them the supplements I recommend. They have to disguise them to get them past the Customs people in the EU countries.

When all the EU countries went to this radically limited number and dosage of natural supplements in 2005, it was simply to protect the Big Pharma income from competition. There could be no other reason for removing harmless and very useful substances like COQ10, Vitamin D3, Selenium, Magnesium, etc., etc. from the EU public. It was done under the guise of implementing a United Nations project called “Codex Alimentarius.” This project, begun in 1965, was an attempt to get countries around the world to “harmonize” their rules about food — a worthwhile project. The pharmaceutical companies hijacked it to apply to supplements to protect their incomes.

Well, the same movement is coming to the U.S. We have been protected since 1994 by the passage by our Congress of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This law, while it imposed some restrictions on the makers of supplements, essentially classified them as food, not drugs. The FDA rules governing the regulation of these supplements were to be fashioned like those regarding food. This law was passed as a direct result of millions of people like you making themselves heard by Congress.

Senator John McCain, the ex-Presidential candidate, and Senator Byron Dorgan have introduced a bill in the Senate that is being considered right now. It is called the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 (DSSA). The excuse for this bill is that the steroids used by some baseball players were sold as “dietary supplements.” Some Senators seem to have been hoodwinked by the Big Pharma lobbyists (they have 1,230 of them — full-time) into supporting this legislation. It would negate the provisions of the DSHEA act (see above) and restrict our access to supplements and drive up the price of those which remained. Of course, the Big Pharma “lapdogs” in the FDA support this bill, as they have supported the EU activity since 2002.

Virtually all of the doctors and agencies I support and believe in are trying to galvanize the public to get active and oppose this bill. I urge you to get involved. Take action now and tell your friends. If you don’t, please don’t complain to me in a couple of years when you cannot get the supplements which are supporting your health. Here’s how to get involved. Just please go to this website, read the letter that Life Extension has put together and take the action shown to inform your Congressman and Senators about how you feel. It is easy. Takes only a couple of minutes. Please. Just do it. Click here.


This Might Actually Work — Please Participate

About a month ago, I was approached by Luc Vierst and Lydie Meheus from Belgium. They are the principals of a non-profit organization called Reliable Cancer Therapies (RCT). They have launched an ambitious project. They feel they can put together, with the help of people like you, enough evidence of the positive effects of various “alternative” treatments for cancer to change the face of conventional medicine.

I, of course, was skeptical. How many times has someone tried to put together anecdotal accounts of people recovering from cancer using natural means? Have they made a difference in the conventional medical approach to treatment? Not that I can detect.

However, after discussing the project with these folks, I became convinced that they were dedicated and had enough financial support that they might impress somebody. I offered to make their “case study” form available to you, my readers, and to urge you to participate in their study. I have reviewed the form. I think the survey questions on it will result in useful information that can be tabulated. I’m quite convinced that these folks and the non-profit organization they represent are seriously trying to change the medical approach to cancer as we know it.

Here’s what they say about their intent:

“RCT wants to provide unambiguous information, helping the community to structure the complex nature of information on cancer therapies. With our website, we want to reach the whole community and in particular patients who suffer from cancer, their families and friends, and healthcare professionals. After all, cancer concerns all of us.

Besides the informative aspect, we are constantly looking for cancer therapies that – based on measurable results – seem successful, but have never been investigated thoroughly. Have you as a patient, friend, family member or healthcare provider had a special positive or negative experience with a certain cancer therapy that you would like to share with us? Please send us your experience. For more information you can always contact us by email.”

Please go to this website. Just click on the “Registry Form” link. You can fill out the form online right on your computer screen and submit it. Remember, it is just as important for you to tell them what didn’t work for you as it is to tell them your success story. I think we will all be interested in the results. Please go to their website now:


A Reader’s Story — Sandi Zeitman

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have sent me your cancer success stories. I’ll be sharing them here in the coming months. This month I want to let Sandi Zeitman tell you her amazing story.

“Hi Bill, You are my hero! I am grateful to you for guiding me to health. You were the first person who shocked me with the information about the dangers of root canals. I knew that mercury wasn’t so good, however I was not aware of how extremely toxic it was. And all the other metals too. Thank you for all your valuable and life-saving information regarding dental toxicity. Please keep talking about it. I am also talking about it to everyone who is willing to listen.

I did quite a bit of research, regarding trying to find a Huggins’ trained dentist in the Santa Clara Valley area. I could not find one who strictly followed the Huggins’ protocol, as well as offered excellent customer service.

Then I heard a wonderful presentation by Dr Nunnally, a dentist in Marble Falls, Texas. I knew he and Dr. Huggins worked together. I called the office, and from that moment on, everything went smoothly. So off I went to Texas to Dr Nunnally’s office. And I sure am glad I did! The Huggins’ protocol was strictly followed, and I received the best care I could have ever imagined. They patiently answered my questions, and always made sure I was well taken care of. They are an excellent role model for all medical offices and hospitals.

Here’s the summary of my experience I sent to my friends a couple of months ago:

Long Journey, I have been sick and fatigued since the age of 10. In my 20’s, I began visiting numerous doctors, studying health and exploring nutrition. The time and money I spent, and the trial and error approach, brought me more knowledge and closer to achieving wellness. I became very good at doctoring myself. I continued to open up to the abundant and unlimited possibilities that the Universe had to offer. I knew that there were many more doors to open to find wellness. I knew that no matter how hard it was, and how dismal I felt, I needed to continue persevering until I got to the root of the cause.

Next Chapter in my Life. Put on your seatbelt…I had been getting sicker and sicker since June 2009. New scary symptoms appeared. I could no longer dance or take walks because of leg weakness and knees buckling. For no good reason, I would fall down. I continued to deeply study and research health matters. I came across the subject of dental toxicity. It addressed neurological issues. It discussed autoimmune conditions. Oh those strokes, the seizure, the dizzy spells, all the years of excruciating head pain, the chronic fatigue, and so much more that I had endured for an eternity. It all made sense.

California Girl goes to Texas. My big news is that I went to Texas at the end of September 2009 to have a dental revision performed. I had 24 of 32 teeth revised, which means the mercury and the other toxic metals such as aluminum and nickel were removed. The root canal teeth and abscess tooth were pulled out, and all the infections in those teeth were cleaned out. I chose this particular dental office in Texas because they use the Huggins protocol, which is very safe, especially for people who have compromised immune systems and have been very sick like me. Texas was awesome. The dentist and staff were very caring and nurturing. I was in good hands.

Four Amazing Things occurred after the dental revision. First, there was no pain. Second, I had no side effects from the drugs. Third, I was in awe all night, admiring my mercury and metal-free teeth, and watching the blood clot from the pulled teeth heal within a few hours. Fourth, many of the weird symptoms of 50 years subsided or lessened. I can now dance and walk again without the fear of falling. I am rebuilding my immune system. I feel a wealth of health!

This is a miracle, and I feel blessed.

There are four people whom I am ever grateful to for this dental toxicity information and support. First is Bill Henderson, who has many articles and lectures on the dental subject. Second is Patrick Timpone who has a dental section on his radio website with free 24/7 podcasts. Third is Dr. Hal Huggins, who has books, articles, and information on his website. Dr. Huggins is the dentist who had his license taken away for blowing the whistle on mercury poisoning forty years ago. To this day, he is still harrassed. I am deeply grateful to him for sacrificing his life for me. Fourth, big hugs and thanks to Dr. Stuart Nunnally and his staff who made my dreams of health come true. His website and staff are very informative. You all are in my prayers and thoughts every day. Thank you all a million zillion!

I highly encourage you to do your research. Good places to start are Bill Henderson’s radio show and website,, Patrick Timpone’s radio podcasts at, Dr. Hal Huggins at, (866) 948-4638, and Dr. Stuart Nunnally at, 888-690-3646. If anyone wants to contact me, please do so at

Bill, Thank You So Much For Everything You Do!

Sandi Zeitman”

Does Sandi’s experience make you feel a little uncomfortable about your own jaw and teeth? It should. If you haven’t been evaluated lately by a good “biological dentist” like Dr. Nunnally, get on with it.




If you haven’t ordered your copy of the “Cancer-Free Recipe Guide,” you should do it now. Cheryl Miller-Uphoff and Chef Peter Cosmoglos have done a magnificent job putting together tested recipes for you which are totally compatible with what I recommend in Chapter 5 of my “Cancer-Free” book. My wife and I are trying them and they’re wonderful. I don’t want to hear any more complaints about how my dietary “no-noes” make it impossible to eat well and with great variety. The 84 recipes include everything from tasty ways to disguise the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil mixture to lots of salads, beans and legumes, casseroles… you name it…Cheryl and Peter have included it. For either the e-book or the paperback, just Click Here!



Lots of positive feedback on the first two sessions of questions/answers that Dr. Garcia and I have done in February. We’re going to continue it every two weeks, on Thursday. The next session is scheduled for Thursday, March 11th. Here’s how to join us for the live session:

1. Go to right now and sign up. This will allow you to enter questions for us during the live sessions in the future. There is no charge.

2. On the day of the session at a few minutes before 1 PM Eastern Time (Noon Central Time; 11 AM Mountain Time; 10 AM Pacific Time; and 6 PM GMT), go to the Talkshoe website (above). Click on the “Join A Call” button and look for the “Utopia Wellness Community Call” link. At the same time, to be able to listen to us, pick you your phone and:

Dial (724) 444-7444 (sorry, no toll-free line available). Enter: 73920# (the Call ID) when prompted. Enter: 1# to be a guest (can’t ask questions) or your PIN (to ask questions).

Both the computer and the phone are necessary to both hear us and enter questions.

To listen to the two February call recordings, just click here. You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see and listen to or download the two February sessions.



If you have any friends or relatives who are more comfortable reading in Spanish than English, be sure to tell them that my “Cancer-Free (Third Edition)” book is now available in a Spanish language version. It has been reviewed by several Spanish natives, including Terry, my wife (who is from Barcelona). They have found it all very easy to read and follow. So, be sure to send anyone who wants it to this link:



Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby has just published a new book. It is the best thing I’ve seen on the subject of candida and other yeast problems. Many cancer patients have this problem, because yeast overgrowth and cancer are the result of the same thing — an overly challenged immune system. To get this great book, just click here.



The folks at Our Health Co-op have been great supporters of my efforts over the years. They are also the best source of both high quality and inexpensive supplements in the world. This month, they are celebrating their eighth anniversary. They have a special just for you, the readers of this newsletter, right now. Unfortunately, the 20% discount on all their products they are offering you expires on March 7th (this coming Sunday night). So, please go to this website right now and order what you need. You will need to use the Coupon Code of 8bill on checkout. Here’s the website:



One of my readers, Cecile Limon, has informed me that our European readers can now get the exact same Transfer Point Beta Glucan from a source in Europe. Here’s what she said:

“I suggest you let your European readers know that they can now buy Transfer Point Beta-Glucan in Europe, therefore avoiding the large custom duties they attract, particularly in the UK. They are available from a Prague company, in the Czech Republic. The link is Delivery is within a week in the whole of Europe and payment can be done by Paypal.”

Thanks, Cecile.



Another reader, Carrie Heltemes, tried Dr. Lubecki in Sacramento, California after I recommended him in my October newsletter. Unfortunately, they were too late and Carrie’s husband passed away last month. Carrie asked me to pass on to you that she has all the healing equipment Dr. Lubecki recommends at a very reasonable price. Specifically, it is the Q1000 Soft Laser with the Enhancer; the Homeopatic Imprinter; and the Ionic Footbath. You can contact Carrie at her e-mail address: if you’re interested.



In my January newsletter, I told you about our trip to Peru. I made a mistake. When I gave you the e-mail of our hostess there, Elisabeth Bustamente, I misspelled it. Obviously, with that one letter wrong, the e-mail I gave you to contact regarding donations to Elisabeth’s project didn’t work. I spelled her name with a “z” in place of the “s.” Here is the correct e-mail address: Thanks for your interest in contributing to Elisabeth’s worthwhile project with the natives in the Andes.


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
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Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.