“Shattering The Cancer Myth” by Katrina Ellis, N.D.
Marcus Gives You His “Truly Heal” One-Hour Video — Free!
Dr. Janey Little Is Available To You Now For Coaching
**** Great Article On Root Canal-Filled Teeth
**** Brenda Lainof’s Radio Show
**** Vitamin C Reduces Chemo Side Effects
**** Sheer Ignorance And Insanity In Medical Practice
**** Angelina Jolie — Wise Call Or Insanity?
**** How Sugar Feeds Cancer
**** Great Plant Food Recipes — Rip Esselstyn
**** Chris Wark Gives You Great Information


Lots of useful information in this newsletter.  It is my 185th edition and I seem to have more and more information to pass on to you every month.  Be sure to explore some of the websites and articles I’ve given you this month.  You’ll find them interesting and valuable in healing cancer for yourself or your loved one.

About 24 months of past issues are available at this website.  Just click on the “Newsletter Archive” link on the left of the screen.  The articles tend to be “timeless,” so read or reread some of them at your leisure.

“Shattering The Cancer Myth” by Katrina Ellis, N.D.

I recommend books to you frequently, as you know if you’ve been reading this newsletter.  Once in awhile, I run into one that is so good and so informative that I pray that all of you will read it.  I get no financial reward for recommending these books.  But when I run into one this good, I just have to urge you to read it.

This one is quite unique.  Not only is the author a survivor of “terminal” cancer but she is also a Naturopathic Doctor who has healed many hundreds of people of their cancers since conquering her own Stage IV ovarian cancer at age 27.

Her name is Katrina Ellis and she is from Australia.  Her “Shattering The Cancer Myth” book is now in its fourth edition.  It has sold about 70,000 copies and she has helped many, many people heal themselves of their cancers.  She can now help you.

In addition to a detailed account of how she acquired and overcame her cancer in Thailand and Australia, she has produced a detailed reference volume about hundreds of cancer healing substances.  But what makes it interesting is she describes how they have been used successfully in her practice in healing cancer patients.

As a practicing naturopath, iridologist and herbalist for close to 20 years, working from her natural health center at Kirra Beach on the Gold Coast in Australia, she has had great success.

Not limited to “alternative” therapies, she discusses at length the various conventional treatments and their uses and consequences.  She teaches you how to overcome the side effects of the chemo and radiation if you elect to go that route.

As an author myself with three published books on this same subject, I feel confident to judge the quality of writing of this type.  Katrina Ellis gets an “A+” from me for both the content and readable writing style of this great book.  Ellis has been overwhelmed by the positive feedback from readers, many who credit the book in helping them gain back their health, with award-winning journalist Leslie Kenton adding “this book has soul.”

To get a copy, just go to Dr. Ellis’ website, which is: http://KatrinaEllis.com.au.

In early 2013, Katrina released her second book, Raw Addiction, which contains 150+ easy and delicious raw recipes to reverse ageing and disease.  You’ll find both these books at the website above or amazon.com.

Marcus Gives You His “Truly Heal” One-Hour Video — Free!

Many of you remember the “Cancer Is Curable NOW!” video put together by Marcus Freudenmann.  It is the result of two years of interviews with cancer doctors and researchers (like me) around the world.  Marcus and his Naturopathic Doctor wife and their three children made this two-year trek to produce this video.  The video is about two hours long and he has been selling it for about three years.

Well, get this.  Now Marcus and his son have put together an edited one-hour video from this collection of interviews which he is calling “Truly Heal – your body, your life and the world from cancer. ”  The real news is that he is offering it to you for FREE!  That’s right.  You can watch this anytime by just clicking on it.  His oldest son is an expert at editing and animating videos and he and Marcus have done a remarkable job with this one.  This is the first of two sets of videos he is preparing for you.

Here’s how Marcus describes this set of two videos — the first of which is available for you now:

“Part 1 covers all of the physical elements whereas Part 2 will cover all mental issues, stress, trauma and motivation. Part 2 is 50% finished and will be ready by the end of July.”

To get a look at this great video, just go to:


Dr. Janey Little Is Available To You Now For Coaching

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for awhile, you’ve probably read an article or two I have published by Dr. Janey Little, a wonderfully qualified physician in South Africa who is busy healing lots of cancer patients.

You can read the most recent article of hers I’ve published in my November, 2013 newsletter on “Cancer And Cruciferous Vegetables.” It’s available at http://www.beating-cancer-gently.com/newsletters/november-30th-2013/.

Dr. Janey has been thinking about making herself available for coaching on Skype for several months.  Well this month she launched her coaching service.  Again, I have no financial interest in her coaching service and you may wonder why I would promote something so competitive to the coaching service I offer.  Well, as I tell everyone I coach — none of us know it all.  There are benefits in talking to anyone with the vast experience of helping people heal their cancer that Dr. Little has.

I strongly recommend that you consider testing out Dr. Little with one of her coaching sessions.  They are very affordable and I’m quite sure they will be very valuable for you.  Here’s how she describes this service of hers:

“a) Sharing of the powerful 7 Step Cancer Healing Program


b) Answering questions that people are being faced with in their cancer journey


c) Crucial emotional support during this often very difficult time”

The charge is $97 USD for an hour and a half with her on Skype.  You can read some testimonials of those she has helped before with this service here:


If you feel you need more than one session, here’s what she is offering in her own words:

“…for those who would benefit from several sessions necessary to embrace and apply many of the crucial elements of the 7 Step Program, I am offering 4 sessions for the price of 3, for a limited period to your readers.”

Let me give you a summary of Dr. Little’s background so you can appreciate her and her value to you:

“Dr Janey Little (BVSc, MRCVS) is a Natural Cancer Specialist and founder of ‘Survive and Thrive Cancer’ (SATC).  Her passion as her slogan suggests, is sharing one of the great truths about cancer, ‘We are not waiting for a cure…..we know how to heal cancer now!’


Dr Janey works to empower those touched by cancer on how to achieve complete and permanent healing (not simply hoping for a remission!) through her powerful, yet natural, 7 Step Cancer Healing Program.


She is also author of the book, ‘You Can Heal Yourself From Cancer Now!’ which outlines why the modern allopathic approach to cancer continues to fail so many, and how when we change our approach to cancer by addressing and reversing the primary cause of cancer instead, that true healing becomes a reality.


Dr Janey has a medical background as a Veterinary Surgeon, which as she explains has been a blessing in empowering cancer patients in their journey with cancer.  Her knowledge in physiology, anatomy and medicine, so closely shared between humans and animals has served her well during many years of research on the subject of healing cancer. This medical knowledge also accounts for her excellent understanding of how the body works and responds to different treatment modalities, while crucially not having the same unfair constraints placed on her when sharing a natural approach as is experienced by her human medical colleagues through the politics of medicine.


In addition, Dr Janey believes that her first-hand experience in performing thousands of surgical procedures to remove cancerous tumours, as well as the administering of countless chemotherapy protocols and radiation treatments in her 20 year veterinary career prior to launching SATC, have added substantially to her experience and observations of how this ‘Big 3’ approach does not (and cannot) provide lasting solutions with cancer.


In addition to conducting talks, seminars and private coaching on healing from cancer naturally, in answer to substantial requests to share the 7 Step Cancer Healing Progam, Dr Janey is now conducting 1-on-1 Skype consultations to anyone, wherever they are in the world, who believe that they could benefit from this information, while also enjoying the heart-felt support, advice and encouragement that is so often needed by cancer patients and their families.”

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get some wonderful advice from a very competent physician for a very affordable price.



As you probably know, I’ve been urging people every way I can think of to avoid root canal-filled teeth or get rid of them if they have them for about 12 or 13 years now.  Here’s a good article on the subject sent to me by Dan Belshaw, one of my readers.  Please read it here:




Some of you have experienced the wonderful healing help Brenda Lainof provides to people who want to implement Dr. Brad Nelson’s procedures for resolving “trapped emotions” described in his book “The Emotion Code. ”  I have had dozens of testimonials from people helped by Brenda to apply the procedure outlined in this book.  She has been trained by Dr. Nelson to work with people remotely over the phone.

Brenda has started a regular radio show you can listen to.  Here’s how she describes it:

“I will be providing weekly shows, every Tuesday evening, effective March 4th at 6:00 PST where I interview individuals and also once a month, where I am taking calls and energetically testing for trapped emotions, blockages, etc.


My show on Talkshoe is called:  Brenda’s Mindful Healing Show.



By clicking on the link above, you’ll be taken directly to the page on the Talkshoe.com website where the recordings of her past shows are always available.  Of course, if you want to ask Brenda questions, you’ll need to put this on your calendar and join her live.  No charge.



I’m sure you’ve heard of the healing properties of Vitamin C.  What you may not know is the effectiveness it has in offsetting the side effects from chemo.  As you know, I don’t recommend chemo.  However, if you elect to do some of it, by all means explore this article’s useful information:


This link was given to me by Carol Simon, a loyal reader.  Don’t expect your cancer doc to agree with it.



Nothing new to most of you that medical practice in the U.S. and other “civilized” countries requires a lot of ignorance and arrogance by the conventional doctors.  Here’s a great article on this subject you might find interesting:


Thank you, Angela Hoy, my fine publisher, for passing this website on.



Here’s another article by Dr. Janey Little (see above) I found interesting about Angelina Jolie’s decision to have both breasts cut off to avoid cancer.




To sensibly treat and overcome your cancer, it is vital that you understand exactly how sugar affects the cancer. Here’s a great article by Shelly Brescia.  I love her daily “blurbs.”  Think about the preparation of your body for a PET or CT scan.  You swallow something with irradiated sugar in it to help light up the cancer cells for the scan. Sensible??  You decide.  Meanwhile, read Shelly’s article here:




Above, I mentioned Katrina Ellis’s recipe book called “Raw Addiction.” Here’s another great source for raw food recipes that are attractive and delicious.  No excuse now for not knowing how to make the raw food which should be the majority (80% or so) of what you eat.  This one is by Rip Esselstyn, a fireman, and is called “My Beef With Meat.”  It is available on Amazon.com and I’d sure get it if I were trying to revise my diet and get over cancer.



A young cancer survivor, Chris Wark has taken on the mission of informing you as much as possible how to get over it.  He is doing a magnificent job.  Take a look at his website, which is:


Do your friends a favor and send them to my website:


Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!


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