“The Toxic Tooth” by Dr. Robert Kulacz, D.D.S.

Enzymes and Probiotics — Ty Bollinger Interview
Surprisingly Effective Pain Relief by Sherry Brescia
Dr. Schulze on Aging and Cellular Regeneration
Reishi — The Magic Mushroom


I am deliberately limiting the major section of this newsletter to one topic.  It is so important to you and everyone you care about that you all need to get this book.  You’ll see.  It is unique in many ways.

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“The Toxic Tooth” by Dr. Robert Kulacz, D.D.S.

If you’ve read our Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book, you may remember us mentioning Dr. Kulacz twice (pp. 186 and 314).  His story is very special and you need to know it in order to understand the dental (and medical) industry systems.  Now it is available in a wonderful new book he’s just published called “The Toxic Tooth — how a root canal could be making you sick.”

I’ve read dozens of books on the subject of dental toxins and their relationship to cancer.  This one is the best.  It is written for both us lay people and the practitioners of dentistry and medicine.

Dr. Kulacz wrote his first book called “The Roots of Disease” in 2002. It is a summary of his experience cleaning up people’s jaws and teeth and how these clean-up operations affected their health dramatically.  As a result of the content of that book, he was harassed for years by the State Dental Board in New York state.  Eventually, in 2006, he gave up his fight against the establishment.  He was so concerned about the threat to his family that he changed his name and went “underground.” He adopted a new profession.

Now, he’s back…..with a vengeance.  He has written the ultimate book for you (and your dentist and doctor) on the subject of root canals, cavitations and other dental issues and their effect on your health.  It is complete with pictures of horribly infected teeth, case studies of people’s experience with their health issues and their teeth and an enormous supply of references for those harder to convince than you and I are.

He has changed his name back to his bona fide name and is bravely challenging the entire dental industry.  I admire him greatly for it.  At one point in 2010, he had agreed to have me interview him on my Web Talk Radio program.  The day before our interview was scheduled, he called me and told me he was too concerned about his family to go public with his views at that time.  I couldn’t blame him after the hassle he had gotten while he was practicing holistic and biological dentistry.

Now, he is delivering to you the ultimate guidance that you and all those you care about need to understand the corruption in the dental and medical industries in this country.

I’ve read this book.  It is full of technical talk for dentists to understand both the nature of the dental toxin issues and how to fix them.  But it is also written for you and me.  I assure you that you will understand most of what he is talking about.  But you’ll also want to pass this book on to your dentist and/or doctor.  If their reaction is not positive, you need to look for another dentist or doctor.

The chronic degenerative conditions he has associated with root canals and cavitations are not limited to cancer.  They include heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many more.

In the Introduction of the book, he explains the entire history of his harassment by the official dental hierarchy in New York.  I want you to explore two websites about this book.  The first is Dr. Kulacz’s own website, which is http://www.ToxicTooth.com.  There, you’ll learn about him and his co-author, Dr. Thomas Levy, M.D. and J.D. and be able to order the book.  The other website is http://amazon.com.  Just type in the title of the book.  You’ll find 10 interesting and complimentary (all 5-star) reviews of the book.  You can also order the book there.  It is not yet available as either an e-book or a Kindle version.  Get the paperback.

Here are two of the 5-star reviews from Amazon:

Best book ever on the science and dangers of root canals


By John E. Augspurger on January 29, 2015


“After having practiced biological dentistry for over 20 years, and having extracted thousands of root canal teeth, I have seen first hand the damage done by this procedure. I have also seen my patients almost always have health improvements, especially if strict safety protocols are used (intravenous vitamin C, ligament removal, and ozone irrigation). In dental school we are trained to believe that a root canal is safe. Since when has a dead body part been safe? Gangrene is poisonous no matter how high tech and how well the procedure is done. Only those with strong immune systems, high anti-oxidant reserves, and ideal cellular metabolisms can withstand the out gassing from within a root canal. And those folks who have this level of health do not usually need root canals. So, in my opinion, root canals only add fuel to an already burning fire called ‘disease’. Just because a tooth is sensitive does not mean kill the tooth. Only a dentist that understands how to heal your tooth can prevent you from having root canals in the first place. Do your own research. This book is very well researched, backed by facts, and presented in such a way that the reader can understand.”

Dr. John Augspurger, D.D.S., the author of this review, is an experienced biological dentist in Denver, Colorado.  His website is:


He is one of the rare competent dentists I refer my coaching clients to in order to get their jaw professionally “cleaned-up.”


“The Toxic Tooth is packed with great scientific information that is presented in an easy to …, December 27, 2014


By RBNunnally


The Toxic Tooth: How a root canal could be making you sick 


The Toxic Tooth is packed with great scientific information that is presented in an easy to understand style. I highly recommend this book for practitioners and lay people who have an interest in knowing about the toxicities associated with root canal treated teeth and the impact of these toxicities on our systemic health.


Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS”

Most of you know who Dr. Stuart Nunnally is.  He is the dentist who cleaned up my mouth in 2010 and, of course, now is my personal dentist.  He is located in Marble Falls, Texas and his website is:


I consider him among the top three dentists in this country who are doing marvelous work to help people heal their cancer.

Get this book, folks.  You’ll be very thankful for the rest of your life that you read it and shared it with your loved ones.



Most of you are familiar with the great interviews done by Ty Bollinger over the last year or so.  Here’s one that is free and essential for all of us to absorb and understand.  It is an interview with Wade Lightheart on the subject of enzymes and probiotics.  Very interesting. Unfortunately, the products Wade promotes are temporarily out of stock (sound familiar?).  After watching the 27-minute video, if you’re interested, you can click on the link below the video and sign up to be notified when the products are available.  Here’s the video link:




If you’ve been reading this newsletter, you know how much I admire Sherry Brescia and the daily information she publishes.  Here is one of her recent articles on natural pain relief.  If you’re one of the hundreds of people who have asked me about this subject, you’ll love this article.




You are probably also aware how much I admire Dr. Richard Schulze as an expert on herbal healing and detoxing.  Here is a wonderful video for you on the subject of “cellular regeneration.”  That term could be used as a substitute for “restoring health” and you’d be pretty accurate. Please watch this wonderful video (and the Part 1) at:




Please watch this 8-minute video on the reishi mushroom and its marvelous healing power known about by the Chinese for thousands of years.  Thank you, Ron Strauss.


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