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We’re Settled in San Antonio

Moving is never fun. But we’re through. Forever! We are finally settled in our new home in San Antonio.We’re loving it. We’re close to my wife’s relatives and my old friends. But, never again will we move anywhere.

If you’ve had trouble reaching me in the last couple of weeks, I apologize. Getting our phone numbers transferred to a new provider of phone service has been a nightmare. We are pretty sure it is finally resolved. E-mail has worked all the time but the phone has been “hung up” in the transfer process for a few days.

Happy Leap Year. I’m enjoying getting back in touch with you with some more valuable information for healing or preventing cancer. This month I’m concentrating on reading material for you.

Onward and upward!


“One In Three –Real Hope For Cancer,” A “Must Read”

I have just finished one of the best books on dealing with cancer I’ve ever read. If you want a complete and COMMON SENSE description of the current state of cancer treatment, this is the book for you.

Kathleen Austin, a wonderfully talented Australian lady, has compiled for you a book that says it all. Nobody can appreciate any more than me the grinding process she went through in researching and writing this book. Impassioned by the large number of friends who had died from cancer,she set out to document the best healing approaches. She has done it.

Her title “One In Three” of course refers to the fact that one in three women will experience cancer. For men, the number is closer to one in two. All of us know someone with cancer — or we are that person. To get prepared to cope with it, to cope with it now or to completely avoid it, you need to read this book. Kathleen, as a math teacher, has a wonderfully inquiring and analytical mind. Combine that with a compassionate heart and the willingness to work long hours to research and write for six years and you get this book. To give you a good idea of the content and quality, I have gotten Kathleen’s permission to quote a segment for you. It is the best collection of questions to ask any doctor you deal with about cancer that I have ever read. Here it is:

“1. Does this treatment work? Specifically, will it guarantee a cancer free life until I’m 80 years old?
2. How much extra quality time will I gain from this treatment?
3. Will this treatment cure the cancer or just slow the growth?
4. Can you guarantee that this treatment will not damage other healthy cells? Hair loss, vein damage, balance, nausea, hearing and brain function loss indicate cell damage.
5. Could this treatment
permanently damage vital organs? If so, how would that affect my life?
6. What percentage of patients taking this treatment have a return of cancer due to the treatment?
7. Do you object to me using antioxidants during this treatment? (Research shows that high potency antioxidants improve the outcome of chemotherapy.) If yes, ask to see the research to support the objection.
8. Do you assume that something unproven, by modern medical standards, must be ineffective?
9. Have you heard about IPT? Would you be willing to dramatically lower my dose of chemotherapy drugs and follow an experienced doctor’s directions to see if we can get good results with reduced side effects? [Details at]
10. What alternative treatments have you researched? Have you used any? Why? What were the results?
11. Do you have an effective treatment that will ‘Do no harm,’ as in the Hippocratic oath?
12. What is the best thing about your treatment?
13. What is the worst thing about your treatment?
14. Would you supervise my progress while I pursue alternative methods before I consider conventional? (If the answer is no, ask why not?) If there is still no cooperation and you want to do this, find another doctor.
15. Is this the only treatment that will be needed or will I have to have more? Is that guaranteed? What percentage?
16. If all the cancer was removed with surgery, would you prescribe chemotherapy afterwards? (If the answer is yes, why, if it has all been removed?)
17. If I had to have chemotherapy after successful surgery, do you test to see if it has been effective? How?
18. If your daughter/son had the same cancer as me, would you use this type of treatment for them? Why?
19. What are the proven benefits of this treatment? Can I have a copy of the research? What is the downside?”

Kathleen urges you to make copies of these questions and take them to your doctor or give them to your friends and relatives. Boy, do I agree! If you can find a doctor who can satisfactorily answer these questions, go ahead and use him/her. If not, keep looking. In the meantime, vow to heal yourself with the mountain of information available to you in this book and other sources (see below).

This great book is available at Kathleen’s website, which is it today and enjoy this great read.

NOTE: I have no financial interest in Kathleen Austin’s book. I just want to get you the information she has done such a great job of compiling. Let me know what you think of it after you’ve read it.


Advanced Scientific Health

Here is another great source of free information. It is an organization of researchers and scientists called Advanced Scientific Health. I have read much of their information and found it very educational. You need to read it, too. Let me reemphasize — it is FREE! It covers virtually all chronic degenerative diseases including, of course, cancer.

Here’s how the foounders of this organization describe their mission:

“Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) is an organized network of researchers from all walks of life dedicated to the education and implementation of the ever expanding orthomolecular health knowledge base founded on research and discoveries of Nobel Prize winning doctors and scientists.”

All you need to do to get a 16-page “pdf” file to begin exploring this information is to go to their website and sign up. The website is

Here’s a quote from the e-mail I got from Vickie Barker, one of the founders, that alerted me to this organization:

“The scientific health community has never had a voice or a vehicle to provide their information, facts and findings. They do now, and it is time that EVERYONE was made aware. No one need suffer with pain and disease.

I know what pain and disease really are and it is my hope and mission that EVERYONE has a chance to learn what I have learned. I started at Advanced Scientific Health and because of it, I and over 1200 families (many of whom are health care professionals) are now disease free. We have learned how to get away from the petro-chemicals (prescription drugs), the surgeries and the burning.

Anyone can be free of the hold that the pharma companies have on this nation and soon to be the world. It will take many of us encouraging others to learn, and I encourage you and your circle of loved ones to learn as well. Talking about the problem is no answer. Acting on the solution will save millions of lives and trillions of dollars.”

Please take a look at their website. You’ll be very glad you did.


You’ll Love “Honest Medicine”

Julia Schopick is a very well-informed expert on natural healing. She has put together a unique book documenting four inexpensive treatments that have healed life-threatening diseases, including cancer.

Julia’s book “Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life Threatening Diseases,” documents beyond any doubt the healing power of certain treatments — namely, Silverlon, Intravenous Alpha Lipoic Acid, The Ketogenic Diet and Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). By compiling accounts from those healed with these treatments, she has given you very convincing evidence to try them. But, even more uniquely, in the process, Julia has documented the resistance of the allopathic medical community of doctors to learning new information.

I have experienced this resistance myself. My urologist was not interested in any of the documents, including some written by other urologists, showing the chronic over-treatment of prostate cancer and BPH — a swollen prostate (which I have). Even when I had found something (Prostabel) which succeeded in shrinking my prostate gland and making all his treatment unnecessary, he was completely uninterested in hearing about it. In fact, he insulted me and implied that what I knew and what had worked for me was completely incorrect.

This kind of insulation of medical doctors from new and useful information from their patients is practically universal. Maybe you have tried to educate your doctor about what healed you. If not, don’t bother. All you’re going to get is frustration. While I hear about this all the time from my clients, Julia, in “Honest Medicine” documents it as I’ve never seen it done before.

That’s just one reason to read this book. The main one is that these four treatments, including for each treatment several case studies in the first person, are very important for you to know about. The accounts are of healing epilepsy, autoimmune diseases (especially MS), liver disease, cancer and open wounds. Julia introduces you to several wonderful holistic physicians like Dr. Burton Berkson, Dr. David Gluck and Dr. Bernard Bihari. People tell you how they got healed and the antics they went through with their conventional doctors before and after they discovered these healing treatments.

Julia has extensive experience like this herself. She spent 15 years helping her husband, Tim, deal with his brain tumor and its recurrence before he passed. Her story is told in detail in this great book.

The book is available at and It is also available in e-book versions for the Kindle and the NOOK. Please read it, enjoy it and learn from it, as I did.

NOTE: Again, I have no financial interest in Julia’s book. I just found it to be a very useful source of information.




Here is a link to an interesting video by Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD on root canal-filled teeth. Two of my readers sent this to me, recognizing how it reinforces what I’ve been saying for years.

If my experience is typical, about 90% of you have at least one root canal-filled tooth. Please listen to this video by Dr. Mercola. Apparently, he has been recommending to his patientsfor over 20 years the prompt removal of these toxic suckers from your mouth as an essential part of healing from anything — especially cancer. He and I agree completely. To see this video, just click here.

Also available with this 22-minute video are a transcript you can print out and share with your loved ones along with several links for more information.



Many of you are familiar with Dr. Brad Nelson’s wonderful book “The Emotion Code.” It is what I recommend every day to the cancer “coachees” to deal with their stress and emotional issues. While most people can use the book as a do-it-yourself at home resource, many people find they need a practitioner to help them. Recognizing this, Dr. Nelson has been busy for the last five years training Emotion Code practitioners to help you remotely.

You may know Phyllis Pipkin from my 4th Edition Cancer-Free book. She owns a company in Atlanta called Ancient Elements, Inc. Phyllis is a very well-qualified health counsellor. Her company is the source I recommend for the Transfer Point Beta Glucan for boosting your immune system. She also sells Jupiter water filters and lots of other healing merchandise at

Phyllis has just become certified by Dr. Nelson to help you with applying The Emotion Code to your particular problems. You can reach her to explore this further at (678) 653-8532 in Atlanta on Eastern Time or by e-mail at



If you have an IPAD, consider getting my Cancer-Free (4th Edition) book on your IPAD. It’s much easier than reading the e-book version on your desktop or laptop. The advantages of being able to click on links and explore websites and come back to reading my book are all there. Tell your friends about it. They’ll love it. To download the book to your IPAD, just click here.



Dave Karlovich, the creator of the HCG Test Kit I recommend in Chapter 5 of my 4th Edition Cancer-Free book, has some new contact information. The website to buy the kit, whichmakes preparation of this test sample so easy, is the same. It is, if you need to contact Dave, he has moved from Florida to Pennsylvania this month. He suggested that if you have questions about this kit, it is “best that they contact me between 3:30 and 8:30 pm EST or on the weekends pretty much anytime. Otherwise, they can always e-mail questions and concerns to:” Dave’s phone number is: (904) 887-3181.


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Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day and lay your burdens down tonight!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
“How to Live Cancer-Free”
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Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

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