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Meet Two Fellow Crusaders — A Wealth of Info For You

The last couple of weeks have been very interesting. I have been blessed with contact from two very interesting gentlemen. They interest me because I think they can be of help to you.

Right around New Year’s Eve, Ed Van Overloop called me. Ed lives in Park Ridge, New Jersey. He is a cancer survivor. He has been helping cancer patients for 13 years. He runs a support group for about 100 cancer patients and survivors.

Ed co-founded a non-profit organization you should check out if you are a prostate cancer patient. It is called the Education Center for Prostate Cancer Patients. Just go to their web site:


I joined and just received a notice that they have mailed me a lot of material: a book called “The Reference Guide to Prostate Cancer;” two periodicals called “The Prostate Cancer Exchange” and “The Prostate Cancer Digest.” If you want to speed up the process, you may want to call them. Contact Bettye Rainwater at (516) 942-5000 between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM Eastern time.

Ed Van Overloop is very close to at least two of the resources I have previously pointed you toward. We are both impressed with Ann Fonfa [see my Newsletter #12, September 14, 2001, “Annie Appleseed – Your Lobbyist”] and Fred Eichhorn [see my Newsletter #7, June 13, 2001, “National Cancer Research Foundation”].

If you’re in the New York/New Jersey area, I’d recommend you contact Ed and join his support group. It includes all kinds of cancer patients, not just prostate cancer. His e-mail address is:


The other interesting gentleman is Gavin Phillips. Gavin is a dedicated crusader for alternative cancer cures. His non-profit web site has a wealth of background information for you on why we all need to co-doctor.

Here are several references to his web site [he’s not selling anything], which will give you a good introduction to this dedicated and fine advocate.

First, you need to read the article he wrote which was published in “Clamor” magazine last year.


Next, please read his account of the three families whose children were literally forced to take conventional chemo and radiation for their brain cancer. You will not believe this true account.


Next, read his account of the persecution of Dr. Burzynski (no stranger to readers of this rag).


Finally, don’t miss the hopeful article on the fast track review underway by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of Gaston Naessens’ 714X cancer treatment. The entire article, which I discovered at Gavin Phillips web site is at:


Browse Gavin’s web site. You’ll be impressed, as I was, at both his knowledge and his sincerity in fighting for your right to medical choice.

White House Commission — Reason For Hope?

On March 8, 2000, by executive order, the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy was created. They were given two years to report to the President on legislative and administrative recommendations for ensuring that US public policy maximizes the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine.

Does the above surprise you? It shouldn’t. The ground swell of public opinion on this subject has been visible to both the administration and Congress for many years. The significant aspect of this particular group is that, as a policy study reporting to the Executive branch, there is some hope that they can bypass the strong lobbyist efforts of “Big Pharma.”

The chairman of this group, whose final report is due on March 8, 2002, is James S. Gordon, MD. He is the Director of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C. His most recent book is “Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrating Alternative, Complementary, and Conventional Therapies.”

The Commission has, so far, taken testimony from over 3,000 people. I was impressed by Dr. Gordon’s “Interim Progress Report” published in the November/December 2001 issue of the magazine “Alternative Therapies.” If you would like to explore further this group’s activities, go to:


Dr. Gordon has requested comments, recommendations, and suggestions be sent to the group through the web site or e-mailed to: whccamp@mail.nih.gov

It might be a little late, but it certainly can’t hurt for you to put in your $.02 worth. I’ve done so. Sic ’em!

The Moss Reports — A More Detailed Look

You may recall my recommending “The Moss Reports,” a separate report on each of 210 different types of cancer. You can order one for your particular type of cancer at:


This week a friend who had ordered one loaned it to me so I could give you a more detailed “preview.” [Once again, I feel compelled to tell you that I receive no money or other compensation from Dr. Ralph Moss or anybody else.]

First, the price: $297. Not cheap. But you get access to a monthly telephone message from Dr. Moss as well as a special “members only” section of his web site. You can also order a second copy to give to your doctor for just $25.

Second, the format. It comes in a 3-inch 3-ring binder. This loose-leaf format is deliberate. Updates are frequent. They claim that they only print your copy when you order it, so it is always current. It is shipped by Federal Express.

Third, and most important, the content. It is awesome. The one I’m looking at is exactly 509 pages (8 1/2″ x 11″) long. The last 139 pages are Appendices covering doctor and clinic resources all over the world. Many of these are known personally to Dr. Moss from his visits to the clinics and other professional contacts. They are grouped by state and country. The information is complete and current — names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web sites, costs, etc. In many cases, the particular type of treatment the clinic, hospital, or doctor specializes in is spelled out.

Only about 10% or less of the book deals with the special type of cancer. Dr. Moss’ coverage confirms the thesis that “cancer is cancer” and its treatment must be “systemic,” not aimed at the particular type of cancer, a la chemotherapy drugs.

A list of the chapter headings will give you a good idea of the comprehensive nature of this guide: Conventional Treatment Modalities; Innovative Chemotherapy; Innovative Radiation Therapy; Innovative Clinics Outside U.S.; Foods and Cancer; Supplements; Herbs and Botanicals; Pharmacological Treatments; Cancer Immunotherapy; Behavioral and Psychological Approaches; Pain and Other Symptoms; Detoxification; Avoiding Errors and Injuries; Choosing the Best Conventional Treatment; Metastases; Clinical Trials – A Critical Look; Philosophy of Cancer; Conclusions.

Order one. You won’t be sorry.

AMAS — An Update

You may remember the item in my last newsletter on the Anti-Malignin Antibody Screen (AMAS) blood test. Among the “attaboy” messages of gratitude for covering this test, I got one from Ann Fonfa which was cautionary. She has some information at her web site from her associates about false negatives and false positives, particularly with breast cancer.

She also has a message from Dr. Douglas Brodie of Reno, Nevada, one of the most respected CAM doctors in the country, which was not negative, but cautioned against using any one test to make decisions about cancer treatment.

You can check out these comments at:


At least, exploring Ann’s information will give you a more balanced view of this test. My personal view is that it is worth talking to your doctor about.

I tried to call Dr. Bogoch, the discoverer of this test. I talked to a gentleman at his clinic. I explained to him that I would like to ask either Dr. Bogoch or his wife a few questions — e. g. 1) How many of these tests did their lab process in 2001?; 2) Is there some reason that no other lab has picked up on this test?; 3) Have they had offers from any of the “Big Pharma” firms to purchase the rights to the test?; and 4) Is there any reason they turned down Ann Fonfa’s suggestion to spend the $100 to get the test licensed in New York State? [As Ann says, she could have helped them sell hundreds of the tests if they were licensed in NY.]

As the newspaper reporters say, at press time my phone call had not been returned.


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