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Good News On Robert & Jeffrey Marsh Case

Praise God! Some great news on Jeffrey Marsh, the 7-year-
old with leukemia. If you need a refresher on Jeffrey’s
case, just go to my last two newsletters (see above).

The best way to update you is to quote a welcome e-mail I
got from Robert Marsh, the boy’s father, last week:

“Dear Bill,


Thank you for everything you have done. I have to tell you
what happened because it is such a blessing. Since the
meeting with Merri Jo and yourself, my ‘ex’ has changed
her whole perspective on complementary therapy.


She has been giving Jeffrey a juice therapy I proposed and
has him on the Phytaloe, Ambrotose, and Glycobears. He is
now eating much better with no sugar or white bread as
part of his diet. He also takes a daily dose of acidophilus
as well as enzymes to help his stomach.


Here is where the blessing begins. The week prior to this
whole court date Jeff had received his first dose of Ara-C
(Chemo) and Asparaginase(Chemo). He has to stay in the
hospital for 4 days. While there, he is running a high
temp and has nausea. He is then released to go home where
he receives 8 shots of Neupogen (Drug that raises white
blood cell count).


On the 7th day of the neupogen he had side effects from
the chemo but they (the doctors) stated it was just an
infection in his leg. He had fever and a lot of redness
in his leg. He complained of pain in his leg and could
hardly walk.


Jeff received platelets and blood and about 5 days later
was released from the hospital. Last week Jeffrey went in
for his Ara-c and Asparaginase. Now, mind you, he has
been on the complementary therapies listed above for about
a week before going in. He does very well this time with
minimal fever and very little nausea.


He goes home after 4 days and is to return in 4 days to
have his blood checked. I go with him to have his blood
checked and when the results come back the doctor says,
‘Jeff must be on his 8th shot of Neupogen, right?’ I
state, ‘No. He has only gotten three shots.’ She (the
doctor) looks extremely puzzled and says that according
to his blood work, which was good, mind you, he doesn’t
have to take any more shots. How’s that for a blessing.


The complementary therapy worked so well that his immune
system bounced back and was killing cancer without the
help of any synthetic drug that has side effects of its


Jeff is now doing very well and is acting like he does
when I have him in Illinois. Full of energy and will be
playing Basketball with his school friends starting
today. Basketball was unheard of three weeks ago, as was
school. But now Jeff doesn’t have to be home schooled
and can enjoy being with his friends.


Again I can’t thank you enough for all your help.


God Bless you. ~Robert”

Naturally, that message made my week!

Just today, I received another message from Robert saying

“Jeffrey is doing great 😉 Doctors are just
stunned at his blood counts, even after Chemo.
I LOVE it 🙂



Once again, I ask you to consider donating to this worthwhile
cause. A special account for donations to help Robert cope
with the medical expenses for Jeffrey. If you would like to
donate, just make your check out to Jeffrey Marsh and send
it to:

National City Bank
80 E. Jefferson St.
Morton, IL 62550 USA

State that it is for deposit to the Jeffrey C. Marsh Donation
Fund (no account number needed).

Thank you for your financial support and your prayers.

What Would I Do? — Update

I get questions almost every day along the lines “What
would you do if you had xxxxxxx cancer/leukemia/lymphoma?”
Of course, I have to tell these folks that I can’t recommend
treatments for individuals because of the liabiliaty problems
and the fact that I’m not a medical professional. What I can
do is describe to them what I would do if I had cancer.

It’s been a while since I published my preferences on
treatments. I’ve certainly learned a lot since I last
did this exercise. I hope this update is useful to you.

First, I am almost literally stunned at the wide variety
of choices of non-toxic cancer treatments. All of them have
much higher success rates than conventional chemotherapy or
radiation. Every day I marvel anew at the politics and
greed which drives our medical system and its massive cost
in human lives.

Each of you are blessed with the opportunity to save yourself
or your loved one from the fate of other victims of this
“system” who perish — 10,000 every week in the U.S. alone —
from cancer.



The cancer survivors I know (and I now know hundreds all
over the world) share several traits. I would certainly
follow their example.

1. They are very positive about their future.
2. They have taken charge of their own health care.
(i. e. they do not just “trust their doctors.”)
3. They have the mental and physical discipline to follow
a regimen for an extended period of time.
4. They have used a variety of substances and treatments
to get their cancer under control. Rarely do they rely on
one substance and succeed in long term survival.
5. They have found a medical professional to monitor
their recovery who they trust to co-doctor with them.
6. They have an “advocate” (spouse, friend, relative) who
shares their effort at recovery.



Here are the options I would consider for treatment if I were
diagnosed with cancer today — any cancer, any stage.

If my bank balance was healthy, I’d certainly consider a clinic.
The three I would consider are those where my readers have given
me enthusiastic, first-hand accounts of their successful treat-
ment within the last few months. I have validated each of these
with a secondary source. I would explore them in this order:

1. MSB Holistics in Buffalo, New York. (See my newsletter
#49 article “Low Frequency Magnetic Treatment” which includes
contact information.)

2. Immune Recovery Clinic, Atlanta, Georgia. (See my news-
letter #52 which includes contact information.)

3. New Hope Cancer Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona. (See my news-
letter #53 which includes contact information.)

If I could not afford a clinic or it was not practical to travel
to one, I would begin immediately the search for a medical pro-
fessional to monitor my recovery. I would start with the eight
web site directories of “holistic” doctors in Chapter 1 of my
book. If that did not turn up one, I’d begin scouring my
“jungle telegraph” of friends and neighbors for recommendations.

Concurrent with this search effort, I would begin immediately
my regimen of self-help. This would start with a complete
change in eating habits (not a diet) which would eliminate
sugar, alcohol, meat, dairy and processed (hydrolized, hydro-
genated, etc.) anything. I would eliminate all preservatives,
coloring, additives and flavor enhancers (MSG, carrageenan,
“natural flavors,” etc.). I would begin eating raw food as at
least 80% of what I put in my mouth. To the degree possible,
these raw foods (including some steamed — not boiled, baked or
microwaved — vegetables) would be “organic,” as difficult as
this might be to verify.

Obviously, if I were still smoking, I would quit. I would
continue to take the Daily Advantage supplements(see Chapter 3
of my book) to insure I was getting all the essential vitamins,
minerals, amino acids, etc. that I need. I would attempt, if
possible, to discontinue use of any prescription medicine. I
would wait to start this withdrawal effort from prescription
medicine until I was able to consult with my medical

I would continue my exercise program (see Booklet #2 “Stop
Your Aging With Exercise” at the end of my book). If this
became impossible, I would get a rebounder (see newsletter
#50). Keeping my lymph system circulating would be essential.



Also concurrent with the search effort for the trusted medical
professional, I would begin taking several supplements. The
idea here is to come at the cancer cells from about five
different directions at once with compatible treatments.
Also, these treatments can safely be taken on a “self-treat-
ment” basis, as necessary, “until the doctor comes.” Then,
I would keep taking them AFTER he/she comes for the rest of
my life. Why? Because I know that cancer is a “systemic”
indicator that my cell metabolism was out of whack. If I
allow my cell metabolism to get out of whack again, the
cancer will likely recur. The treatment would turn into
prevention, at somewhat lower doses.

The range of options here is enormous. Here’s what I would do
based on least cost and maximum efficacy. The “efficacy” part
comes from first-hand accounts from readers who have recovered
using just one of these treatments (which I don’t recommend).

1a. MSR-3 from Swanson Vitamins (see “Short Shots” in my news-
letter #53). This is a much cheaper substitute for the MGN-3
product covered extensively in my book.

1b. Beta glucan. Again, Swanson Vitamins has a very inexpen-
sive form of this important supplement. They call it “Beta
Precise.” It costs $11.39 for 60 capsules, 250mg strength.
I’d take 1,500 mg of this for the first three weeks, spread out
through the day, then back off to a maintenance dose of 500mg
per day.


[These two will take care of boosting my immune system to
optimum levels. They are synergistic…not “either/or.”]

2. Dr. Johanna Budwig’s cottage cheese/flaxseed oil. It’s
food! But it also kills cancer cells very effectively. See
Chapter 5 in my book for the formula. My wife and I eat it
every day for prevention.

3. Dr. Matthias Rath’s formula for inhibiting metastasis.
Metastasis is what kills cancer patients. It’s also covered
in Chapter 5, along with a great, inexpensive source

4. Dr. David Gregg’s protocol. This is not compatible with
Graviola, Protocel, hydrogen peroxide or Paw Paw (all of which
create “oxidants” to kill the cancer cells) but it is compatible
with all of the other supplements in my regimen. It’s a potent
combination of antioxidants + DMSO. This literally reverses
the physiology of the cancer cell from anaerobic to aerobic
(natural), after which they die. It also controls angiogenesis
(making of new blood cells by the cancer cells). Please read
newsletters #41 and #42 plus #48 for a correction in the CoQ10

5. Enzymes for alkalinity and overcoming the cancer. We get
ours from Green Supreme, Inc. Call 1-800-358-0777. They’re in
Pennsylvania. Ask them to send a roll or two of pH test strips
along with the “Barley Power.” You’ll get 400 tablets in a
bottle (you may want to order more than one, since they are not
expensive). Take 20 a day, spread out at 5 or 6 at a time.
These have about 3,000 enzymes, plus they will correct my acidic
condition. All cancer patients have an acidic body. Correct it
to alkaline and the cancer cannot grow.

That regimen comes at the cancer from five different angles.
Each of the above works on the cancer cells in a different way.



While I believe that all cancer symptoms (tumors, leukemia,
lymphoma, melanoma, etc.) are “systemic” and should all be
treated that way, there are certain substances which seem to be
more effective for certain types of cancer. If I had pancreatic
or brain cancer, for example, I would subtract numbers 3 and 4
from the above regimen and substitute Protocel (see Chapter 5
in my book) or Paw Paw (see newsletter #51). If I had leukemia,
I would consider subtracting numbers 3 and 4 above and substi-
tuting artemesinin (see Chapter 5 in my book).

If I were in extreme pain, I would look into cesium chloride.
If I were suffering from “ascites,” I would look into hydrazine
sulfate. Both of these are covered in Chapter 6 of my book.

None of the above would guarantee my recovery (see below).
However, I believe they would increase my probability of
recovery dramatically. Cancer is a numbers game. I would
approach this battle with complete respect for the power of
my foe. My courage to bypass the conventional treatment
regimens (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) would be bolstered
by my research and the resulting confidence. Hopefully,
this knowledge will keep me from ever having to worry about
coping with the symptoms we call “cancer.”

Again, I feel obliged to remind you that I receive no financial
compensation of any kind from any of the substances, treatments,
or clinics/doctors I recommend. My only income from this
project, which is minimal, is from sales of my book “Cure Your
Cancer.” This is a labor of love dedicated to my former wife.

A Reader’s Story

I usually like to publish positive stories of recovery in this
space. Once in a while, though, I feel it is helpful to remind
you that not all cancer cases result in getting the cancer under
control. Here is one such story. Hopefully, Barb Henry’s account
of her husband Ron’s unsuccessful bout with his cancer will remind
you that this beast is indeed wily. There are so many variables –
cancer cells that develop “pumps” to pump out the chemo, the
individual’s discipline and tolerance for treatments, their diet,
their lifestyle choices which contributed to the cancer, their
body’s condition when the cancer began, how much, if any, conven-
tional treatment they have had, etc., etc. But through it all,
remember that your chances of survival depend almost entirely
on your own actions. Learn from all sources — positive stories,
sad stories, experts, survivors. Knowledge is power!

Here is Barb’s story about her husband’s losing bout:

“Dear Bill, I wanted to share my story with you. My husband was
diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer a year and a half ago. It
was already in his lymph nodes. (He had no symptoms, but had a
sigmoidoscopy because he was 50.)


I started spending lots of time on the Internet. To make a long
story short, we decided not to do chemo, had surgery, immediately
started MGN-3, and went to an immunology clinic in San Diego. We
followed their protocol faithfully. They used shots, including
a vaccine made from his urine, megadoses of some vitamins,
probiotics, flaxseed oil, vitamin C IV’s, a basic vegetarian diet.


After 6 months he had enlarged lymph nodes. During this time, I
came across your site. I included Dr. Rath’s vitamin regimen.
I included garlic, wrote to Dr. Gregg, and started alpha lipoic
acid, and some of his other recommendations. (My husband told me
he was about at his limit with taking pills!! )


The cancer kept growing. It went to his liver and back. He had
to have radiation on his back because he had severe spasms. It did
stop the spasms, but was so devastating with nausea. THen he had a
bowel obstruction. Surgery followed with an illiostomy. Then it
went to his brain. It gave him vertigo and severe head pain. So
we decided to do radiation with the hope that it would give us more
time. He passed away November 17.


I do not regret our course of action, but I would encourage you to
balance your encouragement a little. You do a GOOD work, Bill, but
sometimes it pleases the LORD to take our loved ones, no matter what
course of action we choose. You give many people very needful hope
and practical help (I have bought 2 of your books to pass out to
others), but please be careful to not be like some others in the
alternative field that if you do this and this, then your cancer
will go away 100% of the time. That can be just as devastating.


My husband and I know the LORD and do believe Romans 8:28 is just
as true in hard times as good. God just wanted my beloved husband
home. GOD BLESS.


Very Sincerely,

Barb Henry”

Short shots…..


This has nothing to do with cancer, but I thought you might enjoy
a wonderful article on how to diagnose your degree of heart health.
This article is written by an M.D., but is in layman’s terms. In
view of all the nonsense among doctors and drug vendors about
lowering cholesterol with drugs (statins, etc.) this is a real
breath of fresh air. I gave a copy to my doctor yesterday and he
was as impressed with it as I was. Just go to:




My doctor yesterday also gave me a recommendation for a product
available at (where else?) Swanson Vitamins. He said he had a
patient whose PSA was over 300. This product, by itself, brought
it back under 1 (i.e. something like 0.6). My doctor had pretty
good luck with PC-SPES before it was removed from the market some
months ago. He thinks this product is better than PC-SPES. It’s
called PC Essentials. It costs $11.99 for 90 capsules. You can
order it on the Web at:


or by telephone at (800) 437-4148. I’m going to try it because
this last time my PSA was up somewhat from a year ago, when I
last had it checked. It was 12.7 vs. 7.62. I don’t put a lot
of weight on this particular test. However, I’ve been taking
beta sitosterol, as some of you know. It has controlled the
symptoms of my BPH. I’m going to try the PC Essentials and
I’ll let you know how it works at lowering my PSA.



As most of you know by now, I collect cancer “stories.” Send
me yours — positive, negative or neutral — and I’ll send you a
free copy of the latest edition of my “Cure Your Cancer” e-book
by return e-mail. If you already have my book, you can just
give me the name and e-mail of a loved one or friend for me to
send the e-book to as a gift.

Without a national data base, we must exchange information with
each other on what works. Your story may help many others, so
just send it to me in an e-mail. Thanks!

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I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be well
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Bill Henderson
Author “Cure Your Cancer” book

As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this
newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any
treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor
before you attempt it.