I’ve had some interesting feedback lately on MGN-3 prices. Some of you have apparently been paying up to $69.50 per bottle of MGN-3.

There are at least four Internet sites we are now aware of which offer the same thing, MGN-3, 50 capsules, 250mg each at prices (including shipping) from $40.95 to $43.90 per bottle. Here are the details, in order from the cheapest to the most expensive for a one bottle order:


$35.95 per bottle
plus $5.00 for shipping (any size order)
Total price for one bottle: $40.95


$41.69 per bottle
Free shipping (in the U.S.)
Total price for one bottle: $41.69


$38.90 per bottle
plus $4.50 for shipping (up to 10 lbs)
Total price for one bottle: $43.40


$37.95 per bottle
plus $5.95 for shipping (any number)
Total price for one bottle: $43.90

Obviously, the price per bottle will vary depending on how many you order at one time, because of the differences in shipping alone. None of these sites offer any further volume discounts as far as I know.

International shipping prices and policies vary, but seem to be reasonable. For example, Austin Natural ships overseas by Air Parcel which they say costs “under $10 and takes 4-7 days.” However, there are several countries they cannot ship to because of customs restrictions.

The “MGN3ForLess” site order form does not work with the Netscape (Version 4.7) browser. It works fine with Internet Explorer. Since the person who first told me about it is on AOL, I assume it works fine with AOL.

I don’t like to overload your e-mail, but I will pass on this one testimonial I also received yesterday:

“Bill, thanks so much for this update. I’ve been buying it for about $41.50 from Swanson Health Products.


Been meaning to write you my personal observations on taking MGN-3. Last July I began taking 2 capsules each morning with breakfast… I’d had a hysterectomy because of a contained uterine sarcoma.


I’ve noticed that small cuts from gardening or playing with our kitten seem to heal faster and two would-be colds in the last few months never got past the 2nd day. I was able to shake them off….a rare thing in the past!


Very subjective, yes…but I plan to keep taking it.



To your health!

Bill Henderson
Get And Stay Well