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CC/FO — Mix It Well

I’ll lead off this month with some instructions on how to properly mix the cottage cheese/flaxseed oil (CC/FO) miracle food. I call it “miracle food” because I know of nothing that works as well to help you overcome cancer. If you find another substance which makes every cell in your body healthier and kills cancer cells at the same time, please let me know. I’ll certainly promote it as I do this “miracle food.” Whether you have active cancer or not, there is nothing healthier you can eat. I’ve eaten it every day for six years. I attribute my good health at 77 to this mixture.

I want to share with you an e-mail from Cheryl Miller-Uphoff from Peoria, Illinois. Cheryl has been helping her Dad overcome his cancer. He has adopted the regimen in my book. His progress is remarkable. In the process, Cheryl has learned a lot about food. She has shared my book with many people she knows. But, as you will see, she has seen how some of those people have misinterpreted the instructions about how to mix the CC/FO. If you are eating it, you will probably benefit from Cheryl’s account of her experience:

“Hi Bill,

I just felt it might be important to share with you some information which may need to be addressed in your next edition and/or your next newsletter. I really think you might need to explain more more clearly how the CC/FO should be mixed. Possibly you should consider directing people to this web site to view a video on it:

Some people are just not ‘getting it’ and it could save their lives if they do it properly.

I’ve learned that even after reading your book, at least three people that I know of were not understanding how to prepare and eat the CC/FO and consequently are NOT deriving the true benefit from it (but they think they are) because they are not mixing it right. From what I read (maybe in your book or maybe on the web about Dr. Budwig), the ‘MIXING of the CC/FO is what creates the “magic”‘ (you know what I mean). If they’re doing it wrong and not getting well, this may be the reason.

My dear friend Nancy who first gave me a copy of your first book and is totally into health/nutrition lost her sister to breast cancer about 1.5 years ago. They both had read your book and her sister attempted to eat the CC/FO but didn’t mix it with a hand blender and thus didn’t get the flax oil mixed to the point that you cannot see oil any more.

More recently, my niece knew about how remarkably my dad has been recovering and she bought the book for a friend with lung cancer. They read the book. They started on the CC/FO and did the same thing as Nancy’s sister (mixed it incorrectly) and the guy said he could ‘barely choke it down’ and didn’t see how my dad was eating (and enjoying) it. So my niece happened to be at my house and I mixed up a bowl for her with some stevia, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts and ground flax seeds. It was good. She realized how her friend with lung cancer had not been mixing it…just trying to eat flax oil and cottage cheese stirred up by hand.

My friend Nancy had tried to go on CC/FO and did the same thing very recently incorrectly. I sent her the video link above and she watched the video and now knows how to do it right and she and her husband are going on the diet. I made some for her yesterday and she too thinks it’s good.

Cheryl Miller-Uphoff, Realtor”

Cheryl, you are absolutely right. Mixing these two together is critical to getting the benefit. It also makes it much easier to eat — with some berries and nuts for good taste. I do mine in a blender, which seems to work as well as the hand blender that Susan Olsen demonstrates in the video above. I’d watch that video. The “immersion” blender she uses is readily available at stores like Target or WalMart for a very low price.

If you’re making a “smoothie” in the blender, as I do, you can probably continue mixing it by hand in a bowl before putting it in the blender. If, however, you are eating the mixture on a salad or by simply adding berries and/or nuts to it, you definitely need to get one of the immersion blenders to complete the mixing process.


FTC Assault On “Daniel Chapter One”

If you haven’t encountered the persecution of natural health advocates, as I have, you probably don’t believe that we live in a “Fascist” environment when it comes to natural healing. Our federal government has a program pursued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to harass natural supplement manufacturers and retailers to remove competition for Big Pharma and its lobby. This is obvious, at least to me.

In the ten years I have been following the story of cancer healing in the U.S, I’ve seen numerous examples of this systematic suppression of doctors and dentists who work “outside the box” as well as supplement manufacturers/retailers. These two government agencies use strong-arm scare tactics to put these people out of business. They have persecuted many people to the point where they leave the country, commit suicide or just “pay up.”

The latest example is special. The people involved have chosen to fight the FTC and FDA. Their company was one of 120 such natural healing companies attacked by the FTC last year (2008). There is a religious overtone to this company as suggested by their company’s name, Daniel Chapter One. The company was founded in 1986 by Jim and Trish Leijo. They see their business as a “mission.” They are committed Christians (with a capital C). However, their business has been herbal and vitamin/mineral products for healing.

I’ve read the information at their web site where their products are sold. It’s:

I’ve also re-read Daniel, Chapter 1 in the Bible (yeah, right — as if I’d read it before!) The reference in their company’s name is to the story in this chapter in the Bible about the positive effects of “pulse” (“The edible seeds of certain pod-bearing plants, such as peas and beans” according to Webster) as compared to the “King’s meat.” Jim and Trish, alone among the 120 persecuted companies, have chosen to stand up to the FTC/FDA and fight. The FTC assualt, recently joined by the FDA, as usual uses the accusation that the seller has made “illegal claims” about the effectiveness of the supplements they sell. In Jim and Trish’s case, the complaint seems to be related to the many testimonials on their site, particularly those about cancer healing.

Mike Adams, in his Natural News newsletter, has a complete article along with an audio interview with Jim and Trish’s lawyer. I urge you to listen to this interview with Jim Turner, a prominent health freedom attorney. It was recorded a couple of weeks ago. Jim Turner is also Chairman of the Board of a non-profit organization called Formed in 1993, was instrumental in getting the Dietary and Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) passed by Congress in 1994.

Mike Adams, as usual, gets a little carried away in his account. For example, he calls the Daniel Chapter One company “a church.” Well, not exactly. Jim and Trish have traveled the world distributing Bibles and encouraging the formation of “churches in the home.” However, their company is a “for-profit” supplement company. The issue with the FTC/FDA has nothing to do with religion, as Mike Adams implies.

We all need to be informed about this case. Jim Turner, the attorney, won the case for acupuncturists to use needles. He won the case on the use of the “organic” product description. He was at the forefront in the battle which resulted in the DSHEA. So, this case has great import in the fight to fend off the restrictions on natural supplements which have been imposed in Europe and Australia by the Codex Alimentarius.

Get informed about the legislation about to be introduced in Congress by Ron Paul and several other Congressmen. It is called the Health Freedom Protection Act. It will be reintroduced in the House this Spring. If passed, it would finally legalize factually true speech about dietary supplements, allowing health supplement companies to accurately describe the health benefits of the products they offer to the public. Hopefully, it would also rein in the FTC and FDA. These two “out of control” bureaucracies must stop their tyranny over doctors, dentists and natural substance companies. You can read about this legislation and how to contact your Congressperson here:

Don’t be misled to think that the “health care reform” talked about by the politicos has anything to do with this issue. All they are talking about is the money involved — making health insurance “affordable” or “universally available.” There is nothing in this about reforming the sick, corrupt and blind allopathic medical system we must survive in spite of. Don’t dream that help is on the way for natural healing. Nobody, including President Obama, is talking about that.

If you haven’t done so, you might want to subscribe to Mike Adams’ Natural News newsletter. It is free. I have found it to be a great way to keep up on news in the natural health business. Mike is not a “lone ranger” like me. He has a staff of researchers and writers along with lots of free lance writers who contribute to Natural News. Here’s the link to the newsletter with the article on the Daniel Chapter One organization and their fight with the FTC/FDA. The link to Mike’s audio interview with Jim Turner is in this article.


The Roots of Disease

“In their addiction fo the slogan ‘save the tooth,’ dentists increasingly lose the patient.”
– M. H. Fischer, M.D.

“Like the metastasis of cancer, microorganisms from teeth and tonsils metastasize to other organs and result in similar circumstances.”
– E. C. Rosenow, M.D.

This week my web talk radio show is devoted to the subject of root canal-filled teeth and cavitations. I was hoping to interview Robert Kulacz, D.D.S., a famous dentist and author of the great book “The Roots of Disease — Connecting Dentistry and Medicine.” Unfortunately, he declined at the last minute. He is literally “in exile” in the U.S. under a different name. The QuackWatch idiots harassed him to the point where he felt he had to abandon his dental practice and go into hiding to protect his family. After first agreeing to be interviewed on my show this week and essentially come out of hiding, he finally decided that he wasn’t ready yet for that big step.

I simply can’t let the issue of root canal teeth and “cavitations” lie. There are too many of us who unwittingly are having our health ruined by well-meaning dentists. “Save the tooth at all costs,” they say. That cost frequently is your life. In almost every case, it is your health eventually.

Every week I talk to 10-12 cancer patients on the phone. It always amazes me that almost all of them have one or more root canal-filled teeth. One lady the other day had thirteen. Even one root canal filling can cause any type of cancer. Most people have no clue how toxic these things are. I’ve interviewed two experts on root canal fillings. They both used the same phrase. They said the toxins coming out of the root canal-filled tooth are “more toxic than botulism.”

One of these two experts, Dr. Thomas Levy, who has written two books on this subject, said that he and Dr. Hal Huggins, a prominent dentist in Colorado Springs pulled out over 5,000 root canal- filled teeth in a study they did from 1994 to 2000. Each one was taken to the lab and tested. Dr. Levy said that every single one had these incredible toxins coming out of it. You can listen to a talk by Dr. Levy at the Cancer Control Society convention in Los Angeles last Labor Day weekend. The link to the 30 minute video of this talk is in an article in my November 20th, 2008 newsletter. You can access it here:

The toxins from each root canal filled tooth are fed into your blood stream 24/7 in the form of “thio-ethers.” This is a gas coming from the “poop” of the anaerobic (no oxygen required) bacteria inside the dentin of the root canal filled tooth. The dentist who does root canal fillings will tell you that he/she cleans the bacteria out of the tooth with antibiotics when the filling is done. This is not possible. This was proved beyond doubt in a study done early in the 1900’s. The bacteria inside the millions of tiny “tubules” inside even the smallest tooth mutate into anaerobic bacteria once the circulation through the tooth is cut off. These bacteria are a thousand times more toxic than any other bacteria.

In 1925, Dr. Weston Price and his research team completed their 20-year study of root canal fillings. They concluded (in 1,174 pages of study information) that there was no safe way to do a root canal filling. The 30-50 million of these done every year in the U.S. are done exactly as they were done in the 1920’s.

Dr. Price’s study has been suppressed by the dental professional organizations ever since it was completed because of a controversy at the time over the concept of “focal infection.” This just means that an infection in one part of the body can affect organs distant from it. This concept is taught as fact in every medical school and dental school today. At the time, however, it was controversial. The faction which did not believe in this concept won out. As a result hundreds of millions of people’s health around the world has been ruined over the last 84 years and is still being ruined today. Of course, if the American Dental Association (ADA) or the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) were to admit the truth of this statement, they would be sued out of existence immediately. So, the denial of this well-researched fact continues.

You need not be a victim of this criminal cover-up. Knowledge is power, folks. If you have root canal fillings, you need to get educated on this subject NOW. The fact you may have had the root canal fillings for decades is not relevant. The challenge they put on your immune system is constant. All that is required for cancer tumors or leukemia or melanoma or lymphoma to develop is some additional stress to your immune system. Of course, if you’re not aware of what I just told you, you’d never attribute what you have to what’s in your mouth. No oncologist ever examined a cancer patient’s dental records. Has your dentist followed up on you to see what the health consequences were of the root canal-filled teeth he/she put in your mouth? I doubt it.

The question I always get when I discuss this subject with the cancer patient is “What will replace the tooth?” We have all been convinced by our dentists that the cosmetics of our smile are the most important thing about our teeth. Well, there are lots of options — partial plates, bridges, etc. Implants are not one, according to the experts I trust. However, what is done to replace the removed teeth is the least of your worries. If you want to restore your health, the first priority is getting these toxic poison factories out of your mouth.

Please don’t take my word for this, folks. You need to do some research of your own. Here are two books to get you started:

“The Roots of Disease — Connecting Dentistry and Medicine” by Robert Kulacz, D.D.S and Thomas Levy, M.D., J.D. This book was published in 2002 and is available at for $15.88.

“Root Canal Cover-Up” by George E. Meinig, D.D.S., F.A.C.D. This book, first published in 1994, has been updated frequently by Dr. Meinig. He passed away in 2008 at 91. In the last 14 years of his life, he spent all his energy and time educating dentists and lay people about the hazards of root canal fillings and cavitations. He was particularly credible because he had spent 50 years as an endodontist (root canal specialist) before he discovered Dr. Price’s research papers shortly after his retirement in 1993. Among other things, this book has a detailed description you can show your dentist about how to properly remove a root canal-filled tooth. This book has become a collector’s item and is available at for $164.99 and up. If I were ordering it today, I’d call the Price-Pottenger Foundation in La Mesa, California. Their phone number is (800) 366-3748.


To avoid “cavitations” in the jaw, extractions of teeth need to be done properly. Always, it is necessary to remove some of the bone in the “socket” the tooth came from and the ligament which had held the tooth in place. If this is not done, the result is a “cavitation.” This is a hole in the jaw which, once the bone has healed around it, is a home for the same kind of anaerobic bacteria which are in root canal-filled teeth. Wisdom tooth removal is a prime example of this type of problem, but it can occur with any extraction.

Last Saturday, I watched Dr. Chris Hussar, probably the most competent oral surgeon in the U.S., remove a cavitation for a gentleman in his Reno, Nevada office. The area where Dr. Hussar was working was the gum where a wisdom tooth had been removed about 30 years before. The gentleman had prostate cancer and a prostatectomy (prostate removal) a couple of years before. The cancer was back in the bones in his groin — a common place for metastasis of prostate cancer. The tooth Dr. Hussar worked on was on the exact meridian of the prostate gland. This was no coincidence. I asked Dr. Hussar what percentage of wisdom tooth removals had this type of cavitation. He said “99%.”

In my experience, ALL cancers in a person with root canal-filled teeth are caused by the teeth. There may be other contributing causes (emotional trauma/stress, diet, etc.) but Priority 1 to begin the healing process is to get the root canal-filled teeth removed. I have seen hundreds of cases where the person has tried all kinds of conventional and alternative treatments. Nothing works. When they get their mouth cleaned up, they get well.

The biggest problem I’ve found is finding a competent dentist or oral surgeon to remove the tooth (teeth) properly. There are several directories. I mentioned one in my November 20th newsletter (see above). There is another one put together by Dr. Levy and Dr. Huggins of dentists qualified to do this work. You can call for a referral from this directory. The number to call is (866) 948-4638 (Mountain Time).

It is best to be cautious about any of these referrals. What I would recommend is that you get “up to speed” on how this procedure should be done and try to find a dentist or oral surgeon who will listen to you. To help you with that project, I’m going to give you the exact protocol your dentist or oral surgeon should follow. Print it out and show it to them. Keep doing that until you find one who will cooperate.

Here is an excerpt from the “Root Canal Cover-Up” book (see above) explaining the procedure for removing a root canal-filled tooth (or any other tooth). Dr. Meinig, the author of the book invited people to copy this protocol and give it to their dentist or oral surgeon. I second his urging. You must take charge of this project.

“Protocol for Removal of a Root Canal-Filled Tooth

In view of the problems of cavitation, it is suggested that dentists and oral surgeons who remove teeth adopt the following protocol. This is not the only way this procedure can be carried out but it is one that has been used successfully since 1990.

After the tooth has been removed, slow speed drilling with a number 8 round burr is used to remove one millimeter of the entire bony socket, including the apex area.

The purpose of this procedure is to remove the peridontal ligament and the first millimeter of bone, as they are usually infected with bacteria and the toxins that live in the dentin tubules. The peridontal ligament is always infected, and most of the time the adjacent bone is likewise diseased.

While this procedure is being done, irrigate the socket with sterile saline via a Monoject 412, 12cc syringe. This syringe has a curved plastic tip and is very handy in carrying out this procedure. Two or three syringes of solution may be needed. They are much easier to use than one large 50cc syringe. The purpose of the flushing action is to remove the contaminated bone as it is cut.

In cutting the bone, not only are the toxins removed, but the bone is ‘perturbed.’ This perturbation of the bone stimulates a change from osteocyte to osteoblast cells. The blast cells are the ones that generate new bone formation.

After the socket has been cut, it should be filled with a non-vasoconstrictor local anesthetic. Allow the liquid local anesthetic to set for about thirty (30) seconds.

Next, suction should be applied gently to the socket area so that the majority of the anesthetic is removed, but there is still a substantial coating of the anesthetic over the bony interior. This further perturbs the bone cells to encourage osteoblastic action and bone healing.

The simple procedures provided in this protocol may be copied by readers. When this protocol is followed, the tooth socket usually heals much more rapidly, with less bleeding and pain.

The procedures provided in this protocol should be used by dentists or physicians, in order to assure that patients having infected teeth removed will also have all adjoining infected tissue removed, thereby facilitating full return to health.”


A Reader’s Story — Andrea Freeman

Andrea Freeman is a 39 year old mother of 2. She lives in Canada. I think you’ll enjoy reading her account of her recovery. Thank you, Andrea, for giving us inspiration and education:


In September of 2007, I was diagnosed with Stage IIIB Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. At the end of October of the same year, I started 12 rounds of Chemotherapy to ‘win the war’ so to speak. At the same time, I began reading. I started with ‘Staying Alive’ and ‘The China Study.’ I went on to read ‘the PH Miracle,’ ‘Anti-Cancer’ along with several other books and began implementing the diet strategies I had read about. I finished my treatment April 21st of 2008 and assumed that I was done with Cancer. A PET scan in July of the same year told me differently. Based on the results of the scan, they suggested that I proceed with the next phase of treatment which would be a Stem Cell transplant. This would involve more chemotherapy, a long hospital stay and another 9 months off work. Around the same time, I met with a local naturopath. He suggested I read ‘The Swiss Diet’ and implement that diet for 3 weeks (I did it for 6 weeks) and read your book as well. The Budwig diet breakfast was combined with my Swiss diet. I had another scan (combination PET/CT) in October, it showed a very small improvement. I was a little disappointed as I had hoped for more, but the naturopath reassured me that the results were positive. I convinced my doctor to give me yet another scan, buying me another 3 months. In the meantime, I implemented the rest of your cancer strategy by ordering the rest of the supplements. I began taking those at the beginning of December 2008. My scan (another PET/CT) was January 7, 2009. My follow-up with the doctor was today, January 14, 2008. My doctor came into the room and told me the cancer was gone. The scan results were consistent with someone who had finished the secondary treatment of a stem cell transplant! I can’t tell you how excited I was to hear that news and I owe much of it to you! Another success story! I will continue to follow this protocol and am grateful for the changes cancer has forced me to make in my life – a necessary change! The doctors will continue to follow up with me over the next 5 years or so and I expect that I will continue to hear nothing but a healthy prognosis! Thank you so much for your contribution to ‘the war on cancer!’ Best regards,

Andrea in Canada!”




Roy Harper sent me an interesting web site. If you want to see a very realistic animation of how artemesinin kills cancer cells and leaves other cells intact, take a look at the web site Roy mentions in this e-mail:

“I found your book because I was doing some additional research on artemesinin. Artemesinin cured an old girlfriend of mine from leukemia back in 2002.

As a way to convince her to take artemesinin, I created a 3D animation to show its effects on the cells of the body. If you’d like to take a look at it (it’s less than two minutes long), you can find it at under “Video demonstration of artemesinin”.

— Roy”



Cheryl Miller-Uphoff, the lady who submitted the material for the first item in this newsletter, is working on a recipe book. It is designed to answer the prevalent question “What’s left?!” after people see the “five no-noes” in Chapter 5 of my book “Cancer-Free.” Cheryl has helped her Dad and Mom heal his cancer. In the process, she has developed some great recipes which avoid the “five no-noes.” She will be asking you for yours to include in the e-book, so get them ready. In my February newsletter (or perhaps sooner), we will ask you to submit the recipes you think should be in this e-book to help others. What a great way to enhance the diet guidance I try to give you in my book!

Look for an e-mail with the web site and a request for your recipes for this book — very soon!!



One of the best books I’ve read recently is “Never Be Sick Again” by Raymond Francis. My family got to hear Raymond talk at a session of his “Project to End Disease” in San Francisco.

I bought Raymond’s two books at this meeting. The other one is “Never Be Fat Again.” They are excellent. The one I’d recommend to everyone who reads this newsletter is “Never Be Sick Again.” It is available at and at Raymond’s web site which is He is writing a third book on healing cancer. You can help him name it at the above web site.

Raymond has an interesting conclusion after helping people regain their health for the last 20 years. He says there is only one “disease.” It is cell malfunction. The symptoms vary from one individual to another. The doctors call it “Fibromyalgia” for this person and “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” for that one and “Cancer” for the other one. All chronic degenerative disease is the result of the same thing — cell malfunction. The cause is one or both of two things. The first is “deficiencies” — vitamins, minerals, Omega-3 essential fatty acid, iodine, antioxidants, etc., etc. The second is “toxins” — from our food, our root canal-filled teeth, our environment, etc., etc.

This book will change your whole attitude about health if you agree with Raymond, as I do. His conclusion is that doctors have no answers for chronic degenerative “diseases” (I prefer the word “reactions”). But you can heal yourself from any chronic degenerative disease (reaction) by following the guidance in this book.

I have interviewed Raymond twice on my web talk radio show. He is a very well-informed health expert. If you want to listen to one of these interviews, just go to and see the list of “Podcasts” for my “How to Live Cancer-Free” show. One of them is my last interview with Raymond Francis. Veeery interesting!


Do your friends a favor and send them to my web site:

I am available for telephone coaching. I do it every day for people all over the world. For the procedure, please see the Coaching page at my web site.

Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.