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Welcome to this seventeenth issue of the Cure Your Cancer Newsletter.

Cheap MGN-3 — The Last Word

If you read my two recent “bulletins” on lower priced MGN-3, you have four sources for under $44, including shipping, for the MGN-3 bottle of 50 capsules, 250 mg strength.

Two alert readers responded to the latest “bulletin” with a site where you can purchase the same item for exactly $37.39 with free shipping. Since it’s $3.56 per bottle cheaper (almost 9%), I thought it deserved one parting shot on this subject. Here’s the web site and phone number for ordering:


Toll free phone: 1-888-418-8156

Thanks, Sandi and Marie.

Case Study Updates

Some of you may recall that in my fourteenth newsletter on December 6th, 2001, I described two case studies and promised you I would follow up periodically to see how they’re doing.

The original article is available at my web site.


The names have been changed to protect their privacy.

First, Eileen in Redmond, Washington. You will recall Eileen investigated the Tijuana cancer clinics and decided to try the Hoxsey clinic. In the seven weeks since December 6th, her condition has worsened, but not because of the Hoxsey treatment.

On New Year’s Eve, Eileen threw her hip out of joint. She didn’t mention break-dancing, but that’s certainly possible. She had to take three kinds of pain medicine — Percocet, Demerol and Oxycontin. She was apparently allergic to at least one of them, because she got violently nauseous.

As a result of the nausea, she had to stop taking: 1) The Hoxsey vitamins and herbs; 2) The Hoxsey macrobiotic diet; and 3) the MGN-3. As a capper, she has been taking 14 days of radiation treatment during this ordeal. Her last radiation treatment in this series was last week. She is currently waiting for the results of her latest MRI.

Because of the forced inactivity and change in her diet, she has been gaining weight, which is causing her anxiety along with the cancer.

She promised me she would get back on the Hoxsey treatment and the MGN-3 as soon as possible. More on Eileen later…


Paula in San Antonio, Texas:

You will recall that Paula had elected to try the Burzynski Clinic in Houston. Her experience was not positive. The load of pills they gave her to take had made her violently nauseous. The expense — $4,500 per month for outpatient treatment — blew her mind.

I had lunch with Paula and her husband a couple of weeks ago. She was looking and feeling great. She’s dropped the Burzynski treatment. She had been back on her MGN-3, beta glucan, shark cartilage and acidophilus for about 10 days. She and her husband were leaving the next day to drive 1,500 miles to San Diego. She said once she stopped the Burzynski treatment, she immediately began feeling better.

More on Paula later…

Protocel — You Must Try This!

This week, I received a very interesting e-mail. It came from a gentleman named Tony Preston, who is a Senior Principal Engineer/Scientist with Lockheed Martin Corporation. He not only offers you his experience, he has put up a web site with links to other information in an attempt to get this word to as many other cancer patients as possible. I recommend you listen carefully to him and take a close look at his web site.

Here is Tony’s message of January 23rd:

“I wanted to send you this e-mail to tell you a little about my experience. I was supposed to be dead by last December.


I have pancreatic cancer. It spread to a lymph node just as I started chemo. I received Gemcitabine and Cisplatin, but that is not what has worked for me. I don’t know if you have heard of Protocel (it was called Entleve, then the FDA got involved with an injunction, then Cancell, then another injunction, then with the Food Supplement Act around 1992, it is now legally sold).


I started taking it about two weeks after I was diagnosed. I had one chemo treatment. At that point my doctor noticed that the tumor on my groin lymph node was soft on top. Over the space of 3 or 4 weeks, it went from a hard tumor to a soft mush object. It eventually broke through the skin like a boil and drained a bright yellow fluid (waste proteins from the dead cancer cells ). The tumor completely dissolved.


I have other tumors in my abdomen which may still be active cancer, but it is not spreading and my doctor is not sure if they are live tumors or just lumps of dead ones that my body hasn’t cleaned out.


Protocel is low cost and easy to use. I take a 1/4 tsp every 4 hours (or 1/2 tsp every 8). It costs about $90 for a 2 month supply (comes as a concentrated dark liquid).


The concept of how it works is really simple. Normal cells produce an excess of energy with their metabolism. Cancer cells are defective and produce a lot less. Protocel will lower the energy production of the cells causing the cancer cells to not produce enough to maintain themselves. They die. Normal cells, because of their excess production, are hardly affected.


It is totally non-toxic (been tested) and the only side effect normally is to get flu-like symptoms for a few days when you first take it. I am looking forward to reading your book and also am a collector of information. I have my own web page which has some links with more information you might want to look at. It is:




Just click on the FAQ link.


Tony Preston
SR. Principal Engineer/Scientist
Atlantic Sciences and Technology Corp.
Lockheed Martin NE&SS
Threat System, Modeling & Simulation Analysis
Building 13000 A205-L”

By all means, visit his web site. Ignore the cosmetics. He says it is under construction. However, he does cover, in detail, his experience with Protocel, the sources, the exact dosage, and the history of the testing of this substance. Don’t miss the link he calls the “Conspiracy.” It covers in great detail the cover up of the actual National Cancer Institute testing and other evidence by NCI and other government agencies and private corporations.

Please direct any questions you have for Tony to me. I’ll pass them on to him, if necessary. He’s a working man. I am not.

Bottom line: We’re all in this together, folks…and we must learn from each other. You can’t rely on any sources in the traditional medicine system to give you the information you
need. Scary, I know, but true!

POLY-MVA – Some Great Testimonials

Speaking of helping each other…I know it frustrates many of you that there are no reliable statistics on cure rates for various cancers for almost all of the treatments I discuss here and in my book. It frustrates me, too. However, I have learned from lots of reading that the most reliable evidence we can get is testimonials from other cancer survivors.

These people generally have no axe to grind. They are not paid advocates of the substances which cured them. They’re just grateful and eager to share their experience with you. Thanks to the Internet, that sharing is easy, compared to
several years ago, when I was looking for just this kind of information for my former wife.

Whether you do it in the metaphorical or religious sense, just call these people your angels. Folks like George Freaner, Bob Davis, Ed Van Overloop, Ann Fonfa, Gavin Phillips (see previous newsletters) and Tony Preston…they’re all angels. Each of them, in their own unique way, is trying their best to help you beat cancer permanently.

Here is a web site where you will find a very impressive set of testimonials for something we have covered in these pages before…Poly-MVA.

“Poly” means “many” and “MVA” stands for “Minerals, Vitamins and Amino Acids.” So we’re not talking about toxic subtances here. Take a look at:


Ignore the too-wide type. Just click on the “View my site” box on the left. Then scroll down to the type of cancer you are interested in and read the testimonials under it by clicking on each one. They are amazing. There are also links to numerous articles, books and scientific papers on this amazing substance. Sources are here, too. Not cheap, but certainly worth looking into.


In case you have wondered at the spartan simplicity of the format of this newsletter, it has a purpose. From experience publishing several newsletters, I’ve found that this format — simple text with lines no longer than 65 characters — is the only one that will print on all e-mail screens (maybe even WebTV) the same. Most of you will notice that the web links in this newsletter are highlighted in blue. Clicking on them will open your browser and take you to that site. If they are not highlighted (a la AOL), you may need to “copy and paste” them into your browser.

I’ll be back sometime soon with another newsletter. Be well and send your friends to my new, improved website:



Bill Henderson
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As for the legal stuff — Disclaimer: The author of this newsletter is a researcher and writer, not a doctor. Any treatment for an illness should be shared with your doctor before you attempt it.