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This new version incorporates all the information that
the many friends and fellow “crusaders” in my network
have given me over the past 2 1/2 years. Much of it I
had published in my newsletters. I have learned so much
from you folks that I feel extremely proud to be able to
share that information with cancer patients and care
givers all over the world.

For those of you who are my long term friends who have
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we can help many people. Tell me your story. Please.

I will share your story with my newsletter readers. You
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Publish Your Survival Story

Speaking of stories…if you have a survival story and would
like to see it published in a hard copy book (not an e-book),
here’s your chance.

Just last week, I was introduced to a very interesting lady.
Her name is Bliss Page. She is a cancer survivor who was
cured of breast cancer using alternative, non-toxic treatment.
She is determined to get 50 stories of cancer survivors like
herself published in a hard copy book.

Bliss is self-publishing this book, but she is determined to
get it in the big bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.).
You cna read her story in the “Book Excerpt” at her web site.
She has more than 50 survivor stories already, but she would
like to add yours to her stack before she starts the final
selection process for which ones to publish.

You must hurry! She will close out the information for her
book in about two weeks. So, don’t delay. When you go to
her web site, you will be guided to the screen where you can
input your story right on your computer screen. She wants
to publish contact information for each of the 50 survivors,
so consider that before you submit your story.

The web site, which includes complete contact information for
Bliss Page is:


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Bill Henderson
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