Peru — Incredible Country
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Peru — Incredible Country

Terry, my beautiful wife, and I returned from eight days in Peru on January 20th. What an interesting experience! We went for two reasons. First, we had heard so much from friends about their fascinating experiences in Peru that we wanted to explore it. But second, and even more important, we were given an opportunity to contribute to the real needs of the young children in a Peruvian village high in the Andes. We could not resist going.

Except for the ridiculous “security” routine at the airports, it was a delightful trip in many ways. My wife has a good friend who is from Lima. She arranged with her friends and relatives to give us a wonderfully warm and informative reception. We were fortunate enough to have expert guides around Cusco, The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Lima.

The absolute highlight of the trip was the day we spent on January 16th visiting a small village called Sisimacha (I think!) high up in the Andes. I mean HIGH UP! It was at 4,700 meters (15,420 feet) above sea level. To reach it, you drive over a dirt and gravel road for 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the closest civilization. The road is continuous switchbacks up into the mountains. On the road above the village, we honked the horn and waited. Gradually, we were surrounded by two dozen little children, a few older children and a dozen or so adults. Terry was able to give them some of the things she had brought with us. Clothes (some they didn’t like); pens, pencils and crayons; treats; and (by far the most popular) mittens.

These people live exactly as their Inca ancestors did 600 years ago. There is no electricity, no running water, no communication, no transportation (except a few bikes) and no real contact with the outside world. From a couple of the villages further down the mountain, the women walk the 10-12 miles into town (and back) and the children walk to and from school every day. But in Sisimacha, the children’s only school is what their parents can teach them. We saw a few of the teenagers riding their bikes down the mountain road. Imagine riding a bike for 35 kilometers down and back!! These folks are tough.

Our hostess on this trip to Sisimacha was the owner of the hostal (small hotel) where we were staying in Cusco, Elizabeth Bustamante. She had been going to this village and several others in the same area about twice a year for the last eight years. We felt very fortunate for the opportunity to share this mission with her.

If you are interested in contributing to her effort to help these people, as we will be, just send her an e-mail at She will tell you how to contribute. Because of the unique styles of clothing (a certain type of sandals, for instance) the villagers like and the problem with sizes for the kids, financial contributions are best. Elizabeth is a perfectly trustworthy and honest person with a heart as big as a house!

Our last couple of days were spent in Lima, the capital city. It is a typical large city (about 6 million people). Our friends there were kind enough to spend all of the two days with us showing off their city. We were able to celebrate my 78th birthday on January 18th in a truly world-class restaurant in Lima. Here are some impressions of Lima:

* Graffiti — everywhere.
* Toilet paper — not everywhere (in the public toilets). Bring your own.
* Traffic — incredible.
* Drug trade associated violence — common.
* Driver’s Tip #1: Either get aggressive in the first 10 minutes or let someone else drive.
* Driver’s Tip #2: Forget lane markers — if you think you can fit between those two cars ahead of you — go for it!
* Driver’s Tip #3: Use your horn. Our driver was a professional, and he used it every two minutes or so.
* Driver’s Tip #4: When the sign says “PARE,” which means “STOP” in Spanish, don’t. If you do, you’ll probably get hit from behind.

Anyway, this is a very poor country. Fully 54% of the populace live below the poverty line. Tourism is responsible for the employment of over half of the adults. Hundreds of thousands of children work the streets selling to us tourists to help support their families. We may go back, but probably not. It’s a very sad place in many ways. We were fortunate not to get stuck at Machu Picchu after a rock slide like a couple thousand tourists are today. Whew!


Free Question/Answer Sessions With Dr. Carlos Garcia, M.D.

Some of you may have heard me interview Dr. Carlos Garcia on my web talk radio show. If you have, you know that he is one of the best holistic M.D.’s around. He operates his Utopia Wellness Center in Clearwater, Florida. He has helped many Stage IV cancer patients heal themselves. He and I agree on most topics about healing. But, of course, he is much more experienced in the actual treatment of patients with all kinds of degenerative conditions. He and I have become close friends.

About a month ago, he suggested that we put together an online question/answer capability where people could come on “live” and ask us questions. Thanks to Charles, Dr. Garcia’s IT expert, we are just about prepared to do exactly that. Beginning on February 11th, Dr. Garcia and I will be available for 60 minutes every other Thursday for you to come on and ask us questions. The time will be 1 PM Eastern time (10 AM Pacific time; 11 AM Mountain time; 12 Noon Central time and 6 PM Greenwich Mean time). We will do the second one on February 25th at the same time. If you’re busy and can’t sign on, each one of these conversations will be recorded. There will be a link for you to listen to them at both his website and mine.

Right now, you need to get ready to participate. It’s pretty simple. All you need to do is go to: Once there, sign up and establish a “username.” When you go back to the TalkShoe website to participate, it will recognize your computer (if you’re using the same one you signed up on) and you won’t have to sign in or anything. Just get on the website a little before the top of the hour on Thursday, February 11th and look for “Utopia Wellness Community Call” on the “live” talk list. We’ll be there. We’ll be able to see your username and location. You can either type in text questions or ask to be “unmuted” and converse with us.

The theme for February 11th is “Natural Pain Relief.” For February 25th, it will be “Dental Toxins.” Any question you have, however, on any of these shows will be answered, as best we can. It doesn’t have to be on the topic for that day.

Dr. Garcia is a truly dedicated healer. He is passionate about educating people to help them heal themselves. He and I are “soul brothers.” Would you believe that he feeds all his patients at his clinic cottage cheese and flaxseed oil every morning? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from others and ask any questions you have.

Go to right now and sign up.


I Need Your Story

As you know, I like to include a “Reader’s Story” in each of these newsletters when I have a good one. I’m out of good ones temporarily. You can fix that. Drop me an e-mail with your recovery story. I’ll share it with others. You don’t have to be “exposed.” If you don’t want people to contact you, we’ll keep your identity secret. But, please……send me your story.





Thank you, Mary Centa, for sending me this article about radiation errors. Please read this if you or a family member is considering conventional treatment for cancer. It is just appalling that stupid human errors using high-tech radiation equipment damages so many lives. Even when used correctly, radiation is always carcinogenic (promotes more cancers). But burning people by misuse apparently is rampant. Please read this article from the New York Times for a real eye-opening on this subject:

NYTimes Article.



I held up this newsletter a couple of days hoping to have an announcement for you that the recipe book we’ve been talking about was finally ready. No such luck! Gremlins are at work. The webmaster lost his computer’s hard drive a few weeks ago when the website and the book were almost ready. He’s had to reconstruct several things. But, believe it or not, it is almost ready. I will give you a “heads up” with a short message when the website is ready and you can order it. Look for that in the next few days.



Charles (Chuck) McCoy has alerted me to a good, and much less expensive, source of “liposomal Vitamin C.” The Livon Labs product, which is a gel that comes in little envelopes, sells for about $1 a dose at several online websites. It is much more “bio-available” (93% vs 19%) than the typical Vitamin C tablet. But it’s pretty expensive. Chuck gave me this source, which is 90 gelcaps (750mg each) for $20. Check it out.

The recommended dose is “1 to 4 capsules.” Well, even at three a day, it’s about half the price of the Livon Labs product, which is, by the way, 1,000 mg per envelope. Let me know what you think.


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